10 Minute Full Body HIIT Workout at Home Without Equipment (Beginner Routine)

For this 10 minute full body HIIT workout, there are 8 bodyweight exercises included. Tabata timer used. High intensity total body routine at home. Let's work!


10 Minute Full Body HIIT Workout at Home (Follow Along)

10 Minute HIIT Cardio Workout Without Equipment

For this 10 minute full body HIIT workout at home, there are 8 bodyweight exercises included. 3 for the upper body (push up variations), 3 lower body moves, 1 full body and 1 core exercise. 

The interval training timer protocol is a classic Tabata 20 seconds of work, followed by 10 seconds of rest. 

2 total rounds should be performed. 90 seconds of complete rest in between. 

Here is the HIIT exercise list: 

1. Ground lunge

2. T push up

3. Drop split squat 

4. Push up knee tap

5. Side lunge to jump squat

6. Jack push up

7. Plank forward arm reach

8. Speed burpee

What Makes This 10 Minute Workout Efficient?

1. Exercise selection and variety - this is a complete full body HIIT workout that includes 3 lower body, 3 upper body, 1 full body and 1 core exercises. That combination and variety will challenge you big time because your whole body will be triggered, the challenge will be real and you will explore new exercises that you might have not tried in the past. 

2. Classic HIIT structure - the structure of this session is the first 6 exercises to be alternating between upper and lower body exercise. That itself will allow you to endure more because by switching from upper to lower body work, the accumulated blood in the working muscles will move and this will allow the muscles to recover faster between working sets.

3. Tabata timer intervals - the tabata timing protocol is a staple timer used for the HIIT and bodyweight circuit workout routines. 20 seconds of work followed by 10 seconds of rest is considered as a high-intensity timer that will test you not just physically but mentally too. 

4. Follow along workout video routine - the whole workout video is 100% follow along so you will not have to think about anything regarding your session. Simply warm up, play the workout video and replicate everything presented to you. 

Are 10 Minute HIIT Workouts Effective?

You can get a highly efficient HIIT cardio workout in 10 minutes time (warm up time not included). To do so, the best way is to target your full body by including both lower body and upper body exercises. Adding full body exercises too will make the workout even more prone to push your body to burn additional calories and to get yourself in better shape and lose body weight. Because of the fact that 10 minutes is a too short time to get a complete bodyweight workout, it is highly recommended the intensity of such routines be high and to actually work out during this time period seriously and with minimal rests.

Is 10 Minutes Of HIIT Enough?

10 minutes is enough time to get a good cardio and conditioning HIIT full body workout. 10 minutes of HIIT can be also enough to help you lose weight, get in better shape and feel better overall if the exercises selected are the right one for your training level and are performed with the necessary exercise technique. Also, to consider a 10 minute workout as sufficient, you have to push the pedal and work in a high intensity state for at least 8-9 minutes of this time frame. Otherwise, the session will not be effective as it should be and it would be more of a circuit bodyweight workout but not high intensity interval training workout. 

Can I Do 10 Minutes of HIIT Everyday?

Doing 10 minutes of HIIT everyday is not the most optimal weight loss nor effective training plan that you can follow. If your lifestyle allows just 10 minute workouts to be performed, then you can perform 4-5 routines per week. If you lift weights or do bodyweight resistance workouts, then you can do the 10 minute HIITs 2-3 times per week as stand-alone workout finishers in order to improve your cardio, conditioning and fat loss or you can do 2-3 times per week, 10 minute HIIT cardio workouts as a stand-alone conditioning routine.

How Long Before I See Results With HIIT?

You will get results by HIIT still on the very few weeks of your training journey. The results will be noticed as improved energy, toned muscles, productivity, focus and vitality. At the start, you might feel exhausted or too fatigued post-workout, but after a few weeks, you will adapt and start getting only the benefits of the HIIT workouts. After 8-12 weeks time, you will notice more serious results (if your diet and sleep were somewhere on a check). Interval training as any other training method requires time for adaptation and progress. Thus, realistic expectations should be set here. 8 to 12 weeks for visible results by the 10 minute HIIT workouts at least. For maximal progress, aim for a longer period of time such as 6-12 months.  

What Are The Disadvantages Of The 10 Minute HIIT Workouts?

When it comes to 10 minutes of working out, having realistic goals is mandatory. With 10 minutes of HIIT, you will work towards improving your cardio, conditioning, energy reserves, strength endurance, stamina and agility. You will not get muscular, jacked, or with big muscles with just 10 minutes of training. The HIIT is more of cardio instead of a resistance and strength building workout style. However, you will build some muscle, but it will not be the same as following a good resistance training program that will target specific muscles, movement patterns and will get you stronger. 

HIIT Dynamic Warm Up

Warming up before each 10 minute workout is essential in order to get an optimal workout performance, good mind-muscle connection and good strength endurance. Warming up dynamically will also help you lubricate the joints and improve the joint range of motion. That itself will enhance the exercise performance and you will focus more on the right movement patterns and exercise technique. It is recommended before each 10 minute workout, a good warm up to be done. Another benefit is that you will decrease the risks of injuries which is always a vital thing to be considered. 

10 Minute Low Impact Home Cardio Workout

This is a good 10 minute low impact home cardio workout that is also a full body routine and that includes the whooping 13 bodyweight exercises!

Each exercise should be performed for 30 seconds followed by 20 seconds of rest. 

This routine is basically one full cycle of moving through each of the 13 exercises without any bigger rests allowed during the session. In other words, in this 10 minute period, you will constantly work for 30 seconds followed by 20 seconds of rest. 

Here is the exercise list: 

1. T push up to row

2. Squat with knee to elbow raise

3. Plank push up to jump out

4. Ground tap skaters

5. Scorpion plank reverse step

6. Squat to cursty lunge

7. Push up isometric hold jump outs

8. Jump in to jump out

9. Leg back raise to spiderman push up

10. Cross step plank

11. One arm leg twists

12. Side cross step to forward lunge

13. Hollow body hold to crab reach

Summing It Up

You can get in a good shape by doing 10 minute full body HIIT workouts a few times per week. You don't need equipment, nor too much of your time. 

Today we have reviewed a complete 10 minute full body HIIT workout that consists of 8 bodyweight exercises that should be performed for 2 total rounds, by performing each move for 20 seconds followed by a 10 seconds of rest (tabata timer) and while resting 90 seconds in between the 2 rounds. 

3 push up variations, 3 lower body dynamic exercises, 1 full body and 1 core exercise are included in today's routine which guarantees a total body targeting and more calories burnt. 

What is your favorite 10 minute HIIT workout? 

Comment below! 

To your FIT-ter self,


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