Get Rapid Results
Without Visiting 
The Gym

Want to Learn How?

"Helping Others - Just Like You
Get Real Results - FAST"

Curious how?
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I Know What You Are Thinking 
"I'm not sure if these
circuit and HIIT workouts 
will work for me"

I understand that, and now matter how much I reassure you that I’ve researched and tested every exercise you will still have doubt’s.

And I don’t blame you, after seeing all the conflicting and complicated information that’s being posted every day online. But here's the thing..

I Don’t Expect You to Know What Works for You, If You Did, You’d Already Be Doing It.

All I invite you to do, is to try my 3 days training challenge. No equipment, 12-15 minute workouts. Do these anywhere you like.

Expect rapid results in a very short time.

You’ll enhance your energy, focus, stamina, and agility. 

See there’s no guessing involved, this is not theory. I have tested these workouts with me and most of my clients. We all get results. So there's a big chance these to work great for you too! :)

So go ahead and try the free sessions, all you got to spend is 25 minutes and some sweat.

Hey, I'm Coach VLAD 
and I will make Getting FIT, Energized, 
Focused and Highly Conditioned  
Really Simple for You. 

Are You Facing One of These Problems?

"I have no spare hours to workout consistently"

Solution: You need 15-30 minutes and a place of you're choice to workout. Home, outdoor or even at the hotel room. No equipment needed, only your motivation to get in a great shape.

"Conventional Fitness Programs Gets Me Bored"

Solution: With my circuit and HIIT, fresh workout ideas, you will get not just physically, but mentally challenged as well. You will have fun with these sessions - guaranteed.

If These Problems Seems Familiar and You're Looking for

Real and Rapid Fitness Results

Then You Will Love My

3 Days Workout Challenge

What My Awesome Clients Think About

My Workout Expertise?

Alexander Oleynikov

Master Chef

"Vlad - The GIANT"

" I used to train like a maniac, until I tried Vladimir's workout approach. Now I train much less, perform short workouts at home and get better results! I am fitter, have more energy and not exhausted after a workout anymore. I Highly recommend Vlad’s system "

Kiril Kirilov

Professional Barista, Brand Ambassador and father of a Baby Girl 

"More energy than ever before! "

“Being a new Father, caring husband and Working 13 hours a day, is exhausting. Thank God for  Vlad's workout advice It saved me body and soul. There's nothing more valuable  than having the energy to play with my daughter after a long day’s work. With advice  from Vladimir, you’ll get results and enjoy your life again."

Nikolay Penchev

Owner of an arm-wrestling professional club, an app developer and father of a 2 year old boy.

"Vlad's workouts are simple and highly effective!"

"He promised and delivered. Very practical, straight to the point workouts. He asks questions, listens, think, and tells you what to do. He's a great dude and  Easy to work with.  Already, 5 months of  working together, and I still continue to get results with his workout system."

Get FIT, Lose Body Weight and Skyrocked Your Energy in just 15-35 Minutes Per Day

With My 21 Days Intense Bodyweight Workout Challenge

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