Are You Making

This Mistake

With Your Bodyweight Workouts?

Discover Which оf These

3 Bodyweight Training Steps 

You Are Missing

  • Skyro​​​​​cket your fat loss and shred w​​​​​​​​​eight faster
  • Increase your cardio and energy
  • Get FIT-ter and move better
  • Build muscle easier and get more pumped
  • Bonus workouts to try instantly
  • Improve your brain sharpness and focus





Are You Bored By The Conventional Fitness Workouts? 

So Am I.

Interval Training

Hey, I'm Coach Vladimir

and I help busy professionals, executives and entrepreneurs to get FIT in 90 days with my

No GYM Online Coaching Program

After 12+ years of testing multiple training ideologies, I can state that the most practical way to be in a killer shape for a full year round remains the bodyweight training. 

Here I am not refering to these crazy one arm handstands, back flips and acrobat stuff. Don't worry, I cannot do these either. 

However, there is a highly effective way of how you can be in your best shape without being the athlete or this acrobatic guy which you have most likely seen on your Instagram Feed.

Let's Meet The FACTS

We are busy and time is always THE FACTOR. As such, for many people, visiting the gym and following a serious, long-hour consuming training program is simply - not an option. 

Many people don't like to lift heavy - not everyone wants to be a strength athlete. I don't like this either. Been there, done that. Not for me. So if you want to move, have fun and get killer results without crashing your body with the heavy barbells, then this is the right place for you. 

Push Up Variations 1

We are too stressed out - beside the fact that we live in such stressful times, we have tons of responsibilities on a daily basis. All of that combined, leads us to a place where we cannot afford to invest so much energy into a hardcore training program. It's allright if you are like that. I'm the same. 

If You Are Lacking Time To Visit The GYM, and You Are Still Struggling To Find The Right Workout Program For You That Works, Then You Might Need What Comes Next...

Work With Me 
Get FIT-ter In 30 Days
Or Your Money BACK

Get FIT-ter, move better, skyrocket your energy and finally, shred the excessive weight while shaping your body in a way that you like in the mirror and while sparing time for yourself.

Yes, all of that can be achieved, if you manage to balance your sleep, movement and nutrition at the same time. 

I am here to build this custom system for you, monitor it and then scale it over time. 

The only thing you need is to slap this button above or below and read more how exactly am I going to deliver these results for you. 

Excited to make a change? 

Because I am. Let's do this. 

See you in my Coaching Page. :) 

The national federation of professional trainers badge that coach Vlad has received

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