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Bodyweight Workouts

The bodyweight workouts are no doubts the most proficient and practical way to get FIT and stay FIT. The variety of exercises you can do is literally limitless and if your training plan is build correctly, the risks of injuries is literally zero. Additionally, the bodyweight workouts can be build in a way to increase your strength, build muscle or lose body weight. The only thing you need is knowledge and how to structure your sessions.

Jump Rope Workouts

The jumping rope stood the test of time. My number one conditioning training tool. The jump rope workouts will help you develop strength endurance, stamina, agility, cardio, conditioning, lose body fat, improve brain focus and cognition. This is the FITNESS in YOUR Pocket tool. Ah, and expect your energy levels to literally hit the roof. 

Resistance Band Workouts

Strength and explosiveness is from an upmost importance for developing a balanced body. You cannot rely just on a cardio and conditioning stuff. Strength has it's place and it's the foundation behind the process. The resistance band full body workouts will help you build muscle, shred weight, fix muscle imbalances and increase your explosive power. 

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Being stuck or don't know where to start with your training is frustraiting. I know that. I've been there hundreds of times. But let me tell you, the only two things that are separating you from your goals is consistency and convenience! Without these two being met, you'll never achieve your goals and get the body that you deserve. And the only way you can achieve that is to have a customized training plan that will fit your life. There's no other way if you want long-term and sustainable results that will last ahead.

What My Clients Think

About My Customized Training Programs?

Not Just a Customized
Training Program 
The Exceptional Support
is What Makes The Difference 

Hey, FIT with VLAD is a small brand. And what makes the smaller brands stand out compared with the big ones? The outstanding support that you receive. As your personal workout coach, I will never make any compromises with the support that I provide. I care about my clients. I love all of them. You will never feel "alone" in your journey because this service is all about trust, relationship and achieving outstanding results. 

I Have Made It
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The only thing you have to do is hit the LIVE CHAT BUTTON on the right bottom of the screen.

Share with me your pain, your goal, dream and desire. I will reply as fast as I can and provide you with my free expertise. My promise? I will never judge you or make you feel in any bad way.

 Being a coach means one thing: understanding people. And that's what I will do. Ask you some questions and provide you with a "map" of what needs to be done and what I would do if I were you to achieve the certain goals you have.

If you need something that's out of my scope, I will simply explain that I cannot help. Either way, I will brainstorm any ideas with you so you can carry away free value and actionable steps.

Are you scared? It's normal. Facing with a bad service all over the internet is making all of us suspicious about anything. I get that. I'm the same when it comes to trusting someone or something new. But hey, it's just a chat. We will not jump on a phone call, there will be no pressure for you - in any way.

And my last promise? I will never push you to buy. This is not all about the money. This is about your results. If we have a fit, and if I get your permission to make you an offer at the end of our chat - I will do that. If you don't allow me to proceed further, I will simply - not. I don't like the hard sales and I will never do.

Let me help you finally be happy with your training, build the body that you love and simply live your life without pains while being full of energy and liking yourself in the mirror.

Hit The LIVE CHAT BUTTON and let me help you in the most friendliest and professional way that you will ever experience.

Thanks for your time
Coach VLAD

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