10 Minute Core Workout At Home (HIIT Bodyweight Routine)

10 minute core workout at home. No equipment, high intense interval core training workout. Try this session at home, outdoor or while you travel. Let's work!


10 Minute Core Workout At Home (HIIT Bodyweight Routine)

10 Minute Core Workout For Beginners

10 minute beginner core workout at home

A good beginner core workout can be considered as a session where the exercises performed will target all muscles in the core (mid-section of the body), to be injury safe and to be intense enough in order to create demand of your body to adapt under the applied stress. 

What Makes This Beginner Core Workout So Effective?

The core exercises included in this routine are with highly dynamic nature. That makes them highly effective for improving your cardio, lung capacity and endurance. This is a hiit core workout routine, which basically combines movements that will target your core in different angles which will result in more recruited core muscles. 

There are just 4 exercises included and the workout timer used is 30 seconds of work followed by 20 seconds of rest.

3 full rounds need to be done.

There is no big rest allowed between the rounds. You will have to move through the whole session while following 30/20 sec. of work/rest. 

Here is the core exercise list: 

1. High knees to straddle. 

2. Walk out push up to sit out. 

3. Plank push up to back jump. 

4. High knees to mountain climbers. 

What Are The 5 Best Bodyweight Core Exercises?

what are the 5 best bodyweight core exercises

Here are 5 of the best bodyweight core exercises that every beginner and intermediate fitness level trainee should try: 

1. Dynamic planks

2. Crawling

3. Hollow Body Holds

4. Ground L Sit Holds

5. Foam Roller Planks and Body Saw Plank

Now let's discuss each one of these core exercises:

1. Dynamic planks - regular planks are great for building core strength. But downside is that you will adapt quickly and you will have to modify your planks at some point. Here are 10 plank variations that will increase your plank intensity and help your core get stronger. Pick your dynamic planks by checking the video below.

2. Crawling - crawling is one of the most phenomenal core strengthening exercises for beginners and everyone in general. Crawling will help you get stronger with better reaction, reflexes, strength endurance, with higher lunge / cardio capacity, conditioning, coordination and of course - improvement of your core stength, stability and ab muscle build. In addition, the crawling exercises will enhance your body's mobility and posture as well which makes these a good choice for sedentary people. 

Find below 3 crawling variations that every beginner can try: 

Crawl Variation 1: The leopard crawl is like I love to say: the upgraded variation of the basic bear crawl. The difference is your head position. You have to look forward and where your body is going with the Leo while with the bear crawl, you will look the ground in most of the time. 

This is an impactful difference due to the spinal extension which you have to do with the leopard crawl. Highly helpful for people who are watching their phones all day long or sitting /standing for prolonged hours every day.

Your posture will improve when you get better, and you will start feeling the move more naturally. 

Crawl Variation 2: The Crab crawl is slightly more strength demanding compared to the leopard variation. The demand here will be focused more on the upper body and in particular: shoulders, arms, core and upper back. 

Crawl Variation 3: The Side to Side Crawl is another interesting crawl variation that deserves attention. Again, look is forward all the time, a few steps per direction. The demand here is mainly on the shoulders, core, hips and coordination. 

6 Minute Core Crawling Workout For Beginners

Since we already have 3 crawl variations that are good match for beginners and intermediate trainees as well. Here we will focus on the beginner session mostly:

1. Set an interval timer app to 20 seconds work / 20 sec. rest. 

2. Alternate these 3 crawl variations (presented above). 

3. Perform 9 total rounds - 1 round is when you perform 1 set of 20 seconds Leopard crawl, 1 set of crab crawl and 1 side to side crawl. You will continue in this alternating manner until you finish all of the 3 rounds. 

To put it simply, this is a small circuit that combines 3 crawling exercises, which you have to alternate for 3 rounds. 

If this is too easy, simply increase the number of performed rounds from 9 to 12-15 and so on. Also, you can decrease the resing periods to 10 seconds and increase the working phase too. 

3. Hollow body hold - the hollow body hold is a great isometric core exercise that will engage every muscle in your mid-section. This exercise can be seen mostly performed by gymnasts but in the last years has earned its reputation among the fitness industry. 

