10 Minute HIIT Workout

10 Minute HIIT Workout (Complete Bodyweight Routine For Men)

10 Minute HIIT Workout to challenge your full body! 10 bodyweight exercises, follow-along workout video. Try this session at home or outdoor. Let's move!


10 Minute HIIT Workout (Complete Bodyweight Routine For Men)

Do 2 rounds of the following exercises: 

Ground Lunge 

T Push Up 

Drop Split Squat

Knee Tap Push Up 

Side Lunge to Jump Squat Combo

Jack Push Up 

Circle Speed Burpee

Arm Reach Plank

Work: 20 seconds / Rest: 10 seconds

Rest between rounds: 90 seconds

Workout Level: Intermediate

Is 10 Minutes of

HIIT Cardio Enough?

10 MInute HIIT Workout

Yes, it is enough. If you push the pedal hard, 10 minute workout can be highly effective and absolutely enough to improve your cardio and conditioning as well. Also, if you sleep well and the diet is fairly okay, then you even might lose weight with such routines.  

Due to the really short time frame, you will have to push the pedal. So this is one longer sprint. Push yourself hard. Otherwise, there will be no point of doing 10 minute workouts at all. It's all or nothing here.

What's The Best

10 Minute Workout?

10 MInute HIIT Workout

A good and effective 10 minute HIIT workout can be considered as a routine where you will target your whole body. You will have to do multiple exercises so you can "stress" the body in different angles and ways. By creating different stimulus over your body, you will get more challenged and the session will be more difficult. These will lead to more adaptation required, more stress applied to your muscles and as result - more progress. 

Does 10 Minute HIIT Workout 

 Help Lose Belly Fat?

10 MInute HIIT Workout

An efficient HIIT workout can be considered as a full body, intense and dynamic session that will push your body to it's limits (sometimes). So can we consider and claim that the ten minute session can help you lose weight or belly fat? Yes - you can lose weight with such short routines. But only if your recovery is on point and also, that your diet is balanced (not extreme). 

Is HIIT Better Than Cardio?

10 MInute HIIT Workout

HIIT is better than cardio when it comes to time investment and brain engagement. Hiit workouts are shorter in duration and with higher intensity compared to the long cardio workouts. 

Both are great. You don't have to limit yourself just with the one.

Cardio workout options: rowing, biking, swimming, hiking, jumping rope, boxing or jogging. 

On the other hand, the regular cardio workouts are longer in duration but with less impact on your body in terms of intensity and applied stress. If you're a cardio maniac, then you can easily combine 2-3 interval routines weekly with 2 lower impact, endurance sessions. 

But if you're looking to lose weight while saving some precious time to yourself, then go with the interval training. It's more convenient. However, if you like spending more time outdoor, get a bike, jog or hike and you'll be just fine. 

What Happens

If You Do HIIT Everyday?

10 MInute HIIT Workout

Doing HIIT everyday will generally do more harm than good to your body. The simple reason is that you can mess up your hormones, overstress the nervous system, get anxious, sleep problems, lose of appetite etc.

Due to the high intensity nature of the high intense interval training routines, your body will be constantly in "fight or flight" mode. This response by your body will push it to create more cortisol and estrogen. When your estrogen is high, your testosterone will be low. This is the most simple way to explain to you what happens if you over-push the intensity and frequency of your interval training. 

For best results, follow 4-6 times weekly, 10-20 minute interval sessions.

Important: if you decide to proceed the way explained above, if at any point, you notice that the performance is lacking, then get asap 1 or 2 days of complete rest or with light, very low-intense activity such as walking or riding a bike (easy). 

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How Often to Do a
10 Minute HIIT Workout?
10 MInute HIIT Workout

An optimal way to follow your 10 minute HIIT workout is to do full body sessions 3-4 times per week (at least). 

This way, your body will receieve a consistent stimulus and will burn lots of calories. As result, if you don't start eating more (due to the applied stress), you will lose weight. 

This is a bit more sparing approach compared to do 5-6 interval routines per week (20-30 minute duration). The reason is that it's going to be very difficult to over-train for just 10 minutes time. 

Does HIIT Make You

Lose Muscle?

10 MInute HIIT Workout

If this question "affects" you a lot, then you're a lifting guy or you simply prefer to do more strength and hypertrophy workouts. The answer is YES - HIIT workouts can make you lose muscle. If you over-do your interval training. 

Let's look closer into 2 different cases:

1. You lift or do resistance/strength routines, and cardio is not your main focus - if you lift weights, or simply do calisthenics that will be more focused on building muscle. Too much cardio is not always a good thing. In this case, make sure to include 2-3 x ten minute routines at the end of the resistance work. This way, you will avoid the long-duration endurance cardio sessions and will still, improve your cardio, work capacity while saving tons of time! 

2. You will only perform interval training - it's not necessary your body to lose muscle. Because you're probably not that "jacked" compared to a guy from the gym who's lifting weights frequently. So even if you lose some of the size, it will not be that noticeable.

If you're just starting out with the interval training, you will gain, not lose muscle due to the high volume of repetitions and increased TUT (Time Under Tension) on your muscles (which is an absolute winning approach for the beginners). 

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Thanks for reading right up to the end! I hope that you will test this 10 minute HIIT workout and then let me know what you think. 

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