30 Minute Cardio Workout For Beginners at Home (Low Impact)

This 30 minute cardio workout for beginners at home will target your full body while the focus will remain on the cardio. Burn lots of calories/ Let's go!


30 Minute Cardio Workout For Beginners at Home (Low Impact)

30 Minute Low Impact Beginner Cardio Workout

For this 30 minute cardio workout for beginners at home, there are 6 bodyweight exercises included. This is a full body, low-impact routine that is built of combining 6 dynamic movements. 

You will work for 30 seconds for each exercise followed by 20 seconds of rest. Once finished with exercise 1, you will move to exercise 2 and so on. In other words, this is circuit cardio and HIIT workout without weights. 

A single round completed is considered once moving through each of the 6 exercises. 

A total of 6 rounds should be performed. 

1 minute rest between each round. 

This is a 100% follow along 30 minute low-impact beginner cardio workout video. You only have to warm up, play the workout video and replicate all moves just as presented inside. 

Here is the cardio exercise list: 

1. Burpee around the world. 

2. Rotational bounce lunge. 

3. Walk out. 

4. Cross step lunge. 

5. Jump outs. 

6. Narrow stance static monkey walks. 

How To Customize This Routine?

In case you are out of shape and this routine seems too intense and hard for you, here are 2 ways of how to make it easier: 

1. Decrease the working rounds - instead of doing 6 total rounds, aim to hit 4. This way the workout volume will decrease. 

2. Increase the between round resting periods - in case 1 minute of rest between each round is too short for you, once this period finishes, pause the video and on a separated stopwatch, count for 1 additional minute so your rest between rounds is 2 minutes. Once finished, play the video and continue.

IMPORTANT: Pick only 1 of the above-mentioned tips. Otherwise, the session will become too easy which is not efficient.  

What about if you are an intermediate trainee and this 30 minute low-impact cardio is too easy? 

In order to increase the intensity of the session, simply perform additional rounds to this workout. If you are even an advanced trainee, you can double the performance. Once finishing with the workout video, rest for 5 minutes and repeat for a second time. This way the session will be 60 minutes on intense cardio and it will be much harder. 

Use This Warm Up Before Doing Cardio

In order to get optimal workout performance and to do this 30 minute beginner cardio workout with higher efficiency, it's highly recommended for you to warm up beforehand. For that reason, above you will find a quick follow along dynamic warm up that will increase your core temperature, wake up the nervous system and prepare your body for the upcoming session. 

Warming up before high-intensity cardio is mandatory because you will not just enhance the performance, but the mind-muscle connection will be more clear which will result in better exercise technique, the right muscles will do the necessary work and the risks of injuries will decrease significantly. 

You can also save this warm up video so you can use it before working out in the future. 

How To Get 30 Minutes of Cardio at Home?

The most practical way to do 30 minutes of cardio at home is to do HIIT workouts by using only bodyweight exercises. These workouts are short in duration with high intensity which is a great benefit since you don't have to perform such routines everyday in order to get good overall fitness results. 

Additional ways to perform 30 mintues of cardio at home are jumping rope, shadow boxing and if you have the equipment, you can use lighter dumbbells, a light kettlebell, a Bulgarian bag, sandbag, sliders, stationary bike a treadmill etc. 

What Is a Good 30 minute Cardio Workout?

A good 30 minute cardio workout is considered as a session that will match your training level, improve overall conditioning and target the full body. This way you will burn many calories which will help you get in better shape and lose weight. To achieve a similar effect, a HIIT or high-intensity cardio is more recommended than low-intensity cardio such as jogging, hiking, biking, or walking. 

How Long Should a Beginner Do Cardio?

The fitness beginner should focus on doing more high-intensity cardio since such an approach will result in rapid results such as energy improvement, weight loss, better body movement, getting more fit and adaptive person. With that in mind, between 5 and 30 minutes of HIIT performed a few times per week will be enough to achieve similar results. 

But to give you better advice, we will look up to a few scenarios: 

1. You will perform only short HIIT workouts multiple times per week - 5 - 30 minutes duration cardio routines. 

2. You lift weights or do strength calisthenics - in this case, doing HIIT can be applied as a strength workout finisher or as a stand-alone cardio session on a separate day. If such is being used as a finisher, then 5-15 minutes duration will be sufficient. If it's performed on a separate day, then keep the 5-30minute duration mark. 

3. You lift weights or do strength calisthenics, but you are not a fan of the HIIT cardio workouts - in such case, focus on low-intensity exercise such as jogging, biking, swimming, or hiking in the mountains. 2-3 sessions weekly of 45-60 minutes duration will work great. 

