20 minute bodyweight circuit workout routine (No Equipment)

This 20 minute bodyweight circuit workout routine will target the full body and help you burn lots of calories. No equipment. 7 bodyweight exercises. Let's Go!


20 Minute Bodyweight Circuit Workout Routine (No Equipment)

Today we will review a 20 minute bodyweight circuit workout routine. 7 no equipment exercises included. 

This is a complete follow along circuit workout video. You only have to warm up, play the video and perform the exercises as presented. 

30/20 seconds of work/rest for each movement. 

Rounds to complete: 3 

Rest between rounds: 2 minutes

The circuit workout exercise list: 

1. Push up ankle tap to jump in. 

2. Side to side drop lunge with extra jump. 

3. Alternating single leg push up. 

4. Two way squat to lateral lunge. 

5. Around the world burpee to tuck jump. 

6. One arm plank twist. 

7. Arm and leg plank raise. 

What Is The Structure Of This 20 Minute Circuit Workout?

The first 4 exercises of this bodyweight circuit routine will alternate the focus from upper to lower body. Movement 5 is a full body burpee variation. Exercises 6 and 7 will target the core and abs. 30/20 seconds of work/rest protocol is used because this is a convenient timer where you can maintain sufficient intensity without getting burned out too early in the session. 

In addition, there is a 2 minute rest between each working round in order to recover and to get in the upcoming round with higher efficiency. 

How To Customize This Circuit Routine? 

In order to make this session more applicable to more people, let's review two scenarios where you might want to decrease the intensity or make it tougher. 

1. You are a beginner and this session is too intense - if you are a fitness beginner and out of shape, we will have to do a few modifications: 

- Avoid the push ups and perform only the additional moves from the sequence. These would be exercises 1,3 and 5. For instance, move 1 without the push up would be to do only ankle taps to jump in. Exercise 3, to do only alternating single legs while the arms and upper body will be in a high push up isometric hold position. Regarding the burpee, exercise 5, avoid the push up and try to do only a speed burpee, which is to drop down from a standing position to a high push up position, get back up and jump. Avoid the tuck jump and perform only regular upward jump. 

- If 2 minutes between the 3 working rounds is too low, pause the video, count 1 additional minute and continue. This way the rest will be 3 minutes. 

2. This bodyweight circuit workout is too easy - in order to make this session more difficult, instead to perform 3 total rounds, go for 5-6. In addition, if you want to modify this even further, decrease the 2 minutes between round rest to 60 seconds, or why not to 45? Once hitting the 60 or 45 second rest mark, rewind the video forward where the next round begins and go for it. 

Use This Warm Up Before Circuit Training

This 7 minute follow along full body dynamic warm up will prepare your body effectively before jumping on to your bodyweight circuit routine. 

Warming up well is related to better overall performance, improved exercise technique and decreased risk of injuries. 

It is highly recommended to warm up well before each high-intensity workout, so do your best to proceed accordingly.

What Is a Bodyweight Circuit Workout?

A bodyweight circuit workout is a session that combines between 3 and 8 no equipment exercises. Each move should be performed one after the other. You can perform the sets for certain repetitions or for time. Resting periods can be applied between each movement, or if the goal is for the intensity to be as high as possible, then the rest will be avoided. Once finishing 1 set for each exercise, it is considered as a completed round where it is recommended a sufficient rest between 2 and 3 minutes to be taken in order to recover and to be efficient during the next round. 

Are Bodyweight Circuits Effective? 

Bodyweight circuits are highly effective for developing muscular endurance, cardio, stamina, and burning extra calories. In addition, circuits are in most cases with shorter duration compared to the regular workouts which make these convenient for the busy person. It is crucial for such routines to be built in an accurate way and adapted to your training level, otherwise, the exercise performance will be poor and this can lead to unnecessary joint stress and risks of injuries. 

Is 20 Minutes Of Circuit Training Enough? 

20 minutes of circuit training can be enough to get yourself in better shape, lose weight and build some muscle along the way. The factors that will have the most severe impact on your circuits are: 

1. Exercise selection. 

2. Workout structure. 

3. Circuit training frequency. 

4. Exercise performance. 

5. Nutrition and diet. 

6. Recovery and sleep. 

As you can see, it is a complex process in order to make a 20 minute bodyweight circuit sufficient for achieving a certain fitness goal. 

Can You Lose Weight With Circuit Routines? 

Losing weight with circuits will appear if you remain consistent for at least 3 months time, the training program followed to be effective and your diet to be at least in a slight caloric deficit. In addition, the overall recovery, sleep and how do you manage the stress will also have a direct impact on the weight loss goal achievement. 

