10 Minute Intense Workout

10 Minute Workout at Home (HIIT Jump Rope Killer Session)

10 minute routine at home: you will only need a jumping rope and your motivation. Get ready to be challenged big time. Get your endurance and fitness to the next level! 


10 Minute Workout At Home (HIIT Jump Rope Killer Session)

If you are a beginner, I will give you the exact steps how to modify this session right in a minute.

To perform this session, you have to set your interval timer to 10/10 seconds of work/rest.  

Perform 30 rounds of the following jump rope styles: 

1. Double unders 

2. High knee sprint in place jump style 

Tempo: 1.5 (15 doubles in 10 seconds) + 25-30 high knees in 10 seconds. 

No big rests, we will continue in the 10/10 seconds of work/rest fashion until the end of the 10th minute mark or a total of 30 rounds performed.

This is a killer cardio workout that will skyrocket your heart rate, will target your lower body mostly but your upper body will be highly engaged as well! 

Also, this might looks as not much of a time but 10 minutes can be felt like a whole eternity, if your session is intense enough. Here, the focus is on building your aerobic work and lung capacity. Muscle tension or gainz will not be done here. We will work on the cardio today.

Can A 10 Minute Workout Be Effective?

Absolutely! If the routine is with the right intensity and components, you can always build and perform killer routines in just 10 mins. Of course, it's recommended to follow longer duration workouts as well. But if time is seriously pressing you to train consistently, then even ten min routines will do wonders to your health and life. 

Also, if you perform regularly such cardio routines, your heart rate will often be elevated and that will lead to strengthening to your heart. 

10 Minute Workout For Beginners

10 minute intense workout for men

I will jump straight to the point. Not everyone can do double unders or high knee sprint in place. 

If you are a beginner and cannot perform both jumping styles presented in the video, then replace both movements with a regular 2 feet jump rope bounce. 

CAUTION: this is a high intensity workout. This is a sprint. As such, keep in mind that it's highly recommended to follow at least 2, 2.5 jumps per seconds as a tempo. So make sure to push the pedal here. It's a short workout, give it all out, otherwise, the session will not be as effective as it should be.  

Is Exercising 10 Minutes Per Day Enough?

10 minute intense workout for men

Ten minutes of high intensity work daily is more than enough to lose weight, skyrocket your energy, stamina and brain productivity. 

Everything depends on the exercise selection and interval training protocol which you will use/pick/follow. 

In that particular workout, we use 10/10 seconds of work/rest protocol which is a brutal one when it comes to intensity. 

It doesn't sound much serious but trust me, once you move through 2-3-4 mins of your session, you will believe what am I talking about here. 

However, strength training in form is highly beneficial to be included in your training plan. 

How Often To Do 10 Minute Workouts?

10 minute intense workout for men

Ten minutes is not much of a time to workout. As such, sprinting everyday might be a challenging task to perform. However, if this is the only time that you can invest per day for working out, then I would suggest you to follow at least 5-6x 10 minute workouts per week. 

Also, to get the max out of this short workout, make sure to perform full body workouts in order to burn extra calories and get more benefits out of your sessions.  

And also, do not forget to warm up before your sessions.

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What Is a Good 10 Minute Workout?

10 minute intense workout for men

A good 10 minute intense workout can be considered as the one which will be performed with minimum rest, and while doing a high intense/more sprinting focused work. 

The main focus here is to use the maximum amount of  time under tension while working in such tight frame. 

Keep in mind, that you can use also bodyweight exercises, resistance band movements and adding some weights sometimes in your ten minute workouts to give you variety and spice up your routines so you can avoid getting bored. 

In addition, if you perform regularly lifting or any type of resistance work (bodyweight exercises included here), you can include such jump rope routines as a finishers of your lifting/resistance workouts. 

Does 10 Minute Of Intense Exercise Burn Fat?

Can you lose weight with just 10 minute workouts? Yes, you can. Of course, if your sleep/ recovery is good and your diet is on check.

However, let's look up closer into the scenario of when you might don't want to change your diet but you still want to spike up your energy and lose body weight/fat. 

Make sure to sleep well, at least 7-8 hours per night for optimal recovery and also, perform 5-6x week or use these as resistance workout finishers.

Other Workout Options For You

10 minute intense workout for men

Here is another Short and intense workout which you can try after this routine. In addition, I wanted to share with you a few more compilations that I have prepared for you. 14 HIIT Workouts For Men, 27 Full Body Workouts Without Weights

Give some of these routines a try and let me know what you think!


Today I have shown you a ten minute cardio workout with the jumping rope. The jumping styles presented are a bit more advanced, however, if you cannot perform double unders and high knee sprint in place jump rope styles, then just do regular 2 feet jump rope bounce. 

Follow the 10/10 seconds of work/rest protocol and perform full 30 rounds. The tempo that should be followed is at least 2 - 2.5 jumps per second. That means you have to finish 25-30 jumps in 10 seconds. 

What comes next for you? 

Give this session a try. Either you are a total beginner or an intermediate trainee. Once you are done, reach back and tell me how it was! 

I will LOVE to Connect! 

Do you like the jumping rope workouts? 

Comment Below.

To Your FIT.ter Self.

Coach Vlad

Thanks For Reading and take care!

Here is another 10 minute intense workout which you can try after this one.

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