10 Minute Low Impact Workout (Cardio Routine For Beginners)

10 minute low impact home cardio workout that will improve your stamina, conditioning and work all of your muscles. Zero equipment needed, only your motivation to test this HIIT session.


10 Minute Low Impact Home Cardio Workout (No Equipment)

Can You Lose Weight With 10 Minute Cardio Workouts?

Yes, you can lose weight in just 10 minutes of daily exercise. Even that it's too short time for a workout, you can hit your whole body and while improving your body's energy systems. If you can implement cardio workouts at home frequently, even for just 10 minutes, you will feel better and be able to lose weight. 

However, you might want to look at your sleep/recovery and diet as well. Normally, if you do too much cardio, your appetite might spike up which will lead to more junk or unhealthy food consumption which is obviously not what you are focusing on with your Fitness. 

To make your 10 min cardio workouts as efficient as possible, you might want to tackle your whole body in order to perform movements that are the best bang for your buck. In other words, the intensity of your sessions must be high enough, so you can get in the HIIT zone as quickle as possible in order to activate the muscles better and burn as many calories as you can. 

If your at home cardio routines are performed in low or medium intensity level, then do not expect much from these routines in terms of weight loss.

Can 10 Minutes of Exercise a Day Makes Difference?

Do 10 minutes of workout makes a difference? Absolutely! It is always better to move your body for 10 minutes compared to not moving at all. Sometimes 10 mins can be felt as a long time to workout. If your intensity and workout structure are both being met and on point, then you will definitely get results and be surprised of how practical and convenient your fitness can be. 

To move the focus slightly away from the weight loss perspective, such short workouts will improve your overall energy, focus, stamina and endurance in daily activities. The benefits are many and you should not be just training for aesthetic purposes or how your body looks. Working out is way deeper than that and the sooner you realise it, the better.

Here is another post and study included that might convince you to try doing more cardio workouts at home.  

10 Minute Workouts For Beginners

As a fitness beginner, your focus should be mainly on building your workout consistency and stick within the process. As such, the 10 minute workouts are a fantastic way to build your body and start from somewhere. 

As discussed above, such short routines are highly effective and if being performed properly will lead to great results. But each beginner has multiple questions of how and when to perform their 10 min cardio workouts. Let me give you a few tips to follow: 

1. Warm up and cool down pre and post your sessions. 

2. Pick 2-3 exercises and go back to back until the 10 min mark timer ends. 

3. Begin with bodyweight exercises only or include light weights. Resistance bands are also recommended - this way you will focus more on the technique instead of intensity which always should be the focus of each beginner. 

4. If attending HIIT classes or GYMs is difficult for you, make sure to perform follow-along routines such as this one here in this article. 

5. Focus on building the movement habit and do not go too crazy or extreme! In other words, if you didn't workout for the last years or so, it's not making sense to begin the process by overtraining and doing too extreme workouts. This will absolutely push you quitting the process due to pains and inproper recovery. As obvious, this is something that should be avoided. 

Here are a few more short workouts that can be done at home or anywhere you like. 

Is It Okay To Do Cardio Workouts Everyday?

Can you do cardio exercise every day? Yes you can and you will definitely feel great, with lots of energy and good focus. But can you really lose weight with daily cardio? Yes, because you will burn additional calories and that will eventually push your body to get rid of the excessive weight. 

But is this the best weight loss scenario when it comes to working out at home? Absolutely not. Cardio is beneficial and mandatory for a good overall fitness. However, if you want not just to lose weight but also to like yourself in the mirror, then it's highly recommended to include resistance routines at least 2-3 times weekly in order your muscles to get more stimulus and grow so your fats can slowly start to melt down and your muscles to get more visible. At the end, it is not really what the scale shows but how you look in the mirror (body composition) and how do you generally feel on a daily basis (energy systems). 

Perform 2-4 cardio routines and 2-3 resistance workouts weekly in order to follow a well balanced fitness program and to work equally on muscle definition, strength and conditioning as well. 

How Often To Do a Low Impact Cardio Workout?

If you are a beginner, then at least 4-5 sessions weekly in order to build sustainable training habit that will last ahead of time. If you lift weights or perform other resistance training such as liftign weights, calisthenics or HIITs, then make sure to seek for balance between the cardio and resistance as well. 

If you like HIIT (High Intense Interval Training) workouts, then 3-4 full body, low impact HIIT sessions weekly would be a great way for you to build the habit and to get the best from both words: resistance work + cardio work. 

What Are The Best Low Impact Exercises?

The best low impact exercises will improve your fitness while being easy on your joints. Also, such exercises can be implemented frequently without harming your body. This makes such exercises and low impact workouts a great way for each beginner in the fitness. 

You can also lose weight with low impact HIIT routines where you will combine a couple of similar movements in timing intervals and while going back to back with minimal rest between. 

Make sure to check this as well: what are the best low impact exercises?


Home cardio workouts are a fantastic way for each trainee to maintain a good health, body and mindset. In just 10 minutes time, you can get a full body, complete routine which will not just target your muscles but improve energy systems, develop endurance, stamina and lung capacity. You will train your heart well so it can performs on a descent level when other activities take place such as hiking in the mountain, riding a bike, making sex etc. 

If you are a fitness beginner, make sure to perform at least 3-4 home cardio workouts in order to lose weight and improve energy levels. 

A good addition would be 2-3 resistance workouts (lifting weights or calisthenics) so you can improve the body composition and how your body looks from the outside. 

Let me know what you think about this 10 minute low impact home cardio workout and also, what else would you like to see in this blog. 

To your FIT-ter self, 

Coach Vlad

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