20 Minutes HIIT Workout

20 Minute Total Body HIIT Workout At Home (No Weights)

20 Minute Total Body HIIT Workout You Can Do Anywhere. Get Ready To Get Challenged. Full Body, No Equipment Routine That Will Get You Sweat. Let's GO!


20 Minute Total Body HIIT Workout At Home (No Weights)

Set the interval timer to 20/10 seconds work/rest. 

Do 5 full rounds of the following bodyweight exercises: 

1. T Push Up 

2. Speed Burpee to Jumping Lunge 

3. Grappler Push Up 

4. Skater Jump 

5. Side Kick Outs

20 seconds work for each exercises, 10 seconds rest between. Once you move through all of your 5 exercises, make sure to get a sufficient rest before you jump into the next round. 

90 seconds rest between rounds.

Total workout time: 20 minutes.

Workout training level: Intermediate

What Is HIIT Workout Routine?

20 Minutes HIIT Workout

Let's begin with a quick explanation of what is the HIIT workout routine. 

The HIIT (High Intense Interval Training) workout routines states for short training routines, performed in a timing frame (structure) where you have to work intensively for a certain period of time (work interval), followed by a rest interval. 

This is a highly convenient training approach for the "busy folks" with limited time for fitness attending.

Your HIIT workouts can be performed without equipment: bodyweight exercises, calisthenics, sprinting/running or swimming. 

Besides that, you can always build a hiit workout with any available weights that you have access to: jumping rope, resistance band, dumbbells, kettlebells, sandbags etc. 

When it comes to following an effective hiit workout, what will make the difference for you is the exercise intensity selection (based on your goal and training level) and how you will outline your workout.

Does The 20 Minutes HIIT Workout Help Burn Belly Fat?

20 Minutes HIIT Workout

Sure thing. 20 minutes is sufficient time to move your body under high-effort conditions. 

This routine will help you burn more calories due to the high intense nature of the movements and workout frame as well. 

However, your weight/fat loss will be determined by a few more factors besides the workout itself.

Here's what you need to cover in order to achieve results: 

1. Regular & proper movement - here the session today is a great option for you, if visiting the gym is a difficult task and if you're tight on time to workout consistently. 

2. Nutrition - focus on a balanced diet with less junk food. Also, make sure to be in a slight caloric deficit. 

3. Sleep & recovery - without good recovery and optimal sleep, you will never lose weight or the results will be insignificant. It's all about hormones. When you sleep, your body produces vital hormones that are crucial for the proper funcion of the body. And if you're constantly sleep deprived or if generally, your sleep is bad, the weight loss will remain the most difficul task in your life.

Is 20 Minutes Of HIIT Enough?

20 Minutes HIIT Workout

20 minutes is a significant time to hit the whole body. However, if your goal is to get jacked, pumped and gain muscle, then HIIT training is not the best option for you.

On the other hand, if you want to tone up, feel more energized, get sweaty and get tons of fun, then this session is great for you. 

Can You Do 20 Minute Workouts Every Day?

Due to the fact that 20 minutes is not much of a time investment, sure you can do. However, doing HIIT every day will do more harm than good to your body. The HIIT workouts are hard (if you do these properly). With that in mind, I do not recommend to follow HIIT workouts every day. 

However, here's what you can do in order to workout more frequently (6 days per week) and avoid visiting the crowded GYM. 

1. Do 3 x sessions per week. 

2. Do 3 interval (less intense) workouts per week. 

The difference between the HIIT and Interval workouts is in the intensity of your exercise performance. HIIT is pushing the pedal to the maximum. Interval training is simply performing a certain exercises/s for a certain period of time followed by a period of rest. 

Controversy, the interval workouts will also be created in a time interval frame, but the intensity here can be lower compared to the hiit workouts. Pick easier exercises and perform these with lower speed. You can also increase the rest intervals between your movements.

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How Many Times A Week Should You Do 20 Minute Workouts?

20 Minutes HIIT Workout

To build an optimal HIIT workout plan, make sure to include 3 HIIT workouts and 2-3 lower-intensity routines. Alternate these in order to maintain a good activity on a daily basis and allow your body to recover at the same time. 

What Are The Best HIIT Exercises You Can Use For Your HIIT Workouts?

20 Minutes HIIT Workout

When I build a HIIT routine for my clients, I want to make sure that I will include the following high intensity interval training exercises: 

1. Exercise 1 - upper body exercise 

2. Exercise 2 - lower body exercise 

3. Exercise 3 - upper body exercise 

4. Exercise 4 - lower body exercise 

5. Exercise 5 - core/abs exercise 

Can you notice a pattern here? The alternation between an upper body and a lower body exercise will allow your body to recover between the sets. That approach is preached by the most influential coaches in the fitness industry. 

What about if 5 exercises are too much to remember? 

You can always build an outstanding full body session by doing only full body, more-complex bodyweight exercises. Include 2-3 more complex movements such as burpees or crawling variations. That way, you will have to do less movements.

What about including any training tools (besides the bodyweight exercises) into your 20 min workouts? 

Here are a couple of ideas for you:

1. Light resistance bands - 15-25lbs RB will be a good option here. 

2. Light dumbbells - here you have a few options. My go-to is 1kg (2lbs) mini dumbbells which I will use to do shadow boxing. You can also use 6-10kg (10-20lbs) dumbbells for a bit more high effort exercises. 

3. Light kettlebell - begin with 14-16kg kettlebell and increase this weight gradually over time. 

4. Jumping rope - any kind of jump rope will do wonders for your 15 minute hiit workout.

Is This Routine Too Intense?
20 Minutes HIIT Workout

If you're a beginner but yet want to do try this workout, then here's what to do: make sure to adjust the timing frame of this workout. Instead to follow 20/10 seconds work/rest timing protocol, switch to 20/20 even 20/30 seconds work/rest frame. 

This way, the intensity will drop and you will manage to endure the full 5 rounds.

Too Easy? Try This...

20 Minutes HIIT Workout

If this workout is too easy for you, then again, you have to adjust the time frame. 

Option 1 - change the time frame to 30/10 seconds work/rest. 

Option 2 - change the time frame to 45/15 seconds work/rest.

Option 3 - change the time frame to 50/10 secodns work/rest.

Begin from option 1 and move gradually once you progress. While you're moving through option 1 to option 3, your workout's intensity is increasing gradually.

HIIT Training - Thoughts
20 Minutes HIIT Workout

Let's clear a misconception that is often made. 

if your goal is to gain lean muscle and get jacked, then this approach is not for you. I would suggest you to follow a more traditional muscle building training programs. 

What about if your goal is to get jacked but you're still pressed on time? 

Lift weights, and "stack" your lifting exercises into circuit workouts. Not hiit but circuit workouts. This way, you will save lots of time while throwing tons of repetitions. This is hard but will deliver great results while allowing you to train just 3-4 times per week max. 

The HIIT workouts will help you get endured, more conditioned, burn extra calories, evenaually more fat and get your Fitter. 

Once you're clear what to expect, you will not be dissapointed later. 

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Last Words

full body exercises without weights

Today, I have build for you a 20 minute HIIT routine that you can try anywhere.

So what happens next? 

Give this one a test drive and let me know how it was for you. 

I would love to connect! 

Which bodyweight exercise did you like most from today's session?

Comment Below.

Coach Vlad

Here's another great 20 min routine you can try. Check it out here. 

Thanks For Reading!

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