10 minute beginner workout

10 minute beginner workout at home. No equipment required, improve cardio, stamina and feel great! 


10 Minute Beginner Workout At Home (HIIT Routine)

Hey, thanks for being here! I have created for you a 10 minute full body beginner workout. It's a short session that should be performed in an interval frame. The session consists of 3 total exercises:

1. Side shuffle, to side crawl to side high knees. 

2. Squat jumping twists. 

3. Slow negative push up. 

Each exercise should be performed for 30 seconds followed by 10 seconds of rest. Through the whole routine, there will be no more than 10 seconds of rest between each exercise which makes this session very hard and challenging.

Is Exercising 10 Minutes a Day Enough?

Is Exercising 10 Minutes a Day Enough (10 minute beginner workout)

Yes, with just 10 minutes per day can be enough to get yourself into great shape. Especially, if your short workouts consist of total body exercises that will impact every muscle in the body. Additionally, such complete routines will help all of your muscles get engaged and as a result - more calories will be burnt, and also, your cardio will improve. All of that combined, if being applied regularly will lead to weight loss and more muscle built. To be as efficient as possible through such sessions, you will have to push the pedal hard in order to get the max out of this short amount of time.

Can You Workout For 10 Minutes?

Can You Workout For 10 Minutes (10 minute beginner workout)

Does 10 minute workout really work? Yes, and especially if you are a beginner, implement such full-body routines, to begin with your fitness and get results fast. The key point again is to use more total body exercises that will push your whole body to work as a whole unit. As shown in the video at the top of this page, there are just 3 exercises, which can be done at home and easy (without any equipment at all).

This is one of these beginners workouts in the home or outdoor which will equally work your muscles and energy systems at the same time. A great example of a HIIT workout.

What Is The Best 10 Minute Workout?

What Is The Best 10 Minute Workout (10 minute beginner workout)

The best 10 minute workout will leave you out of breathing, combine exercises that will target your upper body, legs and core as well. This is a very short amount of time, and to get the max out of it, a high-intensity interval training frame is highly recommended. To summarize, the best 10 minute workout can be considered as the session that will match your training level, stimulate your whole body and help you move toward your fitness goal.

Can You Lose Weight Working Out 10 Minutes a Day?

Can You Lose Weight Working Out 10 Minutes a Day

Losing weight with just 10 minute no equipment full body workout can be achieved if the intensity is high enough and if such routines are being followed frequently - 4-6 times per week. Also, to get the max out, you may back up the whole weight loss plan by sleeping better (at least 7 hours per night) and if possible, eat more natural foods. 80/20% ratio of eating real food and junk is a great way to start.

How Often To Do 10 Minute Workouts?

How Often To Do 10 Minute Workouts

To get sufficient results with just 10 minute workouts, it is highly recommended to implement such routines more times per week. At least 4-6 per week would work well and help you progress. As beginner, what will make the highest impact on your fitness journey in the future is your Habit Formation. Implement such frequent stimulation of your body and the results will not late.

Also, the good thing with such short sessions is the fact that you will not get crushed (over-fatigued) which is a benefit, especially at the beginning. In other words, you will feel more energized, vital, with better stamina and higher motivation. The more frequent you exercise and actually care for your body, the more disciplined you will get overtime. And this is a great thing because once this happens, the results will never stop coming.

Can You Build Muscle With 10 Minute Workouts?

Can You Build Muscle With 10 Minute Workouts (10 minute beginner workout)

The 10 minute workouts are not the optimal and best option to build muscle. However, if you manage to be consistent enough and push yourself to the max, then such routines can be a great muscle gain booster. Again, to achieve that, you need frequency (4-6 x weekly) and high-intensity. If the routine is leaving you breathless, and you feel that your muscles are experiencing the "burning sensation", then you are on the right path to build muscle and lose weight.

Disclaimer: such HIIT workout can help to stimulate all of your muscles, push the body to burn extra calories, improve cardio, endurance, stamina and conditioning. But to get a good and balanced body, it will be necessary to implement 2-3 times weekly more resistance orientated workouts with less cardio demand and with more strength or power focus. Of course, this advice is tailored to the persons who want to build muscle and look/feel more jacked.


full body exercises without weights

Today I have created for you a 10 minute workout that is perfect for each beginner in the fitness and bodyweight training. This is a great low impact, workout from home routine, I have given you information regarding multiple topics such as can you build muscle with such short sessions, how often to follow similar workouts, what is the best 10 minute workout and much more!

Give this routine a try and let me know what you think! I will love to connect with you and help you move forward with your fitness goals.

I hope I have helped you with this content.

To Your FIT-ter Self

Coach Vlad


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