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20 Minute Home Workout For Men (Full Body)

20 minute home workout. The only training tool you need is a regular jump rope. A circuit training workout that will burn tons of calories for you!


20 Minute Home Workout For Men

Your Workout Instructions

20 minute home workout details: 

Do 4 Rounds of:

1. Two feet jump rope bounce - 50 repetitions 

2. Broad jump to pedal back - 5 repetitions  

3. Two feet jump rope bounce - 50 repetitions  

4. Push up to shoulder tap - 10 repetitions 

5. Two feet jump rope bounce - 50 repetitions  

6. Speed burpee to tuck jump - 10 reps

7. Two feet jump rope bounce - 50 reps

No rest between exercises

Rest between rounds - 90-120 seconds 

Why To Give A Try To This 

20 Minute Home Circuit Workout?

20 minute home workout

This workout is extremely fun. And challenging. By alternating the jumping rope with bodyweight exercises, you'll have tons of fun, while working on both your aerobic and anaerobic systems as well. 

This workout is a good match for the beginner trainee. Simply if some of the bodyweight movements are too intense for you, decrease the repetitions with 20-30% for each set and you'll be able to endure the session. 

At the same time, this 20 minute workout at home is a circuit training routine. You have to alternate jump rope exercises and one jump rope style. In addition, you don't have a rest between each of the exercises. That will make the duration of one round around 3:30 minutes. Which doesn't sound much but it's lots of work actually. 3:30 minutes of time under tension is sufficient effort that needs to be done.

What Makes This 20 Minute Workout At Home Efficient For Weight Loss?

20 minute home workout

Simple. Doing lots of work in a very tight frame. This means that you have to perform tons of repetitions in 20 minutes time. 

By doing that, you'll work a lot on improving your strength endurance, cardio and conditioning. 

Every muscle in your body will be engaged to work. That will push your body to burn more calories and experience the post-workout "after-burn" effect. That means - your body will burn excessive calories hours after your training is done. Cool, right? 

And not last, you'll equally work on both your aerobic and anaerobic systems. Which is also a win-win approach for you. 

In addition, it's dynamic and fun workout that will challenge your brain to think and not get bored by doing one exercise for multiple sets with long rests between. 

Hey, just in case you want to learn more about the circuit training workouts, check the ultimate circuit training guide here.

Why The Jumping Rope?

20 minute home workout

The jump rope stood the test of time. This is the most practical and efficient conditioning training tool that you can fit right in your pocket. I will not really bother you a lot with information about the jump rope training.

However, I will mention a few of the benefits that I believe should be taken into consideration.

By using the jump rope, you will: 

1. Improve your cardio, conditioning and strength endurance.

2. Build stamina, agility and enhance your cognitive performance post-workout due to the oxidation of your brain. 

3. Improve your foot work that will provide you with an immediate carryover in your walking and how you move your body on a day to day basis. 

4. You will never get bored. If you learn 4-5 jump rope styles (you can begin with the easy ones. If you're new to the jump rope training, you'll always have fun and be able to create such an awesome and dynamic workouts that will work equally on your body and mindset as well. 

I believe these will be enough for you at the moment. If you dig deeper, the jumping rope has been used by many athletes through last decades. It's a cheap and highly efficient tool. And if you're not using it yet, you're leaving lots of benefits that can be gained by mastering the jump rope workouts. 

Why The Combination Of Jumping Rope and Bodyweight Exercises?
20 minute home workout

I will not lie. This is my most fun way to workout. And if it's fun - you will love to do it and be consistent.

The consistency is king of results. That's precisely what this training style will do for you. 

And the best part? 

You can do it anywhere! At home, outdoor, on the beach, in the mountain, even at the office! 

By mixing jump rope and bodyweight exercises, you're basically alternating between anaerobic and aerobic work at the same time. If the jump rope style is less intense, that will allow your body to recover from the bodyweight exercises and be able to attack again, the next movement.

