15 Minute Lower Body HIIT Workout (No Equipment)

This 15 minute lower body HIIT workout includes 6 lower body exercises. No equipment needed. Follow along workout video. Beginner friendly routine. Let's work!


15 Minute Lower Body HIIT Workout (No Equipment)

HIIT Leg Workout Without Weights

This 15 minute lower body HIIT workout includes 6 bodyweight leg exercises. Each one should be performed one after the other (circuit routine manner) and you will work for 30 seconds followed by 20 seconds of rest in between. 

3 total rounds should be performed and completed. 1 round done is considered when you move through 1 set for each of the 6 bodyweight leg exercises. 

Rest in between rounds: 60 seconds (1 minute). 

Here is the leg HIIT exercise list:

1. High knee run in place to drop squat hold. 

2. Jump lunge to knee kick. 

3. Side squat step to jump. 

4. Skaters to speed burpee. 

5. 180 degree jump squat. 

6. High knees to mountain climbers - 8 reps for each.

How To Customize This Leg HIIT Routine?

In order to fit your needs entirely, we will review the following 2 scenarios: 

1. You are a fitness beginner and this leg HIIT is too intense - in that case, our goal here would be to decrease the intensity of the session. To do that, you will increase the between round resting periods from 60 seconds to 3 minutes. That way, the session will be much easier. To proceed accordingly, you will pause at 60th second mark once the rest in the video is over, set a separated countdown timer, count for 2 full minutes, play the workout video again and proceed to the upcoming working round.

2. You are an intermediate trainee and this leg workout is too easy: in case you are in good shape and 15 minutes of leg HIIT is not sufficient for your training level, then here are 2 ways of how to make this leg HIIT much harder:

- Perform the workout 2 times - once finishing with the 15 minute video, rest for 3-5 full minutes and repeat once again. That way the workout volume will double and the session will become much tougher.

- Perform an additional round, or two - if 30 minutes of lower body HIIT is too much but yet, 15 minutes is not sufficient, then you can simply add 1 or 2 extra rounds. To proceed so, once finishing with the workout video, again, rest for 60 seconds, play the video all over and do as much as you need to meet your needs.

Pick one of the 2 scenarios above and adapt to your training level.  

Can You Get a Good Leg HIIT In 15 Minutes? 

You can get a good lower body HIIT workout in 15 minutes if the exercise selection is done right and if the intensity matches your fitness level. Another thing that will outline such a routine as an efficient one is that you should basically push the pedal hard and do your maximal effort because 15 minutes is not much of a time to get a complete routine and to avoid this, you will have to rest as little as possible and as your training level allows you to. 

How Often To Do This 15 Minute Lower Body HIIT Workout? 

In most cases, targeting your legs with HIIT workouts 2-3 times per week will be sufficient frequency to help you progress and get results. More than that might cause increased fatigue, constant both mental and physical exhaustion which will lead to not pleasant days and existence. 

But to give you a better overview of the proper frequency of this 15 minute lower body HIIT workout, we will review 2 separated scenarios: 

1. You lift weights or do strength leg calisthenics - in this case, the 15 min leg HIITs can be used as workout finishers at the end of the leg workouts. 2 times per week will be sufficient.

2. You do strength upper body calisthenics and you need to improve the lower body strength endurance and muscle building - perform the 15 min HIITs twice a week as a stand-alone, separated session. In case 15 minutes is not enough for you, simply do additional rounds or repeat the session two or even three times to get the proper leg muscle stimulus.

Use This Dynamic Warm Up Before Doing HIIT

Warming up before each leg HIIT workout is mandatory. We will not delve deep into explaining the reasons, but here are just a few that will scratch the surface and give you a better understanding: 

1. Nervous system excitement - the main idea of the dynamic warm up is to prepare the body and mainly to increase the core temperature which to excites the nervous system. It's a critical process because, with a sleepy nervous system, you will never have good control over the limbs nor will have a good exercise performance.

2. Better workout performance - once the nervous system is awake, your brain will control the muscles with higher accuracy and speed. That itself will reflect in a better overall movement of the arms and legs.

3. Decreased risks of injuries.

4. The session will feel right - when you do dynamic warm up, the joints and ligaments will get oxidated due to the increased blood flow towards them. That itself will loosen any tightness and once you can move the limbs easier, and the range of motion is improved, you will manage to perform the exercises accurately, with the right exercise technique and you will feel which muscles are working. Otherwise, the body will compensate with other muscles and joints which is not recommended and might lead to unnecessary pains, discomforts, or even injuries.

Leg HIIT Exercise Showcase

For you to get a more clear and detailed overview of this 15 minute lower body HIIT workout, we will review each exercise separately. Below you will get the name, video and description of each move included in today's leg routine.
Even if you haven't decided yet if should you try this routine or not, you can still benefit from the following videos since you can like a movement and incorporate it into your leg workouts in the future.