Start with the two beginner hollow body hold variations. Check the video below.

Here is a good hollow body core beginner workout that you can try right now:

1. Pick one of the two beginner variations (video above). 

2. Set an interval timer app on your phone and set it to 20 seconds of work / 20 seconds of rest. 

3. Perform 8-10 total sets. 

4. Perform this workout 3-4 times weekly in order to strengthen your torso. 

5. Increase the timer intervals over time, when you progress to 30/20, 30/15. 30/10, 40/20, 45/15 and 50/10 seconds of work/rest timing protocols. 

Also, once you progress enough, you can try the full and complete hollow variation (video below):

Here is a good read on how to do a hollow body hold

4. L Sit Holds - another gymnast and highly efficient core and full body exercise. To begin with L Holds, you don't need any equipment at all. You can use the ground (check video below) and here is how to perform all of these L sit progressions. And here is another killer tutorial on how to do an L sit exercise. 

5. Foam Roller Plank and Saw Body Plank - I know, I have shared with you 10 plank variations above but these 2 planks are different beasts for core strength, stability and muscle building. Let's begin with the tutorial of the Foam Roller Plank and then we will move on to the Body Saw Plank.

The Foam Roller Plank tutorial will be presented by the Legend Coach Joe DeFranco who has trained and prepared hundreds or even thousands of professional and non-professional athletes around the world and if this guy is recommending a certain core exercise - there is a simple reason for that.

The Body Saw Plank is another though and high efficient torso movement that you can try. 

In the video below, the coach is using furniture sliders and sliding surface. If you don't have sliders, don't worry, simply get a pair of small towels, and use the tiles or wooden floor at your home. Any surface that allows a towel to slide will work just fine for performing this move.

How To Get A Strong Core As A Beginner?

how beginners can get a stronger core

To get a stronger core as a beginner, follow these steps: 

1. Pick 10 core exercises (video below). Split these into 2 groups of 5 exercises. 

2. Perform these moves at least 4 times per week. 2 times for each group. 

3. Perform 4-6 sets for each exercise. 20 seconds of work / 20 seconds of rest timing interval. 

4. Try to maintain this for at least 4-8 weeks in order to get stronger core and abs as well. 

Consistency is the ultimate determinating factor for each fitness beginner when it comes to progress achievement. If you manage to begin, build that workout habit, and keep pushing, then you will get your results. But if you expect to see results on week 1, forget it, fitness is not for you. 

Every fitness beginner should follow one though in their minds - how to be consistent with their training.

And to make things even easier, you can check these 47 best core exercises without equipment.

Also, refer to this video below in order to pick your top 10 core exercises for beginers so you can follow my instruction above.

How Long Does It Take To Strengthen Your Core?

how long does it takes to get a stronger core

Between 4 and 8 weeks you will experience a noticeable improvement in your core strength and also, you will get stroner arms and legs. The simple reason is that there is a meaning your mid-section to be called the core. This is the core of force production and from where a big amount of power is generated to your limbs in order to produce any force output. Be patient, consistent and make sure to follow an effective core training program in order to achieve progress and results. 

Can You Do Core Exercises Everyday?

can you train your core everyday

If you do core everyday, you will build abs muscles and get stronger, but it is not guaranteed that you will lose body weight faster. Instead, perform 3-4 core workouts weekly in order to stimulate the torso muscles frequently enough in order to progress with your fitness and avoid overtraining at the same time.

Summing It Up

Training your Core is a mandatory aspect of developing your overall Fitness. Sntrengthening your torso will help you in numerous ways such as: 

1. Improving your posture and whole body alignment. 

2. Increasing your athletic and exercise performance. 

3. Better balance and coordination. 

4. Your abs will get more visible and your mid-section will be more prone to lose the excessive weight.

Today we have discussed multiple beginner core workout ideas that you can do at home. We have delved into the 5 best bodyweight core exercises without equipment (beginner friendly). And overall, if you are a bit more intermediate or even advanced fitness trainee, you will have multiple exercises and workout ideas to implement into your training.

What is your favorite core exercise?

Thanks for reading, 


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