Of course, you will not really rest while jumping the rope, but the demand required by your body is completely different and will even enhance the performance of the bodyweight exercises included in this 20 minute home workout. 

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How Can You Structure A Training Program That Only Consists of 20 Minute Home Workouts?
20 minute home workout

If you're too busy to visit the gym or follow a training program that consists of longer workouts 60+ minutes duration, then I have a great idea for you!

If you're tight on time to workout and the only availability for you is to workout at home for 20 minutes, then you will have to make this a habit and include these kind of workouts - on a daily basis. 

For instance, I would recommend you to include 20 minute at home workouts at least 4-5 times per week to meet a sufficient and satisfactory results. This training ideology is called High Frequency Training. 

This is a necessary step to be taken, if you want to get results in a faster tempo without doing long and exhausting workouts at the gym. 

High Frequency Training - The Ultimate Training Approach For The Busy Person
20 minute home workout

We are all busy. That's the world we're living in. I have literally 0 clients that will claim that they are not overwhelmed or not stressed out. It is what it is. But hey, there's a training approach that can cover your back here and will serve you well if being applied on a regular basis. 

High frequency training. In a nutshell, the HFT is a workout ideology that recommends to workout more often, for less time and volume applied. Otherwise said, short workouts (20-40 minutes duration) with moderate intensity applied for 4-6 days per week.

I've learned that training system from Chad Waterbury and Jason Ferrugia around 3 years ago.

 Here are their websites (just in case you're wondering who these coaches are). 

1. Chad Waterbury's Website

2. Jason Ferrugia's Website

Honestly, at the beginning, when I was introduced to the High Frequency Training, I was sceptical. You know, 20-30 minute workouts, 4-6 times per week sounds not serious. But when I gave this approach a test, and seen how it worked for me for a couple of weeks, I was blown away! 

What Benefits To Expect From The High Frequncy Training?

20 minute home workout

By testing the HFT for 6 weeks as a start, the following benefits were gained: 

I have built a solid movement/workout habit. With that spoken, I wasn't worry anymore if I'm going to skip a workout or not. Because I could always compensate it by simply re-structure my training program. When you have 3 or 4 workouts per week, and when you miss a session, you feel guilt. And not just that but once skipped, the process cannot be undone. And let me tell you, this is pressure and stress. 

We all have bad days with lack of sleep or too much stress at work. Days where working out is simply not our priority nor pleasure. It's normal. I get that. We're all human beings and as such, life is not all about training. And it shouldn't be. Unless you're a sponsored athlete or an online influential coach that's 100kg body weight with 6% body fat. 

The sweetest part of this training is that if you skip/miss a workout, you will be okay with that. Because you know that you have 5 more days to train. The mindset is different and honestly, feeling the whole training process from this angle is pretty convenient and not that overwhelming. The "I MUST workout at any cost" will dissapear and you'll feel kinda relieved by this feeling. I can guarantee you that. 

A Few More 


20 minute home workout

Hey, I value your participation here. I truly do. 

So I would love to provide you with a few more FREE bodyweight workouts. All of these sessions are between 15 and 25 minutes duration. I believe that if you cannot find 15-25 minutes for your body, you'll never achieve your desired goals. 

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20 minute home workout

In this article, I have provided you with 20 minute workout at home. The only training tool that you need is a jumping rope (any kind of jump rope will do the work). 

The training level is a beginner to intermediate one. However, if you're really out of shape, you can easily decrease the intensity of this workout by decrease the total rounds you have to perform. Or decrease all of the repetitions by 30%. Pick one of these two, decrease and you're set to go! 

Additionally, I have explained to you how to combine this 20 minute workout at home into a training program, what are the benefits of the high frequency training and I gave you more workouts to try at home. 

It's all up to you now. Will you complain that you don't have time to workout, or you'll get my knowledge and put it into a test?

It's your call. 

Did you like this 20 minute workout at home?

Comment below! 

Thanks for reading.

Big Love

Coach Vlad

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