15 Minute Outdoor Workout For Beginners (No Equipment)

This 15 minute outdoor workout for beginners will challenge your full body and help you burn extra calories. 6 exercises included, perfect for beginners!


15 Minute Outdoor Workout For Beginners (No Equipment)

The following 15 minute outdoor workout for beginners will challenge your full body with 6 bodyweight exercises. 3 total rounds to complete. 25/20 seconds of work rest for each exercise.

90 seconds rest between rounds 

The outdoor exercise list: 

1. Jump lunge to side lunge 

2. Bear crawl to crab crawl 

3. Foot work to drop lunge 

4. Standing cross knee to elbow kick 

5. Static monkey 

6. Cross body plank step to knee tap 

This 15 minute outdoor workout video is a follow along so you don't have to think anything regarding the workout structure itself. Simply play and replicate. 

How To Customize This Routine? 

In order to customize this 15 minute outdoor workout, we can review two options: how to make it easier and how to make it tougher. 

1. In order to decrease the intensity of the session, increase the 90 seconds between-round rest from 90 to 180 seconds (3 minutes). Simply once the regular rest is over, pause the video, on a separate stopwatch count 90 seconds, once over, resume video and continue. 

2. In order to make this routine more intense, instead to do 3 full rounds, go for 6 full rounds. This way the session will be 30 minute duration and you will double the workout volume. 

10 Minute Complete Warm Up

Warming up is crucial when it comes to a good performance, preparing the body for the main session and decreasing the risks of injuries. The proper warm up will increase the core temperature, awake the nervous system and this will help for better performance and enhance the quality of the exercise technique. The video above will help you to achieve not just the mentioned benefits above but will also work on the overall body's mobility which is highly beneficial not just for the training but for the posture and overall health. 

What Is a Good 15 Minute Outdoor Workout? 

A good 15 minute outdoor workout in most cases will be a circuit training and interval session that will combine resistance and cardio work at the same time. Anywhere between 3 and 6 exercises will work great in order to hit a full body session that will make you feel better, activate the body and burn extra calories. 

Can You Get a Complete Outside Workout In 15 Minutes? 

You can get a complete 15 minute outdoor routine if the exercises selected, repetitions or time intervals and working rounds are carefully selected based on your goal and fitness level. In 15 minutes you can perform a killer full body cardio HIIT and conditioning workout that will equally improve your cardio and strength endurance. 

Can You Lose Weight With 15 Minute Workouts at The Park?

You can lose weight with just 15 minute outdoor workouts if you remain consistent for 1-3 months' time and if your recovery and diet are both being optimized and in the right balance. Sleep at least 7 hours per day and make sure to be in a caloric deficit if your goal is to cut the weight.

In terms of training, because just 15 minutes is a short time to train, make sure that the sessions will be intense and that you will push the pedal hard in order to create the necessary stimulus for both muscles and energy systems as well. 

How Often Should You Do 15 Minute Outside Workouts? 

If you are about to perform only 15 minute outdoor workouts, then anywhere in the range of 4-6 full body sessions per week will be sufficient to deliver progress and change your body. Make sure to get at least 1-2 complete rest days per week, eat good and natural food, sleep well and results will not late. It will be only a matter of a few months' time and your consistency + determination to get the results you are looking for. 

Three Killer 15 Minute Outdoor Workouts You Can Try Instantly! 

As a beginner, in order to progress faster with your fitness, you should try new movements and educate your nervous system, muscles, energy systems and body to become more adaptable and versatile. By achieving that, you will not just get fitter and in better shape, but you will become a better mover which will as well increase the quality of life. 

You will find below 3 additional and bonus 15 minute outdoor beginner workouts. All sessions are 100% follow along for your convenience. 

15 Minute Bodyweight Workout For Beginners

The following 15 minute bodyweight workout for beginners will challenge your cardio and full body with 6 exercises. 30/15 seconds of work/rest for each move, 3 total rounds to finish, 90 seconds rest between.

The bodyweight exercise list: 

1. Push up isometric hold with jump outs. 

2. Squat cross knee to elbow tap. 

3. Low impact speed burpee. 

4. Sit outs to jump. 

5. Shoulder tap to knee tap. 

6. Hollow body to crab reach. 

15 Minute HIIT Workout For Beginners

This 15 minute HIIT workout for beginners is a killer cardio and conditioning full body routine that is perfect for in and outdoor implementation. 6 movements included, 30/20 seconds of work rest for each, 3 total rounds to finish, 60 seconds rest between. 

The HIIT exercise list: 

1. Squat to thoracic rotation to knee tap. 

2. Walk out push up. 

3. Side to side pulsing squat. 

4. High knees to sit out - 8 high knees to 4 sit outs. 

5. Plank twists to push up. 

6. Sprinter sit up.

15 Minute Lower Body HIIT Workout

Compared to the other 2 routines above, this 15 minute lower body HIIT workout is focused mainly on the lower body and overall cardio improvement. 6 leg HIIT exercises included, 30/20 seconds of work/rest for each, 3 rounds to complete, 60 seconds rest between. 

The leg HIIT exercise list:

1. High knee run in place to drop squat hold. 

2. Jump lunge to knee kick. 

3. Side squat step to jump. 

4. Skaters to speed burpee. 

5. 180 degree jump squat. 

6. High knees to mountain climbers - 8 reps for each.

Workout Summary

Today we have reviewed an efficient short and high-intense 15 minute outdoor workout for beginners without equipment. 6 bodyweight exercises included, great for fitness beginners. You can use this routine at home, outdoor or while being on the road. 

Additionally, on this page, you will find a complete 10 minute mobility warm up that will prepare your body for the upcoming session. 

Not last, you will discover three bonus 15 minute outdoor workouts that can be done by any beginner. All videos are again, 100% follow along for your convenience so the only thing you have to do is to actually try 1 and if you are okay by the demand and stimulus, proceed to the second one. 

What is your favorite 15 minute outdoor workout? 

Comment below! 

To your FIT-ter self, 


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