20 Minute Lower Body HIIT Workout at Home (No Weights)

This 20 minute lower body HIIT workout at home includes 8 exercises. This is a high-intensity lower body HIIT focused on the legs and core. Let's Work!


20 Minute Lower Body HIIT Workout at Home (No Weights)

For this 20 minute lower body HIIT workout, there are 8 bodyweight exercises included. 3 total rounds should be completed while working for 30 seconds for each exercise followed by 20 seconds of rest. 

Rest between rounds: 90 seconds. One round completed is considered when you are done with 1 set for each of the exercises. 

This workout video is 100% follow along so you can play the video and replicate without thinking for anything else besides the exercise technique. 

Here is the bodyweight leg HIIT exercise list: 

1. Side to side high knees

2. Jumping lunge to tuck jump

3. One legged straddle

4. Feet work to side pulses

5. Squat to thoracic rotation to knee tap

6. Skater ground taps

7. High knee straddles

8. Sit up to glute bridge

What Makes This Leg HIIT Workout Efficient? 

Before deciding should you test this 20 minute leg HIIT routine, it would be good to clear out a few things for this session: 

1. High exercise variety - a total of 8 lower body exercises are included. Most of these are dynamic leg exercises that will challenge your strength endurance, stamina, agility, cardio, conditioning and footwork. 

2. Interval timer used - the interval timer used in this 20 minute HIIT is 30/20 seconds of work/rest protocol which is not extremely intense but still will keep you in that not-convenient zone, even if you are a fitness beginner. 

3. Short between round rest - 90 seconds of rest is applied between each of the 3 rounds that should be done. This will allow your body to recover but not completely so you will be challenged throughout the 3 full rounds. 

4. Beginner workout friendly routine - this 20 minute leg HIIT workout is suitable for the fitness beginner. What you should implement however is to increase the between-round resting from 90 seconds to 3 minutes. For that reason, if you are a beginner, here is how to proceed: 

- When finishing with your working round, pause the workout video and start a stopwatch separately in order to count for 3 full minutes, once donе, rewind the video into the next round, play the video and continue. 

Benefits Of Leg HIIT Workouts

The lower body HIIT workouts will help you develop endured, quick and effective legs that will serve you well not just in training but in your lifestyle too. You will walk with more ease, your whole strength endurance will be higher so the daily physical tasks will be done with fewer efforts. You will burn additional calories, build core muscle and improve the overall conditioning of the whole body. The lower body HIIT is an excellent training approach if your goal is to develop an athletic and functional lower body that can serve you in an effective way. 

Is 20 Minute of HIIT Effective To Get Results?

In just 20 minutes of time you can get a great and complete lower body HIIT workout. If the exercises involved are picked with precision, and the session is built in a way that will match your training level, then if the only training style that you use in your leg training is HIIT workouts, then you can get great results in just 20 minutes of time. 

Can You Lose Weight With 20 Minutes of Lower Body HIITs?

Lower body HIIT workouts can provide more calories burnt and better core activation compared to upper body HIIT workouts. For that reason, the lower body HIITs are great for burning extra calories, changing body composition, slimming the waistline and losing body fat and weight. For maximal weight loss results, however, it is highly recommended to sleep at least 7 hours and to be in a slight caloric deficit with your diet. Without being in a calorie deficit, losing weight will be a long and challenging process that you might quit in the early stages because it would be discouraging. Try to follow the tips above for the best results. 

Can You Build Leg Muscle With 20 Minutes of HIIT?

Building leg muscle with bodyweight lower body HIIT workouts might be difficult and not the most optimal muscle building style. While you will still build some muscle, the outcome will be more tailored to strength endurance, stamina, agility and leg speed compared to getting highly muscular legs. If your goal is to build leg muscle and get strong and massive legs, then HIIT is not your best choice. Instead, you can focus on traditional resistance leg workouts with or without weights. Both ways will serve you well. HIIT is more tailored to the cardio, dynamic and athletic performance compared to building size and absolute or brute strength. 

Can You Do 20 Minutes of Lower Body HIIT Everyday?

Doing 20 minutes of lower body HIIT everyday will not lead to faster results, more leg muscle built or faster weight loss. Doing 20 minutes of HIIT everyday is not the most optimal decision for working out. Instead, focus on doing 20 minutes of HIIT 3-5 times per week if this will be the only training style applied. If you do a separated resistance workouts with or without weights, use the 20 minute HIITs 2 times weekly as a stand-alone cardio and conditioning sessions to improve your strength endurance, cardio reserves and stamina.

How Long Before You See Results With Lower Body HIIT?

Getting results with leg HIIT workouts will be almost instant because there are multiple cardio and dynamic exercises included. These will reflect an immediate increase in mood, muscular tonus and energy levels. At the start, you might be more fatigued but in a few weeks time, you will start getting benefits from the leg HIITs. Expect to see visible and performance results in the period between the 4th and 8th week of the training plan. Optimal results will be achieved around the 12th week or 3rd month of working out the legs with HIIT routines. 

Dynamic Warm Up Prior This Lower Body HIIT

Warming up before your lower body HIITs is highly important and will result in better overall performance, range of motion, muscular endurance and overall strength. Also, by being well prepared and warming up the body, you will decrease any risks of injuries even if the bodyweight leg exercises are generally safe. Make sure to implement this dynamic warm up before each lower body HIIT routine.

31 Best Beginner Bodyweight Leg Exercises (4 Workouts)

You can review in depth this 31 best bodyweight leg exercises that are completely suitable for the fitness beginner. Also, you will get 4 bodyweight workouts for legs that will help you build muscle and with higher strength endurance, you will manage to not just develop your lower body strength but this to outcome in better overall shape, daily performance, body composition and how do you generally feel. 

Summing It Up

Training your legs is mandatory in order to change the body composition, build muscle, lose body weight and perform better not just in your workouts but in life, daily tasks and responsibilities as a grown adult. 

Today we have reviewed a 20 minute lower body HIIT workout without equipment. You can try this leg routine when you have 20-30 minutes of your time to stimulate the leg muscles and spike up the energy. 

What is your favorite lower body HIIT workout? 

Comment below! 


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