20 Minute Cardio Workout For Beginners at Home (No Weights)

This 20 minute cardio workout for beginners at home includes 7 bodyweight exercises. High-intensity cardio, target the full body and burn many calories!


20 Minute Cardio Workout For Beginners at Home (No Weights)

20 Minute Cardio Workout Without Equipment

This 20 minute cardio workout for beginners includes 7 bodyweight exercises. You will work for 30 seconds followed by 20 seconds of rest. Each exercise should be performed one after the other, in a circuit fashion. 

4 total rounds should be done. A single round is complete once you perform 1 set for each of the 7 exercises. 

What makes the intensity of the session high is the fact that you will not rest for longer periods throughout the full workout.

This is a 100% follow along workout video. 

Here is the cardio exercise list: 

1. Tucked shoulder tap to broad jump to pedal back. 

2. Jump out to tuck jump. 

3. One legged jump in. - change the leg each working round. 

4. High scorpion. 

5. Side crawl step push up to double arm row. 

6. One arm bear to crab switch to stand up. 

7. The stationary monkey. 

How To Customize This Routine?

Today's workout is adapted for the fitness beginner, however, if it's too intense for you, follow the instructions below in order to make it easier and to finish actually finish it: 

1. Jump out to tuck jump - if performing tuck jump is too difficult, then do only a jump. 

2. One legged jump in - if this is too tough, perform two legged jump ins. 

3. High scorpion - to make this move easier, place both hands on the ground to act as better support. 

4. Side crawl step push up to double arm row - if the push up is impossible for you, then exclude it and do only side crawl step to double arm row. 

5. Increase the between round resting periods - once finishing with the short 20 seconds of rest in between each round, pause the workout video and on a separated stopwatch, count 2-3 minutes, once done, play the video again and continue with the next round.

Implement some or all of the tips above in order to make this routine easier and to endure the full workout. 

Use This Dynamic Warm Up Before Doing The Cardio Work

Warming up before intense cardio is necessary because it will help you increase the quality of exercise and workout performance, you will feel better each move and which muscles are activated, and not last, the risks of any injuries will minimize. 

This is a follow along 7 minute dynamic warm up which you can use not just before this cardio routine but before any other. 

Can a 20 Minute Cardio Workout Be Effective?

20 minutes of cardio are enough to target the full body, burn more calories and improve the cardiovascular system. But to do so, the workout has to be high-intensity and to be performed frequently enough in order for you to get results and the desired outcome. 

In fact, you can get an effective high-intensity cardio workout in 5-7-10 minutes time. What is about to determine this is the workout structure, exercise selection and intervals used for each exercise. 

If we consider here, that 20 minutes of low-intensity cardio such as biking, jogging or hiking is effective, then a bit more time under tension should be applied in order for the session to be considered as an efficient one.

How Long Should a Beginner Cardio Workout Be?

The beginner high-intensity cardio workout can vary between 5 and 30 minutes duration. On the other hand, the beginner low-intensity cardio workout such as jogging, swimming, hiking, walking, biking should be at least 30-40 minutes duration in order to get a good muscular and energy systems stimulus. 

Is 20 Minutes of Cardio Effective To Lose Weight?

You can lose weight with 20 minute intense cardio workouts, if you perform such routines frequently enough, your sleep is sufficient and you are in a caloric deficit. If you eat more than your body needs, do not expect weight nor fat loss miracles by the 20 minute cardio sessions. 

How Often To Do 20 Minute Cardio Routines?

If you are going to perform only 20 minute intense cardio workouts, then 3-4 full body routines per week will be enough. If you are already performing any resistance workouts such as lifting weights or strength calisthenics, then 2-3 times weekly is more than sufficient. Use such routines as workout finishers or as stand-alone cardio routines. 

Can You Do 20 Minutes Of Cardio Everyday?

Too much and too frequent cardio is not the most efficient method of losing weight nor getting yourself in better shape. By rushing and over-doing your high-intensity cardio workouts, you can experience multiple health issues such as imbalanced hormones, increased or decreased appetite, anxiety, mood swings, muscle loss, sleep issues and more. To avoid that, aim for 2-4 full body cardio workouts per week. 

3 Full Body Cardio Workouts For Beginners at Home

As a beginner, having more and more workout options is mandatory in order for your body to test new movements, get stressed and adapt. This is what is causing progress. Frequency, adaptation and recovery. 

Below you will find 3 full body cardio workouts for beginners. All cardio workout videos are follow along so you can only hit the play button and replicate everything presented inside. Make sure as well to follow the dynamic warm up shared with you above (scroll up a few chapters). 

7 Minute Cardio Workout For Beginners

This 7 minute cardio workout for beginners will challenge you with 6 bodyweight exercises. You will work for 30 seconds for each, by doing these one after the other and without rest in between. Once done, you will rest for 90 seconds and repeat for a second, final round. 

Here is the cardio exercise list:

1. Side to side high knees. 

2. Low impact speed burpee. 

3. Ankle tap run in place. 

4. Skater ground tap jumps. 

5. High knees to mountain climbers. 

6. Plank ankle taps. 

10 Minute Cardio Workout For Beginners

This 10 minute cardio workout for beginners includes 7 exercises. Each should be done for 30 seconds followed by 15 seconds of rest. 

2 total rounds should be completed. 

60 seconds rest between each working round. 

Here is the bodyweight cardio exercise list: 

1. High knee ankle tap. 

2. Speed burpee. 

3. Ground tap skaters. 

4. Straddles. 

5. High knees to mountain climbers (alternate 8 repetitions for each).

6. Alternating static monkey. 

7. Plank ankle taps. 

45 Minute Cardio Workout at Home

The following 45 minute cardio workout at home will push yourself to perform 6 different cardio exercises. Interval timer used: 30/20 seconds of work/rest protocol. 

7 total rounds should be completed.

2 minutes rest in between each round. 

Here is the cardio exercise list: 

1. Speed low-impact burpee. 

2. Walk out to push up. 

3. High knees to mountain climbers. 

4. Short bear crawl to sit out. 

5. Russian twists. 

6. V sit hold to heel tap. 

Workout Summary

Today we have reviewed a complete, high-intensity 20 minute cardio workout for beginners. You can find a follow along dynamic warm up as well. 

In addition, you can find 3 additional cardio workouts that can be done by any fitness beginner, and which are as well, follow along and can be performed at home or anywhere your lifestyle allows. 

What is your favorite 20 minute cardio workout? 

Comment below! 

To your Fitter self, 


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