4. You want to do HIIT but also to add some low-intensity cardio - then perform 2-3 HIIT sessions per week (5-30minutes) and 1-2 low-intensity cardio routines (45-60mintues). 

Where Should You Start With Cardio?

By starting with bodyweight HIIT (High Intense Interval Training) workouts as a beginner, you will manage to get in shape faster compared to doing long, boring and low-intense cardio since HIIT will help you build some muscle, improve strength endurance, stamina and will equally develop your anaerobic and aerobic systems.

In other words, it's a mix of resistance training and low-intensity cardio. In addition, such routines will spare time for you since the duration is somewhere between 5 and 30 minutes time and can be done without any equipment and anywhere you like. 

How Often Should You Do 30 Minute Cardio as a Beginner?

2-4 times per week of doing 30 minutes of cardio will be sufficient to get the benefits out of similar sessions. Whether you are about to perform HIIT routines or low-intensity cardio work, in both cases, this frequency will deliver results and help you move forward in your fitness journey. 

Should You Do Cardio Everyday For Fat Loss as a Beginner?

In case you want to lose weight and this to happen quickly, by doing cardio everyday, you will not accelerate the process. In fact, you might even gain weight due to hormonal disruption. To lose body weight, focus on sleeping well, your diet to be in a caloric deficit and implement any resistance workouts such as lifting weights, strength calisthenics and HIIT. Yes, while HIIT is still more cardio than a resistance workout, it will still help your body build muscle and get a better definition. 

3 Low Impact Cardio Workouts For Beginners at Home

As a beginner, having more low-impact cardio workout options is highly valuable since that will help you perform a high variety of exercises that will result in higher adaptation and progress. 

Not just that, but doing the same thing over and over again is sometimes boring and it's a risky game because if you get bored, you will quit the process which is something we both don't want to happen.

The following 3 beginner cardio workout videos below are follow along. Also, below each video, you will get the link to the relevant article where if you are interested, you can get much deeper and thorough information, details and instructions. 

7 Minute Cardio Workout For Beginners

The following 7 minute cardio workout for beginners includes 6 bodyweight exercises. You will perform each one after the other for 30 seconds and without any rest in between. Once done, you will rest for 1 minute and repeat for a second time. 

Here is the cardio exercise list:

1. Side to side high knees. 

2. Low impact speed burpee. 

3. Ankle tap run in place. 

4. Skater ground tap jumps. 

5. High knees to mountain climbers. 

6. Plank ankle taps.  

15 Minute HIIT Workout For Beginners

This 15 minute HIIT workout for beginners will challenge your full body with 6 exercises. Each should be performed for 30 seconds followed by a 20 seconds rest. This is a circuit HIIT cardio workout so you will move through each exercise one after the other. Just like the rest of these 3 low impact cardio workouts. 

3 rounds should be completed with 1 minute rest between. 

The HIIT exercise list: 

1. Squat to thoracic rotation to knee tap. 

2. Walk out push up. 

3. Side to side pulsing squat. 

4. High knees to sit out - 8 high knees to 4 sit outs. 

5. Plank twists to push up. 

6. Sprinter sit up. 

15 Minute Full Body Cardio Workout For Beginners

The following 15 minute full body cardio workout for beginners is built up out of 6 cardio exercises. 30/20 seconds on/off. 

3 rounds should be performed. 

60 seconds rest between. 

The cardio exercise list: 

1. Side to side high knees.

2. Walk out push up. 

3. 3 way jump squat. 

4. High knees to mountain climbers. 

5. Jump out to jump in. 

6. Plank forward reach. 

Workout Summary

In 30 minutes duration, you can get a great, full body beginner cardio workout which is low-impact, high-intensity and that will challenge you to get out of the comfort zone and if such approach is applied more frequently, you will lose body weight, get fitter, with higher stamina and strength endurance. 

As a beginner, focus on doing 3-4 HIIT workouts per week in order to equally stimulate the muscles while improving the cardio and conditioning. Such training focus will spare time for you while giving you the freedom of working out anywhere and anytime your lifestyle allows you to. 

On this page, you will find a complete 30 minute beginner cardio workout. The session is follow-along and can be done by anyone. In addition, you can try the dynamic warm up so you can prepare the body for the upcoming high-intense routine. 

Don't miss out your BONUSES! 3 beginner cardio workout videos with a description and additional links to separate, dedicated pages that will reveal more information on the topic. 

What is your favorite 30 minute cardio workout for beginners at home? 

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