25 Push Up Variations To Get You Ripped

25 push up variations to get your ripped, shape your body, build your core, chest muscles, and explosive push up strength. Beginner, intermediate and advanced push up variations included. Read more and try today! 


Build Muscle and Get Explosive

with These 25 Push Up Variations! ​

The Push Up HACK That Very Few Will Tell You About

Push up variations

Before we delve a bit deeper how to properly implement a couple of these push up variations into your training routine, I have the biggest HACK that you can implement in your push up workouts. 

If there's one thing to carry out of this push up variations article is this one. 

How to get more strength and become more efficient with your push ups?


Use a light-weight resistance band - 15-25lbs resistance. A rounded strength band is my most recommended option. However, a band with the handles will work as well. 

The exercise is the RB Face Pull. 

Use it pre-workout as a warm up and providing your upper back with additional pump that will not just accelerate your push up performance but help you build more muscle in shoulders and whole upper back too. 

Do high-repetition sets. Your upper back loves higher reps and higher frequency training for optimal muscle growth.

Do 4-5 sets of 20-25 repetitions and your push performance will skyrocket. 

The simple ideology behind this warm-up is that your posterior chain (the muscles in the whole back side of your body) is much stronger than the anterior one (the muscles in the front part of the body).

When you activate the posterior chain muscles prior pushing, you will feel more dense, strong, stable and confident later when you push. 

Here's your exercise video:

Beginner Push Up Variations

Push up variations

Now you already know how to efficiently warm up prior implementing some of these push up variations into your training program. 

Now let's look up closer which of the provided push up variations will match your training level.

Refer to the video at the top of the article. 

1. Regular push up

2. Plank to push up 

3. Push up alternating knee to chest raise 

4. Push up iso hold knee to elbow raise 

5. Push up to knee to chest raise (use towels) 

6. Hindu push ups 

You can start with these. Once you gain more strength and feel more confident with the push ups, then proceed to the intermediate and advanced level push up variations (use the video again). 

Intermediate and Advanced 

Push Up Variations

Push up variations

If you're already working out and know what you're doing, plus you have sufficient push strength in your upper body, then refer to the video above again and check your more advanced push up variations. 

1. Feet elevated push ups 

2. Feet elevated push ups to mountain climber 

3. The grappler push up 

4. Sliding supported one arm push up (use towels) 

5. Switch to breaker push up (use towels)

6. Clap push ups 

7. Chest tap push ups 

8. Hip tap push up 

9. Superman push up 

10. Explosive superman push up 

11. Behind the back clap push up 

12. Aztec intense progression push up 

13. The breaker push up 

14. Knee tap push up 

15. Jack push up 

16. Alternating knee tap push up 

17. Push up to sit out

18. Jack push up low 

19. Walk out push up to jump squat 

Plus all of the beginner level options. 

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How Often to Perform 
Your Push Up Variations?
Push up variations

It really dpends on your particular goal.

I will do my best here to separate the push up variations training frequency based on 3 different goals. 

1. Fat loss, conditioning and getting yourself into a better overall shape 

2. Muscle building and hypertrophy 

3. Explosive strength and push strength improvement 

Goal #1 - Push Ups to Lose Weight  The Beginner's Biggest Mistake
Push up variations

Through the years of reading blog articles, watching videos and attending forums such as reddit and quora, I have some observations that will love to share with you. 

First and foremost you can lose weight by doing only push ups or doing them everyday.

But it's not optimal and certainly - not the smartest approach for weight loss. 

The push up is a bodyweight movement that will target not just your chest, shoulders and triceps muscles but your whole back and core as well.

In addition, some of the push up variations provided in my video will work on your legs as well (due to their dynamic nature). 

But at the end, the push up is simply an upper body horizontal push pattern movement.

 And doing it every single day will lead to muscle imbalances, joint pains and improper posture. 

You need to work on your posterior chain and legs as well. 

By doing only push ups for weight loss, you're leaving a lot on the table and miss a huge opportunity to lose weight faster and build a balanced body.  

Plus, it's boring to do the same workout for every single day, don't you think?

How to Lose Weight by Doing More Push Ups?

Push up variations

Circuit workouts. 

If you want to do more bodyweight workouts without visiting the GYM, that's cool. But like already mentioned above, you need to target your posterior chain and legs as well. 

The best way to do that is to implement more circuit training workouts into your training routine. Plus using a pull up bar and a resistance band so you can pull.

Hey, I've created a highly detailed article about everything you need to know about the circuit training workouts and how to build a circuit full body workouts on your own.

Check out the ultimate circuit training guide for 2019 here.

My advice to you is to do 4-5 circuit bodyweight workouts per week. That way, you will be able to do the prefered push up variations more often, but work on your whole body and energy systems as well. 

By following this advice, you'll burn more calories, improve your insuline sensitivity (you'll burn more fat even if you eat more carbohydrates in your diet) and progress with your push ups. 

Just implement 1 push up variation into your circuit training workouts. You can alternate different push up variations in the different workouts.

That way, you'll explore your body and progress faster. 

