15 Minute Cardio Workout

15 Minute Cardio Workout (Jump Rope Killer Routine)

15-minute cardio workout you can do anywhere. You will only need a regular jumping rope, level up your fitness, with these jump rope exercises!


15 Minute Cardio Workout (Jump Rope Killer Routine)

To perform this 15 minute cardio workout with minimal equipment, you need a regular jump rope and any kind of Mat in order to spare your joints and increase your jumping performance. 

The intensity level of the workout is medium to high intensity. Depending on your training level, you will "experience" this session either as medium or high intensity. So we can claim that this workout is a HIIT routine.

Here is your workout details: 

Do 5 rounds of the following: 

Perform 30 jumps for each of the following jump rope styles. No rest between, just follow along. Move one after each other without breaking up the jumping flow. Just how I show you in the video above. 

1. Boxing skip 

2. Alternating double skip 

3. Run in place 

4. Front scizzors 

5. Side double leg jump

6. Forth and back jumps

7. Side jumps 

8. Front foot heel taps 

9. Single leg jumps - 15 per leg 

10. High knee sprint in place 

11. Double unders 

Rest between rounds: 60 seconds (increase this to 90 if you need). 

If you cannot perform the high knee sprint in place and the double unders (the last 2 videos), replace these jumping styles with Run In Plance (Number 3 in the video).

Can a 15 Minute Workout Be Effective?

Absolutely! In just 15 minutes, you can work on improving your cardio/conditioning, stimulate your full body and get best from both words (improve your overall fitness). To be as effective as possible, your short workouts should be full body in order to maximize the calorie burnt and stimulus created in the body. Also, the exercises should be performed with higher intensity in order to fulfill this short time with quality work. You don't need much of a training equipment to get a complete cardio routines. 

Is 15 Minutes a Day of Cardio Enough?

Just 15 minutes of exercise per day could actually increase your lifespan. Scientists from the European Society of Cardiology evaluated study participants over a 12-year period, and found that those who exercised at a low level (or the equivalent of a 15-minute brisk walk) were 22 percent less likely to die during the study period than those who didn’t workout at all. And participants who exercised at medium and high levels reduced their risk of death by 28 percent and 35 percent, respectively.

Now besides the fact that you will live longer, you will improve energy, cardio work, endurance, recovery, brain productivity, focus and awareness. 

If you lift weights/visit the fitness gym or do any other type of resistance training (bodyweight workouts included), such cardio sessions will help with recovery.

And not last, you will burn extra calories which if being combined with a quality sleep and diet that is well calculated in order for you to be in a caloric deficit - then you will certainly lose weight. 

Does 15 Minutes Of Cardio Burn Fat?

Does 15 minute cardio workouts burn fat?

Can you lose weight exercising 15 minutes a day? Yes you can. But to get the maximum benefits, you will have to sleep well (recover optimally) and be in a caloric deficit. 

Otherwise, you will eat more than you need and even the fact that you are performing regularly such routines, it will be hard drop the weight. 

So can really the 15 minute cardio workout help you lose weight? The YES, but only if you sleep well and if you are in a caloric deficit. 

15 Minute Workout For Beginners

If you are a beginner in the fitness / training and cannot maintain the intense level of this workout, then don't worry, I've got your back. 

Pick 3 different jumping styles from the vide (TOP of the page).

2. Try one of each separately so you can be sure that you can perform each one of these. 

3. Set an interval timer to 30 seconds work / 30 seconds rest. And here is how to

Perform 10 rounds of the following: 

Exercise 1: Jump rope style 1 - 30 seconds work 

Exercise 2: Jump rope style 2 - 30 seconds work 

Exercise: 3: Jump rope style 3 - 30 seconds work 

4. Rest - 30 seconds 

So 1 round is a total of 2 minutes sharp (90 seconds of work followed by 30 sec of rest). 10 rounds - 20 minutes cardio workout. If 10 rounds are too much for you, decrease these to 6-7 and increase gradually over time. 

If you are a beginner, you have the perfect workout template to follow.

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What Is The Best 15 Minute Cardio Workout?

15 Minute Cardio Workout 5

The best cardio workout that you can do is the one that you can regularly stick with and be consistent with. Remeber, consistency is the king of results. 

So if you like this particular workout and implement it frequently and it delivers results to you, then this will be the best routine.

But if you cannot enjoy this session and it's simply not for you, then this is not the best cardio wrokouts for you. 

Find what fires you up, keeps you motivated and moves you forward. 

Otherwise, there is no point of working out or doing something that we simply - cannot enjoy.

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Today I have build for you a 15 minute cardio jump rope workout that will skyrocket your energy, stamina, cardio, endurance and brain power. In addition, this session will help you increase your weight loss, conditioning, foot work, agility and vitality. 

I have given you instructions of how to follow this jump rope session, if you are a beginner (or how to change the session for a beginner). 

What comes next? 

Give it a try. Once you are done, reach back and tell me how it was! 

I will LOVE to Connect! 

Do you like the jump rope workouts?

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Coach Vlad

Thanks For Reading! 

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