Get FIT in 21 Days Challenge

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If you are one of the smart men who take up this challenge and perform the 15 to 35-minute bodyweight workouts you will achieve outstanding results!

Hey I'm Coach VLAD

Want to see Fun and Simple Ways To

Get in Shape and Escalate Your Energy?

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Look at The Results of Alexander Oleynikov

Day 1 - 15.03.2019

Weight - 70kg

Day 25 - 14.04.2019

Weight - 66kg

"I am fitter, stronger, and now have lots of energy after work to meet friends and socialize. Until I tried Vladimir's workouts, I spent a lot of wasted hours in the GYM. Now I train less, do short workouts at home and get better results Highly recommended."

PROBLEM: "I have no spare hours to workout"

Solution: All you need is 15-35 minutes to do each of your daily workouts in this challenge

No equipment required. Do the sessions at a place of your choice. Home, outdoor, in the hotel room, even at the office!

Problem: "I start fitness sessions but soon get bored and lose interest"

Solution: You will get 21 Days of Various workouts, each different. So you can never get bored!

Problem: "I want to have my body Feel Like

It was 10 Years Ago"

Solution: The main purpose of this challenge is to help you lose body weight, improve your energy reserves and focus. 

Expect benefits such as: more agility and endurance to complete your daily physical activities and expectations. With a Sharper brain you handle stress more easily and will be more productive. Better overall energy and body's conditioning. Less tension in your spine, neck, hips and shoulders.

The best part? You will embed the workout habit essential for your health in future.

Who Is Coach VLAD?

I'm a, multiple champion basketball professional (Bulgaria), a solid workout researcher and experimenter. I am a certified personal trainer by the National Federation of Professional Trainer (NFPT).

For the last 10 years I have researched and tested many popular training methods, programs and ideologies, and picked only the best for my system.

Based on that system, I've created the:


You Will Get The Effective Workout Knowledge 

Gleaned From The Leader Coaches

in the Fitness Industry

Carefully Selected Exercises,

Tested By Coach Vlad & Proven By His Clients

and Layered for YOU in One Simple Challenge!

Here's What You GET:

15 Whole Body 

No Equipment Workouts 

3 Core and Abs Workouts

3 Crawling Workouts

3 Dynamic Warm Ups

An Exact Structure of The Challenge

Beginner to Intermediate 

Intense Routines

  Problem: "I want the best possible deal for me" 

Solution: I get it. That's the reason I've created 

These 4 Special Bonuses For YOU!


Bonus #1 

4 Mobility/Recovery
Session Videos

Worth - 100$

This is the foundation. Without mobility sessions included in your training program - your body will suffer. Follow these 4 mobility videos to decrease any tension in your spine, neck, shoulders and low-back! If you sit or stand for any length of time, these sessions are a must  in your challenge. 


Bonus #2

A Detailed System of How To Scale The Intensity Of Your Workouts in Future

 Worth - 50$

Nothing finishes with the end of your 21 days challenge. It begins. 🙂 

Hundreds of options to increase the effort and consistently get better results. in future Thanks to this knowledge bomb that I will share with you, you will be able to pick a workout randomly from this challenge. You will be able to increase it's intensity, beyond the basic session, giving you a new intense workout.


Bonus #3  

(For The Busy Guys)

2 Extra challenge Templates!

If you don't have time to invest 21 days of working out, here are options for

5 and 7 days mini-challenges

Worth - 50$ 

Too BUSY to invest 21 consecutive days of working out? 

I got your back. WIth these 2 mini-sprint challenge templates of 5 and 7 days length, you will be able to follow a shorter challenge and still get quick results!


Bonus #4

My 8-10 Minute

Morning Mobility Routine

For Supple Spine, Joints and Brain Productivity

Worth - 50$

The benefits you get from this morning routine will be the best value of this whole challenge. This routine Improves your posture, shoulders, hips, low-back, neck. It will relieve body tension so you feel more loose and agile.

You Get Bonuses Valued for 250$

And a Challenge Worth 150$

Get a value worth 400$ today

For Just 21$

Not Sure Yet? 

Check What These Dudes

Think About My Workouts:

Patrick Villhelmson

Business Owner, Traveller and Father of a 6 year old girl. 

"Investment in my future" 

" My life was mess. Crucial decisions to make every day, lot of business trips and Constant stress. Vladimir helped me change from bodybuilding to his Functional Training System. Now I workout all around the world without wasting time finding a suitable gym. All I need is a 2-3, lightweight tools in my backpack and I'm ready to go. "

Vladimir Nikolov

Massage Therapist and Father of Twin Boys.

"Super easy to work with"

" My profession as a massage therapist requires constant energy, focus and strength endurance. By following Vladimir's advice, I was able to improve all of these needs, and the result? My working days became a real pleasure, now in the evenings I have energy to play with the boys and be more connected to my family. "

Petar Petrov

Brand Ambassador of Campari & Aperol Spritz 

Muay Thai Fighter

and Father of a 7-Year-old Boy.

"Vlad helped me find the Sweet Spot"

" At age of 46, consistent tough training is a difficult task. Now Vlad’s system has shown me  that consistent practical is a lot easier. I'm no longer overtraining, no more joint pains, lack of energy and sore muscles. His advice on sleep and nutrition is so simple, even a child can do it.

Kiril Kirilov

Professional Barista, Brand Ambassador and father of a Baby Girl

"More energy than before! "

“Being a new Father, caring husband and Working 13 hours a day, is exhausting. Thank God for  Vlad's advice on my diet and sleep, It saved me body and soul. There's nothing more valuable  than having the energy to play with my daughter after a long day’s work. With advice  from Vladimir, you’ll get results and enjoy your life again."

Iskren Spirov

Financial Consultant and Adventure Seeker

"Vladimir's travel workouts are fun & Insane"

" I Travel a lot and being consistent with my workouts & diet was a major problem. Vlad’s system showed me how I could keep the tempo going no matter the conditions. That was a huge gain for me. I Highly recommended this system to anybody who has to travel for a living.

Nikolay Penchev

Owner of a professional arm-wrestling club,  app developer and father of a 2 year old boy.

"Vlad's workouts are intense, simple and highly effective"

"He promised and delivered. Very practical, straight to the point workouts. He asks questions, listens, think, and tells you what to do. He's a great dude and Easy to work with. Already, 5 months of using his training service, and I still continue to get results with his system."

It's Only 1$ Per Workout!

Get Your 

"FIT in 21 Workouts Challenge"

For 21$


The Best Decision for You

A feeling of skepticism you may have about investing in a new product is totally normal.

I get it 🙂 

This is why I've decided to put all of the risk on myself. 

You have 21 full days of 100% money back guaranteed. 

21 days to test drive all of your workouts and put them into action.

If you do not get the results you expected, or you feel that this challenge is simply not for you - you will get refunded. 

But my promise to you is straight-forward. 

I will deliver the value and you will get outstanding results.

The smart 20% of the people reading this will know there's no risk and have the balls to try it. 

The others? Well, they will still be wishing away their beer belly years from now. 

Do expect these benefits when following Coach VLAD's training system:

More energy, improved cardio, better conditioning, supple strength, increased endurance, mobility and stamina. 

And decrease body fat (as long as you not eating 20 hamburgers per day). 

Sounds good? 

See you on the other side. 

Coach VLAD

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