10 Minute Travel Workout For Beginners (No Equipment)

This bodyweight 10 minute travel workout for beginners will spike up your energy and charge you up for the exciting and upcoming day. 6 exercises await you.


10 Minute Travel Workout For Beginners (No Equipment)

10 Minutes Bodyweight Travel Workout For Max Energy

If you’re new to the world of HIIT, or if you’re just looking for a way to fit in a workout that you can do anywhere, without any equipment, then this 10 minute routine will fit your needs. 

The session is presented in a follow along video and is designed for the fitness beginner. 

The routine includes 6 bodyweight exercises where each should be performed for 30 seconds, followed by 20 seconds of rest. 

This is a HIIT circuit travel routine where you have to move through each of the 6 movements, and once done with 1 set for each, it is considered as 1 round completed. 

Rounds to complete: 2

Rest between rounds: 120 seconds 

The bodyweight exercise list:  

1. 8 high knees to 4 straddles

2. Walk outs

3. 180 degree ground tap jump squat 

4. Plank forward reach 

5. Static ground tap skaters

6. Sprinter sit up

What Is The Focus Of This Full Body HIIT Travel Routine?

The main focus of this 10 minute travel workout is to spike up your energy and to make you feel better and "refreshed" afterward. 

4 out of 6 bodyweight exercises are picked because of their cardio and dynamic nature, while exercises 3 and 4 (180 jump squat and plank forward reach) will work on the strength side. 

This is not a pump and muscle build a focused routine. Completely the opposite. Your cardiovascular system will be triggered and due to the higher number of dynamic moves involved, your nervous system will awaken and you will feel refreshed and more focused. 

The session can be performed at the hotel room, outdoor, in a tight motel, mountain or anywhere the situation allows which makes it highly convenient for anyone. 

How To Customize This Travel HIIT Routine?

In order for this 10 minute travel routine to fit more people's needs, we will review 2 optional ways of changing the level of difficulty: 

1. This workout is too hard for you. How to make it easier? 

If this session seems too hard and intense for your current physical shape, here is how to proceed in order to make it easier: 

Rest 4 minutes instead of 2 between the 2 working rounds. Recommended in the video by default is a 2 minute between the round break. When being ready with the first round, pause the video at the very beginning when the 2 minute rest period begins. On a separate stopwatch, count for 2 minutes, when done, play the video so the regular 2 minute rest finishes and proceed with the second round. This is a guaranteed way that you will recover much easier and that will be able to attack the second and final working round. 

2. This routine is too easy for you - in this case, the easiest way to increase the intensity of the session is to do more volume. Once finishing with the 10 minute travel workout video, rest for 2-3 minutes, repeat the video and do as many additional rounds as your body needs. 

Use This Warm Up Before Any Travel Bodyweight Workout

Warming up the body before any cardio or high-intensity work is mandatory. The benefits that you will gain by investing 5-15 minutes before each bodyweight cardio workout are: 

1. Increased core temperature and awaken nervous system - when the CNS (central nervous system) is awake, your performance will enhance dramatically. Not just that, but this will allow you to concentrate better on the exercise technique which will improve the TUT (time under tension) applied on the muscles). All of this leads to a better workout. 

2. Decreased risks of injuries. - because of the awakened nervous system and better control over the working limbs (arms and legs), the chances of doing exercises with the bad technique will be significantly lower. 

3. Enhanced limb range of motion - when good mobility and the dynamic warm up session is done before the main workout, your limbs will be lubricated and the overall body's tightness will decrease. This will lead to better exercise technique and a more free-moving body will lead to increased exercise performance. 

10 Minute Travel Workout: Exercise Showcase

Beginner bodyweight circuit exercise showcase

In order for you to better understand the whole 10 minute travel workout, we will review each of the bodyweight exercises included in the video. If the whole session does not fit your needs or you simply don't like it, you will still benefit from the upcoming videos because each move can be tested separately and not in a HIIT routine.

1. 8 High Knees to 4 Straddles

Exercise Focus and Target: the high knee to straddle combination is a great dynamic and cardio exercise. While the legs will mainly do most of the work, the upper body will also be targeted as it will play the support for the straddle exercise. 

Exercise Technique: begin in a standing position, start running in place while raising the legs upwards and to the pelvis or slightly above level. The level of knee raise will determine the intensity of the move. 

Do 8 high knees, squat down, place both arms in a regular tucked push up position on the ground or where you feel stable and balanced.

Begin with both legs to jump sideways on 45-90 degrees. The more you go to the 90 degree jump mark, the toughest it is for the cardio and core.

Alternate each side jump by jumping backward to a tucked push up position and then move on to the other side.

2. Walk Outs

Exercise Focus and Target: walk out is an upper body focused exercise that will challenge the arms, core and upper back. It is a great move to increase upper body strength, stamina and even mobility.

Exercise Technique: begin in a tucked push up position, start moving the upper body forward with the arms, while the feet will remain static, on the toes. 