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Goal #2 - Build Muscle With Push Up Variations - The 3 Concepts

Push up variations

I will provide you with 3 basic training concepts that will help you grow chest, triceps and shoulder muscles fast. 

1. High volume bodyweight workouts - this one is painful and the recovery is hard. However, the achieved results can be very fast. Implement this approach 3 times per week (no more than that). Do 100-150 push up repetitions per session. You can hit 3 different push up variations, 50 repetitions end volume for each. Do sets of 5-10 repetitions. You can also pick a push up variation that's slightly more difficult to you (you can do 8-10 reps max) and go for 100 repetitions as fast as possible. In that case, I will recommend you hitting 20 sets of 5 repetitions.

2. High frequency - low volume workouts - that approach will not crash yourself like the high volume workouts. It's more convenient and will spare time for you. Simply you have to do push ups 4-6 times per week, 4-5 sets each, 40-50 repetitions total volume per workout. That'll be sufficient volume for you to grow and feel good as well. Keep in mind that sometimes 50 reps will be slightly higher. So begin with 30-40 reps and then adjust if needed. 

3. Modify the intensity - you already have 2 push up training frequency options (pick one of these first). Now let's talk about the intensity. You need to increase the intensity of your push up variations if you want to progress and build muscle as well. You have a lot of options from this video to scale. If you want to avoid using any work out tools. 

However, I have 3 training tools for you that will skyrocket your upper body's muscle building and strength. Use gymnastic rings/trx straps, a rounded strength resistance band or a weighted vest. These 3 tools will provide your body with extra resistance that will accelerate your push up progress and growth as well. 

Research additionally for different push up variations with gymnastic rings, trx and resistance bands. The weighted vest can be implemented with all of the movements from the video. 

Goal #3 - Build Explosive Strength With Push Ups
Push up variations

To build explosive strength and develop your push ups by using the provided push up variations from the video at the top of this article, you need to follow different progressions and be patient. 

First and foremost, never miss out the resistance band warm up that I've shared with you above in the article. 

Second of all, here's a structure of a lower intense to higher intense progressions that you can follow. 

1. Explosive regular push ups - begin on a bench, then on the ground. Do a regular push up and explode until you jump off your upper body from the bench or the ground (just a little is enough). Do not perform the clap push up yet, it's the next progression. First begin with the bench explosive push up for 3-4 weeks. Then move to the ground. Once you can hit 10-12 repetitions, you can move to the next progression.

2. Clap push ups - this is the basic explosive push up variation that will not take you much of your time to master. Normally, after 3-4 weeks of doing the explosive regular push ups (on the ground), you will have sufficient strength to do the clap push up. The next explosive push up variations are according to their intensity.  

3. Chest tap push up

4. Hip tap push up 

5. Aztec intense progression push up 

6. Superman push up 

7. Explosive full superman push up 

8. Behind the back clap push up 

Notice here that for each explosive push up variation, I recommend at least 3-4 weeks to master and adapt your body. Once you feel strong, move to the next push up variation.

IMPORTANT: Do not rush the process. Otherwise you'll most likely to injure yourself. Safety always first. Take your time, be patient, eat well, sleep more and you'll enjoy the results. 

How to Build Muscle With Explosive Push Up Variations?
Push up variations

Besides getting stronger and more explosive, you can pack muscle and get jacked by doing different explosive push up variations. 

Here's how to do that: 

1. Pick an explosive push up variation that's slightly easier to you and you're already adapted to. For instance, if you can do the chest tap push up, pick the clap push up (the easier option). You need to do at least 12-15 repetitions of the push up variation if you want to implement this training strategy. 

2. Do 2 times per week - 100 repetition explosive push up variation workout. Of course, you can add more exercises to your routine. But to pack more muscle, 100 explosive repetitions applied twice per week will work great for you. Do not go above 2 sessions per week because the explosive push up variations are nervous system demanding and you'll fry your nervous system and over-train which is something you want to avoid. 

3. High frequency implementation of explosive push up variations is not highly recommended - however, if you like to give this one a try, make sure to warm up properly and do not exceed a total push up workout volume of 25-30reps per workout. Remember the nervous system thing that I've mentioned above? 

Push up variations

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Push up variations

Having different push up variations into your training arsenal is a great way to make your bodyweight training more fun and progress faster. 

The most vital thing to remember is that for each push up variation, there's a progression/s that will lead you there. 

My coaching advice to you is to start doing more explosive push up variations. Because the explosive push ups will help you in life.

Faster hands, less body fats, more endured upper body, stronger core, more ripped physique and increased testosterone in your body are just a few of the benefits that you'll gain by doing more explosive push up variations.

Do not delay this one. 

It worths it. These are probably the best bang for your buck bodyweight exercises. 

And the best part is you don't need any equipment at all. 

Are you a fan of the explosive push up variations?

Let me know in the comment section below.

Thanks for reading! 

Big Love

Coach Vlad

PS: if you want to get an awesome push up tutorials, check out this website: http://rosstraining.com/blog/

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