20 Minute Workout at Home

20 Minute Workout at Home (Full Body For Men)

20 minute workout at home for men that will target every muscle and burn lots of calories. This is not one of these boring home workouts. Learn more here.


20 Minute Workout at Home

For Men (Full Body Routine)

Your 20 Minute Workout At Home


To perform this 20 minute workout at home, you don't need any equipment at all. Let's jump into some details: 

Do 5 rounds of the following exercises: 

1. Side shuffle to speed burpee - 8 lengths of 3-4 side shuffle steps per side with 1 speed burpee between each length. To be easier for you, count the speed burpees. Once you hit 8 reps, you're done.

2. Crab crawl to tripod extension - 8 small crab steps to 2 tripod extensions. Do 4 full lengths. 2 forward and 2 backward.

3. Hindu push up - 10 repetitions.

No rest between exercises.

Rest between rounds - 120 seconds. 

Let's Break Down This 20 Minute Workout at Home

20 minute workout at home

Side Shuffle to Speed Burpee Bodyweight Exercise Combination

As an ex-basketball athlete, the side shuffle drill was an absolute must for me. This is the defence movement of the basketball players. And I can certainly claim that if being applied for a longer periods of time, this bodyweight dynamic exercise will do miracles to your legs, core strength, balance and overall body's conditioning. 

It looks easy until you try it. Very often, in the training programs, the lateral movement of the body is neglected. And not just me, but many influential coaches think that this is a big missed opportunity. 

Think for a second. Most of the exercises that you'll see on the internet are mostly focused on moving your body or different objects in forward, backward, up or down. Very rare you'll see bodyweight exercises or movements that will involve training tools that will move side to side or in the lateral direction. 

Additionally, most of the athletes are training lateral movements or transitions because their sport is requiring this. Most probably, if you're reading this article, you're not an athlete. I get that. However, in life, sometimes we have to move in lateral directions and that being said, the side shuffle will be highly beneficial exercise for you.  

Plus, your legs will be on fire and your cardio work capacity will be challenged. 

Speaking of which, to make this bodyweight exercise even more fun and spicy, I have included a speed burpee that's a whole body, explosive movement.

Crab Crawl to Tripod Extension Bodyweight Exercise Combination

20 minute workout at home

The crawling is a foundation for the human body. You will rarely find something so simple and challenging at the same time. Constantly balancing your body by changing the working limbs and being in a not very convenient positions will push your core to do a lot of work in order to balance/stabilize your body and keep you in the proper position. 

More specifically, the crab crawl will absolutely blow up your shoulders, upper back, arms, core and chest. You will not really engage your legs here. However, the intensity of this movement is sufficient. 

By mixing the crab crawling with the tripod extension, we have a great posterior chain superset. The tripod extension is great for extending your spine and working on your shoulder rotation, thoracic spine proper functionality and your arm strength (the moment when you're on one arm). 

These two bodyweight exercises combined are not the easiest thing to do nor you'll see them recommended by many other coaches. This is unconvenient, weird, kind of fun and highly efficient for strength endurance, cardio and overall conditioning. 

The Hindu Push Up
20 minute workout at home

You can find this bodyweight exercise with other names such as Judo Push Up or Dive Bomber push up. It doesn't really matter how you will name it or call this exercise. It's a great one and if you haven't tried this so far, I highly recommend you to. 

The hindu push up is solid movement for spine extension (this one is great for people with stationary lifestyles that involve lots of sitting or standing for prolonged hours each day). In addition, the muscles that will be involved are your shoulders, whole upper back, the triceps and core at some level. 

Great for strengthening your posture and relieving back pressure caused by lots of sitting or stationary life in general.

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Is 20 Minute Workouts at Home Sufficient For Weight Loss and Getting Results?

20 minute workout at home

Let's be honest. 20 minutes is not much of a time. We both know that if your goal is to build muscle and get bigger, the short circuit training workouts will not work great for you.

But if your goal is to get in shape, skyrocket your overall conditioning, strength endurance, weight loss and energy reserves, then I highly suggest you to start implementing more 20 minute workouts at your home. 

It's convenient, fast, intense and sweet. 

How Often to Perform The 

20 Minute Workouts at Home for Weight Loss?

20 minute workout at home

If you have liked the idea to workout for 20-25 minutes at home, then you will have to do similar routines at least 4-5 times per week for optimal weight loss results. There's no other way. 

The right approach for you is called High Frequency Training. There's a rule of thumb here. You have to keep it short and high effort. You don't want to over-train or over-crash your body. Otherwise, you'll have to rest on the next day. 

The idea that you might want to follow is to move regularly (at least 4-5 workouts per week), push the pedal but not over-doing it. The best part is that your body and mindset will love that training. You'll move frequently, be consistent and not invest countless of hours into your workouts.

And not last, you'll get results! Isn't that what you're fighting for? A convenient training that can be done anywhere and that will never gets you bored while delivering results! 

I suggest you to try this one. 

I'm Grateful To Have You Here.

So Here Are a Couple of


20 minute workout at home

I honestly appreciate to have you here, in my blog, in my world.

In the previous chapter, I have talked to you about the high frequency training and how to implement this 20 minute workout at home and a few more to get sufficient workout program despite your busy schedule. 

So here are 3 more 20-25 minute workouts that you can try at home!

1. 18 Minute Bodyweight Routine at home 

2. 22 Minute Circuit Bodyweight Workout

3. 15 Minute Intense Cardio Workout for Men at Home

Simply click on each one of the workouts above to visit the different posts, check your workout videos and choose which one to give a try. 


20 minute workout at home

Try this 20 minute workout at home. It's complex, fun and will require high level of effort from your side to finish it. 

You have 2 dynamic complex bodyweight exercises - the side shuffle with speed burpee combo and the crab crawl with tripod extension. 

Additionally, for the last bodyweight exercise, you have the hindu push up. Every muscle in your body will be lighten up. You will breath hard and will experience the "burning sensation". 

I challenge you to give this 20 minute workout at home a shot. If it's too intense for you, simply do 3 instead of 5 rounds. 

Another way to decrease the intensity of this workout is to decrease the number of repetitions for each of the bodyweight exercises that you have to perform.

If you still haven't seen the video of this workout, refer to the top of the page! 

Do you like shorter workouts or prefer to invest more time into your training process?

Comment below.

Thanks for reading! 

Big Love

Coach Vlad

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