1. High Knee Run In Place To Drop Squat Hold

This 15 minute lower body HIIT workout begins with a high knee to drop squat hold combination. This is a mix of 2 bodyweight leg movements, where the high knees are of dynamic and athletic nature while the squat hold is an isometric exercise. Both combined will give a good start to the leg workout.
Perform 8-10 high knees followed by dropping yourself to a squat hold position for 1-2 second. Then stand up and repeat all over again.
This leg exercise combination will help to increase leg agility, quickness and by the short squat isometric holds, you will activate the quads and glute muscles as well.

2. Jump Lunge to Knee Kick

The jump lunge to knee kick is a killer lower body explosive exercise that will combine a lunge variation and a knee kick.
Begin in a standing position, you will do 3 jumping lunges followed by a knee kick. Once done you will repeat all over. Each time you begin with the jumping lunges, start with a different leg. This way an equal amount of repetitions will be performed for both legs.
The jumping lunges will activate the glutes and quads while the knee kicks will target the core and hip flexors.

3. Side Squat Step to Jump

The side squat step jump is a combination of isometric and explosive leg exercises. When combining an isometric and explosive move, the tension and targeting of the desired muscles is always a serious one and you will experience this with this exercise for sure.
Begin in a squat hold position, do 1 step on the side with the outer leg pointing in the direction wanted. You will constantly keep the half squat hold position when moving from side to side. Once you step with the other foot, you will also do a small step with the inner, or second leg so the foot's stance can be shoulder width. Once there, perform a jump squat and when landing on the ground, you will again, pause and position yourself in a half squat position.
Each time, after the jump squat, make sure to switch directions.

4. Skaters to Speed Burpee

The skater squat to speed burpee is a fantastic lateral explosive leg exercise combine with a full body, bodyweight move which the speed burpee is.
Do 3 skater jumps, followed by a single speed burpee repetition. This leg exercise combination will target the lateral movement of the whole body, an explosive lateral jump strength will be developed and the speed burpee will tackle the legs, core and because the arms will act as the supporting element of the move, your whole upper body will be under tension.

5. 180 Degree Jump Squat

The 180 degree jump squat will pump your leg muscles in a good way, while you will develop coordination and light explosive strength.
Begin in a standing position, perform a single squat while making sure that you will touch the ground with one arm.

Use the arm equal to the side on which your body is turned. So if you are turned on the right, touch the ground with the right arm and vice-versa. Once completed with the squat and touching the ground, explode by performing a jump squat and rotate the whole body in 180 degrees. While landing, you will simply drop down, perform another squat and touch the ground with the other arm.

6. 8 High Knees to 4 Sit Outs

This 15 minute lower body HIIT workout will finish with another high-intensity, athletic and dynamic exercise which is the combo of high knees to sit outs.
On each 8-10 high knees, you will drop down and perform 4 sit outs, then stand up and repeat all over. The sit out is a nice addition to this leg workout since it will not just increase the leg mobility (mainly in hip flexors), but will target the core as well. And as we know, efficient HIIT workouts cannot be claimed as such, if the core is not targeted in any specific way.

2 Bonus Lower Body HIIT Workouts

To get more and more valuable lower body HIIT workout ideas, I have prepared for you 2 high-intensity bodyweight leg HIITs. 

Both sessions are 100% follow along workout videos which make these highly convenient to you! 

5 Minute Leg Workout at Home For Beginners

This 5 minute leg HIIT workout at home includes 5 bodyweight leg exercises. You will complete 1 set for each by doing these one after the other and for 30 seconds time.

Once finished, it is considered as one completed round. You will rest for 30 short seconds to take your breath back and will more into round 2. 

The leg HIIT exercise list:

1. Knee to kick combination. 

2. Jump jack squat. 

3. High knees to straddle. 

4. 3 way jump squat. 

5. High knees to mountain climbers.

20 Minute Lower Body HIIT Workout at Home

This 20 minute lower body HIIT workout at home will challenge your legs with 8 lower body exercises without equipment. 

3 total rounds should be complete. You will work for 30 seconds followed by 20 seconds of rest for each of the 8 movements. These should be performed one after the other (circuit fashion) and one completed round is considered when you are done with 1 set for each.

Rest between rounds: 90 seconds.  

The bodyweight leg HIIT exercise list: 

1. Side to side high knees

2. Jumping lunge to tuck jump

3. One legged straddle

4. Feet work to side pulses

5. Squat to thoracic rotation to knee tap

6. Skater ground taps

7. High knee straddles

8. Sit up to glute bridge

Summing It Up

15 minutes is sufficient time to hit a good lower body HIIT workout, as long as the exercises and HIIT timer protocol are chosen based on your fitness level. 

Today we have reviewed a 15 minute lower body HIIT workout follow along video. Each of these 6 leg exercises has been presented to you by a video and description for each movement. 

Also, two additional lower body HIITs have been presented to you in order to get more value and training options. Hopefully, the article was interesting and valuable to you and that you will try this session. 

What is your favorite lower body HIIT workout? 

Comment below! 

To your Fitter self, 


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