15 minute circuit training workout

15 minute circuit workout for men. No equipment required. Let's have some fun! 


15 Minute

Circuit Workout For Men 

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Your Circuit Workout Details:

Let's jump straight to your 15 minute session:

Do 4 Rounds | 4 Exercises | Working for 30 seconds | Rest for 15 seconds | Rest between rounds: 60 seconds 

1. Frog push up to jump squat 

2. Diagonal chop (switch side each round) 

3. Lateral Burpee Jump

4. Box, chair or bench jump

Why 15 Minute Circuit Workout?

circuit workout

As obvious, when you chase the clock, you want to push the pedal and get an intense and short workout. 

In a nutshell, the more complex bodyweight exercises you pick, the better. You will target more muscle groups at the same time, increase your caloric expenditure post workout and lose more body fat. 

In addition, by incorporating more complex bodyweight exercises into your bodyweight workouts, you will be able to improve the overall performance of your "engine". Which in my personal opinion is the win-win approach when it comes to short full body workouts. 

Whether your top priority is to torch body fat or simply want to get more energy after your circuit training. 

Picking a whole body - bodyweight exercises is a great option for you.

Short on Time to Workout? 
circuit workout

A few short things that I want to include when it comes to short working out. First, you want to make it intense and fun.

Certainly by picking 3-5 movements and go after it by alternating your movements will save tons of time for you and make your sessions way more fun. 

Your brain has to be constantly engaged with what comes next, the proper exercise technique, and breathing well (because breathing will be difficult - be sure of that). 

How Often to Do Circuit Workout?
circuit workout

Taking the fact that 15 minute workout is not much of a time, you have to apply such routine at least 4-5 times per week in order your body to receive constant muscle and energy systems stimulation. 

But before that, you have to do your homework. Write down your workouts. Pick 4 exercises at least per workout. And you can proceed in a numerous ways when you build your training plan. 

Here are two workout designs that you can use right away:

1. Go for repetitions on each exercise - 5 pull ups, 10 push ups, 20 jump squats, 30 sit ups and go for rounds (this is just an example). 

2. Go for time of work and rest (interval training) - something like 30 seconds work, 15 seconds off, 45 seconds work, 15 seconds off, 20 seconds work, 10 seconds off. You get the idea. 

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Medicine Ball Core Exercises

Include at least 1 or 2 - 15 minute full body workouts in your training plan. If you are short on time and want to have a bit more fun with your process while gain consistent results then I highly advice you to start doing circuit training. Use only bodyweight workouts as a start and then you can implement a resistance band and a jump rope for example (if you want to avoid visiting the gym).

If you like working out besides other people and hit the gym then you can pick a dumbbells, a kettlebell and you are basically done. Start today, stop procastinating the big potential that you have. Full body workouts are an amazing way to get into a kick-ass shape without living in the gym or in the training process itself. 

Thanks for reading. 

Big Love

Coach Vlad

PS: another great dudes that are offering circuit workouts are: https://www.jumpropedudes.com/



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