15 Minute Workout For Men

15 Minute Workout For Men. Try This High Intense Cardio Session at Home. Get Challenged, Burn Tons of Calories and Have Fun. Join Me. Let's Train Together.


The Best 15 Minute Workout For Men (No Equipment)

Your 15 Minute Workout Details:

Set the interval timer to 20 seconds work / 10 seconds rest. 

Do 3 rounds of the following exercises: 

Bear crawl to jump squat

1-2 step push up 

side to side high knee to speed burpee 

Jumping lunge with a step 

Jack plank 

Skater jumps

Circle speed burpee

Dynamic side lunge

Low rotation chop 

Rest between rounds: 60 seconds

At Home 15 Minute Workout

15 Minute Workout

Try this 15 minute workout at home, outdoor or while you travel. This is a no equipment session. You only need the motivation to give this routine a test drive. It's convenient, fun and intense bodyweight workout.  

The time investment is your warm up (5-8 minutes) + the 15 minutes duration of the session. 

Who is this workout for? 

Busy guys with limited time to visit the gym. 

If you lift weights, you can use this session as your lifting routine finisher to boost your fat loss, cardio and endurance as welll. 

15 Minute Workout For Dummies

15 Minute Workout

The main idea of this follow along 15 minute workout video is to be as simple as possible for you. The only thing you have to do is to warm up and play your workout video. 

Replicate each of the exercises that I will show you inside the video and that's it! 

You don't have to think of anything because I have cared about everything. 

Simply try the session at the comfort of your home and let me know what you think. 

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Does a 15 Minute Workout Help?

15 Minute Workout

Yes. 15 minute workouts can help you get fitter, more energized and in better overall shape. 

In addition, if you have the right knowledge, you can easily build for yourself a 15 minute workout plan that will help you lose weight while saving time and having fun.

After years of trying countless of different circuit, interval and high intensity 15 minute workouts, I can guarantee you that these type of sessions work great.


Why 15 Minute Workout?

15 Minute Workout

The 15 minute workouts rock. It's short, sweet and most often, I will advice these sessions to be 100% full body work. 

The simple reason is that the time frame is very tight, and you might want to get the max out of it. Which means - high intensity workouts and pushing the pedal. 

This is the only way how to get an efficient 15 minute workout. 

In addition, the 15 minute workouts are huge time savers, highly convenient and "brain engaging" which essentialy can fit into any busy person's life. 

Is 15 Minute Workout Worth It?

15 Minute Workout

Something will always outperform nothing. If your 15 minute workouts are structured well in order to stimulate your muscles and energy systems at the same time, then yes, the 15 minute workouts worth the try.

Let's be honest. 15 minutes is nothing to invest in your body.

Get 5 minute warm up and 15 minute full body workout and you're ready to go! 

Is 15 Minute Workout Enough?

15 Minute Workout

The key behind an efficient 15 minute workout is to include as many full body movements as possible. This way, you will make your session harder to endure and with higher intensity. 

By doing that, you will effectively "fulfill" the time frame of just 15 minutes. 

As you can see in this 15 minute workout video at the top of this page, I have used a simple tabata timer: 20 seconds work / 10 seconds rest. 

Your workout consists of 3 full rounds. 

Each round includes 9 exercises that has to be done in 20/10 work/rest protocol. 

This is a complete, full body and high intensity 15 minute workout that will put into a test your muscular endurance and lung capacity (cardio). 

Can 15 Minute Workouts Help You Lose Weight?

15 Minute Workout

To lose weight with 15 minute workouts, you have to first make sure that you'll be consistent. I would advice you to follow at least 4-5 x 15 minute routines per week for optimal results. 

This way, you will manage to constantly engage your full body, which will essentially lead to more overall weekly calories burnt. 

And if your sleep and diet are on check, then you will certainly lose weight with just 15 minute workouts. 

So, consistency and frequent stimulation is what will work for you here. Make sure to do at least 4-5 full body, 15 minute workouts per week to get optimal and quick weight loss results. 

Can 15 Minute Workouts Build Muscle?

15 Minute Workout

Building muscle with 15 minute workouts will be a difficult task. The simple reason behind that is because to get more jacked, you will have to apply a different training approach compared to the interval workout that I shown you today. 

Building muscle mass is a long-term game. And most often, it requires exercises with higher intensity. As result, your rest periods should be longer in order to recover between your working sets, so you can get more quality and focused repetitions done. 

However the facts above, if you manage to do 15 minute workouts more often (3-4 times per week at least), you will shred body fat/weight and define your physique.

The pump will not be the same compared with a dedicated upper body, strength and muscle build focused session. However, you will build some muscle along the way. 

But you should keep in mind which workouts work for cardio, engine, endurance, and conditioning improvement. And which sessions are more tailored to the muscle pump, control, mind-muscle connection and muscle hypertrophy in general. 

How Often to Do a 15 Minute Workout?
15 Minute Workout

It depends on your goal. If your lifestyle allows you to follow only 15 minute workouts and this is the time investment that suits your busy schedule, then at least 3-4 full body 15 minute workouts per week will deliver great results in terms of weight loss, energy, cardio and conditioning improvement. 

In addition, if you're lifting weights or simply prefer to do more strength-orientated workouts, then you can include this 15 minute workout 2 times per week for cardio, fat loss and endurance purposes.

Use this routine at the end of your strength focused workouts. 

If this session is too intense and too hard to include at the end of your strength workouts, then simply do 2 instead of 3 full rounds like I have recommended in the video (top of the page). 

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The Perfect Warm Up To Follow Before Your
15 Minute Workouts
15 Minute Workout

Warm up is essential in order to help you get a good workout performance, proper function of your whole body and preventing injuries as well. 

We cannot just skip the warm up part when we discuss high intensity workouts such as the 15 minute workout presented in this article. 

Here's a great full body dynamic warm up you can try before your next session. 

In addition, if you have an access to a light-resistance band (15-35lbs resistance), then I would recommend the following band exercises.

Use these in order to warm up your whole upper posterior chain. As result, your pushing such as push ups, handstands, overhead push will be much stronger, feel more dense and will allow you to do more quality sets. 

This technique is recommended by the most influential coaches in the fitness industry. 

Before you push with your upper body, always, make sure to warm up the posterior chain first. It's highly recommended.

If you don't have such light rounded resistance band, then you can get one from every sports local or online shop as well. 

Make sure to be 15-35 lbs resistsnce. That light resistance makes this band a highly applicable training tool that you can use not just about your warm ups! 

You can also do lots of shadow boxing, rb push ups, rb overhead presses and other cool stuff with the band. 

Here are the two warm up resistance band exercises: 

If you don't have a place where to attach your band, you can always do the following band face pull variation: 

Besides the face pull, I will highly recommend the band pull apart:

Pick 1 of these 2 band exercises and do 3 sets x 30 repetitions. Rest between sets 60-75 seconds. Once you're done, proceed with your upper body pushing exercises. 

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Summary of Today's 15 Minute Full Body Workout For Men

Today's 15 minute workouts is an interval training routine with no equipment required. 

20/10 seconds work/rest protocol. 9 different exercises. 3 full rounds. 

Besides this full body and intense workout, we have discussed many things such as why and is it worth to try the 15 minute workouts, how often to do these routines, what are the best 15 minute workouts etc. 

Now what happens next? 

Try this 15 minute workout at home. Let me know what you think and how it was for you.

I will LOVE to Connect! 

Which exercise from this 15 minute workout did you like most?

Comment Below.

Coach Vlad

Thanks For Reading! 

PS: Here's another great 15 minute workout you can try! 

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