Try These 11 Intense Cardio

Bodyweight Exercises Next Time You're Pressed

On Time to Workout

What Benefits to Expect?

  • Fat loss a​​​​cceleration
  • Rapid energy
  • Better agility and endurance
  • Improved cardio and conditioning
  • Enhanced overall movement abolity of your body
  • More focus and brain productivity at work
  • Better overall health 

How to Use These Exercises?

1. You can use these as a stand-alone exercises - pick 1 movement and do 3-5 set with 45-60 seconds rest between.

2. Combine these in supersets (pick 2 movements and go back to back for 3-4 rounds). No rest between both exercises. Rest between supersets - 60 seconds.

3. Combine 4-5 exercises into a whole circuit HIIT workout - set the timer for 20/20 second work/rest and do 5 rounds/circuits.

If You Have Liked The Exrcises Above

Then You Will LOVE my

Client's TOP 3 Favorite

Intense Bodyweight Workouts!

  • 6-15 minute workouts
  • Perform these at home, outdoor or while you travel
  • Functional, no equipment exercises included
  • Get the Exercise knowledge preached by the biggest coaches in the fitness industry stacked for you in these 3 intense workouts!

Kiril Kirilov

"More energy than ever before! "

“Being a new Father, caring husband and Working 13 hours a day, is exhausting. Thank God for  Vlad's workout advice It saved me body and soul. There's nothing more valuable  than having the energy to play with my daughter after a long day’s work. With advice  from Vladimir, you’ll get results and enjoy your life again."

Petar Petrov

"Vlad helped me find the sweet spot"

" At age of 46, consistent tough training is a difficult task. Now Vlad’s system has shown me  that consistent practical is a lot easier. I'm no longer overtraining, no more joint pains, lack of energy and sore muscles."

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