20 minute hiit workout for beginners at home

This 20 minute HIIT workout at home consists of 8 bodyweight exercises. Specially designed for the fitness beginner. Try today, it's FREE and Intense!


20 Minute HIIT Workout at Home For Beginners (No Equipment)

This 20 Minute HIIT Workout at Home Will Target Your Full Body

To complete this 20 minute HIIT workout, you don't need any equipment at all. Your workout video is 100% follow along which means that you will not have to think or remember anything. Simply warm up, play the workout video and follow everything that is presented. 

For this session, there are a total of 8 bodyweight exercises included. 30/20 seconds of work/rest protocol is used. Once you move through each of the exercises, it is considered as one full round completed. Once you're there, you will rest for 1 minute and repeat this for a total of 3 rounds. 

Here is your HIIT bodyweight exercise list: 

1. Side to side high knees (short)

2. Squat to thoracic spine rotation

3. Superman pulldown

4. Feet on fire to 3 jumping lunges

5. Walk out push up to sit out

6. Speed burpee

7. Alternating static monkey

8. Plank push up to back jump

What Makes This Routine Effective?

1. Exercise selection - in order to target your full body with this 20 minute HIIT workout at home, it is necessary the exercises to be chosen well and tailored to the fitness beginner. For this session, the exercises included have a more dynamic nature that will help you move well during the routine, feel better afterward and burn extra calories. 

2. Workout structure - to get a good 20 minute HIIT workout, your exercise sequence should be built in a logical way so you can endure the session and so it can be productive for you as a beginner.

You will begin with a highly dynamic exercise that will increase your body temperature and prepare you for the upcoming moves. With the exercises 2,3,4,5 you will rotate upper and lower body focused work. Then exercise 6 (the speed burpee) will exhaust you well and finally, exercises 7 and 8 will target your core and overall body's mobility.  

3. Beginner friendly - the most important thing for you as a fitness beginner is to endure your HIIT workouts. In other words, the exercise selection and workout structure are mandatory. However, the interval timer chosen will determine the intensity of the routine and if it's too intense, you will burn out too early. Here, you will work for 30 seconds for each move and rest for 20.

This frame will allow you to do a good amount of repetitions, followed by 20 seconds of rest which will be somehow sufficient for you to endure the upcoming set. However, bear in mind that this is not the easiest workout and you will be seriously challenged. 

4. Follow along workout video - super easy to be replicated and performed anywhere you prefer. 

How To Customize This Session?

There is always a possibility of when you might not be able to endure the whole workout. With that in mind, just in case you cannot do so, follow the recommendations below in order to decrease your workout intensity: 

1. Decrease the working rounds - a good example to make this session easier is simply to do less work. For that reason, instead of doing 3 full rounds, perform 2 full rounds. 

2. Increase the rest periods - once finishing the working round, instead of resting 60 seconds, pause the video, rest for 3 full minutes and repeat. 

3. Exclude the push up - just in case you cannot perform a single push up as a beginner, while performing exercice 5 - Walk out push up to sit out, exclude the push up and do only walk out to sit out. 

Remember - pick only 1 of the above mentioned tips. Otherwise, the workout intensity will drop too much and the session will be less effective. 

HIIT Exercises Showcase

Since you are already aware of the exercise selection and workout structure of this 20 minute HIIT workout at home, now we can look closer at each of the 8 bodyweight exercises included. This will give you a more clear idea of the workout itself and might be helpful in order to convince you to try it. 

Exercise 1: Side to Side High Knees

This 20 minute HIIT workout at home begins with a highly dynamic cardio HIIT exercise which is the side to side short high knees. Why short? As you can see, on each third step, you will change the direction and turn back. The idea of this exercise in this particular workout is to enhance your body's temperature, "slam" your cardio system and prepare you for the rest of 7 exercises. 

Begin on a standing position and start moving left to right with high knees where your focus will be on the tempo and rhythm of your legs. On each 3rd step per side, you will change the direction. The last, 3rd step should be with your outer leg on the ground in order for the balance to be easier for maintenance. 

This exercise will help you with conditioning improvement, agility, leg speed, balance, calorie burning and core strength.

Exercise 2: Squat to Thoracic Spine Rotation

The squat to thoracic rotation is a great full body exercise that will combine a strength endurance lower body move combined with mobility upper body exercise. It is fun, dynamic and will help you get a stronger lower body while stretching the upper back and spine as well. 

Begin on a stationary position, squat down and on each standing up, rotate your upper body slightly in order to create a spinal extension. Also, rotate the opposite leg of the direction where you are rotating in order to isolate the lower back which is important here. Your focus should be on the upper, not the lower back. 

IMPORTANT: do not get aggressive with the thoracic rotations, begin slow, take your time and be careful with such a move as it might cause problems if being done too intense and especially by fitness beginners with a lack of upper spine mobility. 