To get further with this, the circuits are in most cases full body routines which means that you will burn more calories in less time needed. Moreover, if the intensity is high enough, a process so-called EPOC (excessive post-workout oxygen consumption) will occur which means that your body will burn extra calories hours after the session is over. 

Theoretically, if your diet remains the same as it is now, and if you are consistent enough with circuit training, you should get in better shape and lose some weight without changing your diet. However, for the best and fastest results, it is highly recommended to focus on what you eat. 

What Is The Best Circuit Workout? 

The best bodyweight circuit workout routine is a full body, high-intensity session that will include exercises which match your training level and will be felt challenging. In addition, by adding more complex bodyweight movements, you will even enhance the effectiveness and fewer repetitions will be required. Such exercise examples are burpee variations, explosive lunges, power push ups and any bodyweight flow and combination that mix 2-3 or even more moves at once. 

In addition, by adding complex bodyweight combinations of multiple moves, you will develop your nervous system and your body will get more versatile since you will perform more exercise variations which is great because you will explore new angles, movement patterns and that will make you more fit and adaptable individual. 

How Often Should You Do Bodyweight Circuits? 

If your training plan will include only circuit training workouts without equipment, then 3-4 full body sessions weekly will work well. If you are focusing more on strength calisthenics or lifting weights, then you can still include bodyweight circuits as workout finishers or as stand-alone cardio sessions in order to improve the strength endurance, cardio, conditioning and weight loss. In fact, circuit training will enhance your work capacity which means your sets will be longer and you will manage to do more repetitions at once. 

Can You Do Circuit Training Everyday? 

Doing bodyweight circuits everyday is not the best training approach since you will overtrain at some point and that will lead to multiple negative consequences which you might want to avoid. Examples are muscle loss, gained fat and weight due to disrupted hormones, bad sleep, anxiety, appetite loss etc. In order to avoid these negatives, aim for 3-4 full body circuit routines per week, stay consistent for 90 days and results will be on point without risking your health. 

3 Bodyweight Circuit Workout Routines For Beginners (No Equipment) 

The more workout options you have, the better your overall fitness progress. For that reason, below you can find 3 circuit HIIT bodyweight beginner workouts. All of these are follow along workout videos so you should only play the videos and replicate all exercises presented inside. 

Each session below will include the title, workout video and description. If you decide to give a shot at any of these, you will find a link that leads to an article written for this particular routine. Do not miss out to access this since there is lots of additional and relevant information which you might find useful and valuable. 

30 Minute Low Impact Cardio Workout For Beginners

This 30 minute low impact cardio workout for beginners which includes 6 exercises. 30/20 seconds of work/rest. 

Total rounds to finish: 5

Rest between rounds: 90 seconds  

The low impact cardio exercise list: 

1. Squat to straight leg kick. 

2. Walk outs. 

3. Squat to curtsy lunge. 

4. Bear crawl to crab crawl. 

5. Plank forward step (alternating). 

6. Hollow body hold to crab reach. 

15 Minute Full Body Cardio Workout For Beginners

The following 15 minute full body cardio workout for beginners will challenge your full body with 6 bodyweight moves. 

30/20 seconds of work/rest. 

Total rounds to complete: 3 

Rest between rounds: 60 seconds

The cardio exercise list: 

1. Side to side high knees.

2. Walk out push up. 

3. 3 way jump squat. 

4. High knees to mountain climbers. 

5. Jump out to jump in. 

6. Plank forward reach. 

7 Minute Low Impact Workout For Beginners

In the video above, you will find a 7 minute low impact workout for beginners is built out of combining 6 bodyweight movements. 

30/20 seconds of work/rest for each move. 

Total rounds to complete: 2 

No between-round resting periods. No jumping or high-impact landing involved. 

The low impact exercise list:

1. Squat to knee-elbow tap. 

2. Walk out. 

3. Cross step lunge. 

4. Rotation foot tap.

5. Shoulder tap to knee and ankle taps. 

6. Cross body ankle tap plank. 

Workout Summary

Bodyweight workouts 10

Today we have reviewed a 20 minute bodyweight circuit workout routine that is built of 7 exercises. In addition, you will discover what makes this circuit effective, how to customize it for the beginner or to make it even more difficult. Also, there is a warm up included and 3 bodyweight circuit routines which are follow along videos and specifically created for the fitness beginner. 

Not last, we have discussed vital questions on the topic which hopefully will help you expand your knowledge and help you to make the right choices when it comes to bodyweight circuits. 

What is your favorite 20 minute bodyweight circuit workout? 

Comment below! 

To your Fitter self, 


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