You can do 3,4,5 or even 6 small arm steps per direction. The higher distance you get on each, the harder and more intense the move. The slower you move, the more tension will be created on the muscles and will be less tough on the cardiovascular system. 

Alternate the first arm step on each beginning of moving forward in order to make sure you are performing equal steps for both sides every time, plus, it will engage your brain to think which is the starting arm when starting to move forward. 

3. 180 Degree Jump Squat

Exercise Focus and Target: quads, glutes, explosive leg strength, strength endurance, coordination, cardio and mobility.

Exercise Technique: Do a single bodyweight squat where the goal is to touch the ground with the hand, from the side where you are positioned. So when being on the right side, the right arm will touch the ground and the opposite side - the left one. 

When done with the single squat, push with the legs when going upward with strength enough to perform a jump squat. Still at that moment, rotate the shoulder in the direction where you want the body to rotate while in the hanging/air phase of the jump squat. Rotate the body to 180 degrees, where you will land to another squat and touch the ground with the other hand, and then repeat all over. 

4. Plank Forward Reach

Exercise Focus and Target: whole core, with switching focus on the obliques on each forward arm reach. Arms and upper back will also be triggered.

Exercise Technique: begin on a static/regular low plank, reach forward with one arm, then return to a full plank, reach with the other one and so on. 

Squeeze the abs and glutes and make sure that the only moving parts of your body will be the arms. That means everything below the mid-back should work as a whole structure and stay static and under tension.

5. Static Ground Tap Skaters

Exercise Focus and Target: quads, glutes, hamstrings and cardiovascular system.

Exercise Technique: begin in a half-squat stance, extend the right leg on the right side, and with the right arm, touch the ground, return to half-squat, pull back the right leg towards the body and extend the left leg on left, at the same time. Touch the ground with your left arm and continue in the same way to alternate both sides.

There is no jumping involved. This is a slide and lower-stance exercise. 

6. Sprinter Sit Up

Exercise Focus and Target: abs, obliques and thoracic (upper back) spine rotation. 

Exercise Technique: begin in a lying position, do a single sit up (lift the upper body towards the knees. When lifting the upper body, at the same time pull one of your knees to the chest. Tap the knee with the opposite elbow, get back down, repeat with the other leg and elbow. Alternate on each sit up repetition.

What Is a Good 10 Minute Travel Workout?

A good travel workout is the one session that will wake up your nervous system, muscles, cardio and that will make you feel better, more energized and charged up. The bodyweight HIIT cardio workout will do this for you if it's built with a reasonable exercise repetition volume and duration in mind that will not over-fatigue your body but will charge you instead. 

Physical activity is crucial to good health, but not everyone is able to do the activities they enjoy. A full body workout is a great way to keep the body active while traveling. 

This routine is designed to get the heart rate up and the endorphins running, while also adding some resistance training and more of an aerobic exercise into the mix.

How Often Should You Workout When Being On The Road? 

Depending on the travel occasion, you should train in different ways. If lots of walking is involved, aim for mobility (mainly leg mobility) and core training. If it's a business trip, keep the energy up with the total body, bodyweight HIIT cardio workouts. If the trip will last longer, then the intensity, volume and frequency of the workouts can increase because you will have more time to recover. 

When Travel, Aim For Energy Enhancing Workouts

The best way to work out while being in a not-familiar place, or one that will make us feel not in our comfort zones, a good workout approach would be to do more conditioning and high-intensity cardio workouts since the outcome will level up the adaptation, brain sharpness and reactions because of the elevated brain oxidation and awaken the nervous system. It's always beneficial to spike up the energy when being on the road. For that reason, aim for HIIT cardio sessions if everything above makes sense to you. 

Three 10 Minute Travel Bodyweight Workouts (Full Body Routines)

Since you came so far in this article, there is a three workout bonus for you that can be done by any fitness beginner, anytime and anywhere. All videos are follow along and right before each training video, you will get a link that will lead you to a dedicated article on that workout itself. 

10 Minute HIIT Workout For Beginners

In this 10 minute HIIT workout for beginners, there are 6 bodyweight exercises included.

10 Minute Cardio Workout For Beginners

This 10 minute cardio workout for beginners consists of 7 bodyweight exercises. A full body and intense routine that can be done by any fitness level. 

10 Minute Low Impact Home Cardio Workout For Beginners

10 minute low impact home cardio workout that will improve your stamina, conditioning and work all of your muscles. Zero equipment needed, only your motivation to test this HIIT session.

Workout Summary

We have reviewed a 10 minute travel HIIT bodyweight workout that includes 6 bodyweight exercises that have to be performed in a circuit fashion one after the other. 

Each of the 6 bodyweight exercises has been presented to you in a special, spearated video with description below that clarify the focus and technique of the movement. 

You can refer to the quick full body dynamic warm up and use it before any travel workout (not just this one). Even if you are not in the right mood to train, this mobility and warm up will make you feel great, in just 7 minutes. Great to be used after the travel as well. 

What is your favorite bodyweght travel workout? 

Comment below! 

To your Fitter self, 


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