Tight on Time for Conventional Fitness?

Then I have a fresh 
workout ideas for you.

Hey, I'm Coach VLAD 

And I will Make Getting FIT
Really SIMPLE for YOU

Curious how? Check the Video Below.

Problem: "I have no time to workout consistently"
Solution: "Here you will get multiple bodyweight
(no equipment) dynamic and intense workouts that are 15-30 minutes time and can be done at a place of your choice."

Problem 2: "Conventional Fitness is a Bit Boring to Me"
Solution 2: "Same here. That's the reason I have built FIT with VLAD - to provide you with new and fresh training ideas. Workouts created with exercise knowledge preached by the biggest names in the fitness industry".

I have tested these with me and all of my clients. We all get results. So there's a big chance these workouts to work great for you as well.

Problem: "I Want to Feel Like 10 Years Ago"
Solution: "If you are looking for a way to enhance your energy, focus, lose body fat and condition yourself to endure more easily your daily tasks, then my workouts will satisfy your needs"

But if your goal is to get big and jacked muscles, this is not the right place to be. My training ideology is straight-forward

"If you are well conditioned, life is easier. Way easier".

In short, if you are conditioned, endured with great aerobic capacity (cardio reserves) - you will be more active person. More focused, brain and physically productive individual. 

And when we look close to these benefits, we realise that the workout carryover will improve our brain performance at work, more tasks done for the same amount of time, like before. More physical tasks done on a daily basis caused by the enhanced endurance of your body.