Exercise 3: Superman Pulldown

The superman pulldown is a great posterior chain bodyweight exercise where you will not need any equipment at all. The missing link of the calisthenics is oftentimes the posterior chain and as such, this move is often used. The superman pulldown will target your upper back, low back and partly, the hamstrings. 

Lye on the ground, face forward, create a small arch in the body with straight arms, when lifting the upper and lower body at the same time. You will remain on your mid-body on the ground as a support. Once the contraction is done, pull the arms toward the legs and squeeze the lats.

Imagine that you have balls on the sides of your core/ribs and you have to push them strong with the elbows towards the body. Focus on the effective muscle contraction here, not the number of repetitions performed.

Exercise 4: Feet On Fire to 3 Jump Lunges

The feet on fire to 3 jump lunges is a lower body focused bodyweight HIIT exercise. It will help you improve leg speed, agility, stamina, explosive strength, strength endurance and a bit of muscle building focus. 

Begin on a standing position, start with 8-10 small steps on place. Stay on the toes only and once completed, drop down to a lunge which will be followed by 2 more jumping lunges. So 8-10 small and quick toe running, fast static steps followed by 3 jumping lunges. 

IMPORTANT: switch the first, working leg each time you perform the drop lunge. This way you will alternate the legs and avoid doing more repetitions by any side and developing muscle imbalances. 

Exercise 5: Walk Out Push Up to Sit Out

The walk out push up sit out combination is a bodyweight exercise that basically combines 3 different moves. The walk out, push up and sit out as a finisher. The focus of this flow is mainly on the upper body and hip flexors.

The walk out itself will work on the core, shoulders, arms and upper back. The followed push up will engage the chest, triceps and shoulders again and at the end, the sit out will work on the core, cardio, hip mobility, shoulder rotation, stability and strength. 

Begin on a tucked push up position. Walk away from your feet with the arms, once reaching to an extended or regular push up position, perform 1 push up, then walk back with the arms to the starting position and perform 2 sit outs (1 per side) which is moving a straight leg, near the body while being in a tucked position and by performing rotation with the shoulders and upper back too. 

IMPORTANT: if you are out of shape and performing a single push up is impossible for you, exclude it from the flow. Therefore, perform only walk out to sit out. 

Exercise 6: Speed Burpee

Speed burpee is the safest and one of the most effective beginner burpee variations that will spare your shoulders and exclude the limiting factors in the full burpees, which is the push up. 

Begin on a standing position, bend forward so you can reach the ground with both hands, jump backward with the lower body only and turn back. Once there perform a jump squat and repeat all over again. 

The speed burpee will seriously target the lower body, core and will use the upper body as a support throughout the whole move. It is a full body exercise even without being too intense for the upper body. You will feel it there too because the arms should support the whole sequence and this will lead to extra tension. 

Not last, the speed burpee is a killer cardio bodyweight exercise that will help you burn more calories while improving your cardio, conditioning and lung capacity. 

Exercise 7: Alternating Static Monkey

The alternating static monkey will target mainly the upper body, core and cardio too. The lower body, hip flexor mobility will also get to work. 

Begin on a tucked push up position on the ground and begin to alternate left and right outer steps with both legs. The upper body here will have to support the leg movement and this will lead to serious muscle tension in the arms, shoulders, traps, mid upper back and core as well. 

Exercise 8: Plank Push Up to Back Jump

This 20 minute HIIT workout ends with a full body exercise that focuses more on the upper body muscles and core. If you are familiar with HIIT training then you should know the plank push up exercise. However, here we will spice up things a bit so you can get more complex exercise. 

Begin on a tucked push up position and do a single tucked plank push up. Once you are up, do a small backward jump and turn back to the starting tucked position. Repat again but change the first arm going down with the plank.

Is 20 Minute HIIT Workout Enough To Get You In Better Shape?

Is 20 Minute HIIT Workout Enough

You can get fitter and improve your health by doing short 20 minute HIIT workouts at home or outdoor. By doing 20 min HIIT more frequently, you will manage to lose body weight, tone up the body, get more energy and overall feel much better. If the exercise selection, workout structure, frequency of performance and technique are on point, then you will get in better shape with just 20 minute workouts. 

Is 20 Minutes Of HIIT Effective?

Is 20 Minutes Of HIIT Effective

20 minutes of HIIT can be highly effective if the following criteria is being met: 

1. The exercises chosen should match your training level and are allowing them to be performed with the right exercise technique. 

2. The exercise sequence should be a logical one in order for you to be able to endure the sessions. Especially as a beginner trainee. 

3. The timing intervals should be tailored to your training level and the duration of the session. In other words, the work/rest intervals will determine the efficiency of your performance and workout intensity which will have a tight correlation with your fitness results. 

4. A 20 minute HIIT routine will be effective only if you actually train seriously in this time frame. It should be high intensity, it should hurt sometimes and you might not enjoy it, however, if you want results with 20-minute workouts, then this is the way.

How Long Should a Beginner HIIT Workout Be?

How Long Should a Beginner HIIT Workout Be

The beginner HIIT workout should be between 10 and 30 minutes duration. These numbers are not including the warm up time. In order to get an efficient HIIT routine, it is recommended to push the pedal and be sure that you will train in an intense way during this short period of time. In other words, the workout duration will not be the only factor that will determine the efficiency of your HIIT routines but your exercise performance and resting as low as possible will play a critical role as well in order to help you progress with your overall fitness. 

Can You Lose Weight With 20 Minute HIIT Workouts?

Yes, you can lose weight and get in shape with just 20 minute HIIT workouts performed a few times per week. In fact, you can lose weight with any training method or activity applied additionally to your current lifestyle. But the movement itself will not be the only factor that will outcome in weight loss. Your sleep, recovery and diet too will be serious factors regarding the tempo of losing this excessive weight. Make sure that you will at least achieve any balance between these in order to get in better shape. 

How Many Calories Does a 20 Minute HIIT Workout Burn?

Between 200 and 300 calories including the EPOC (Excessive Post Workout Oxygen Consumption) that will burn a few more calories. It doesn't sound much of a calorie burnt effect in 20 minutes of a strenuous effort. However, the key point here is not just the calories burnt but the accelerated muscle build and metabolic processes improvement. With that in mind, if you do frequently 20 minute HIIT workouts at home, you will burn fat and lose weight without worrying that much about calorie counting, at least, at the beginning. Once you hit a plateau, you can start counting calories and get more serious about your diet monitoring and optimization. 

How Often To Do 20 Minute HIIT Workouts?

How often to do 20 minute HIIT workouts at home as a beginner

4-5 full body 20 minute HIIT workouts at home per week will be enough for you to get in great shape without investing much of your time into the training process. Focus on full body workouts as these will burn maximal calories and will target all of your muscles. That alone will help tremendously to get you FIT-ter so you can feel better, move well and perform optimally on a daily basis.

Avoid doing HIIT everyday as it is dangerous, will put your health at risk, you can injure yourself, ruin your hormones, get increased anxiety, sleep problems etc. In addition, doing HIIT everyday will not help you lose weight faster. In fact, you can even gain weight this way as your appetite might spike up, hence, you will eat more and more which will lead to an increase in body weight. 

Bonus Beginner HIIT Routines!

As a fitness beginner, you need maximal training options and varieties in order to experiment and adapt quicker. With that in mind, below you will find 2 additional beginner HIIT workouts that you can do at home or outdoor. No equipment is needed and both sessions are follow along videos so this can be convenient for you. 

30 Minute HIIT Workout At Home For Beginners

In this 30 minute HIIT workout at home for beginners, there are 8 bodyweight exercises included. Completely follow along session that each beginner can try.

Here is the HIIT bodyweight exercise list:

1. 3 Way Jump Squat 

2. Push Up Iso Hold to Jump Outs 

3. Squat to Drop Lunge Exercise 

4. Ankle Tap Push Up to Jump In 

5. High Knee Run In Place to Drop Squat Hold 

6. Speed Burpee to Broad Jump 

7. High to Low Bird Dog Plank

8. One Arm Plank Twist

30/20 seconds of work/rest protocol. 2 minutes rest between rounds. 4 total rounds should be performed. 

22 Minute Beginner Bodyweight Circuit Workout

This 22 minute beginner bodyweight circuit workout consists of 8 bodyweight exercises. 30/20 seconds work/rest protocol. Rest between rounds: 2 minutes. 3 total rounds should be done. 

Here is your beginner circuit exercise list: 

1. T push up/row combo

2. Squat to reverse lunge to kick

3. Push up to knee to elbow tap 

4. Squat to curtsy lunge 

5. Tucked shoulder tap to ankle tap 

6. Side step jump squat 

7. Sit out to straddle 

8. V sit hold to heel tap 

Summing It Up

Bodyweight workouts 10
You can get in good shape with 20 minute HIIT workouts. What you need to do is to perform these frequently enough in order to create the right stimulus for your muscles. Follow similar routines 3-5 times per week in order to progress with your overall fitness. 

Today we have discussed a good 20 minute beginner full body workout without equipment. You can try this session anytime you have some time to move and want to feel better with higher energy and focus. 

In addition, you can find a 30 minute HIIT workout at home and a 22 minute full body beginner bodyweight routine as additional value to you. Both extra sessions are again, completely follow alone so it can be easier for you to perform these without overthinking or making any mistakes. 

What is your favorite 20 minute HIIT workout at home? 

Comment below! 

To your FIT-ter self, 


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