30 Minute HIIT Abs Workout For Beginners (Follow Along)

This 30 minute HIIT abs workout for beginners will challenge your core with 6 exercises. No equipment needed. High intense routine. Ready to work? Let's go!


30 Minute HIIT Abs Workout For Beginners (Buld The Core)

30 Minute Beginner Core HIIT Workout

This 30 minute HIIT abs workout for beginners will challenge your core muscles with 6 bodyweight exercises. Each should be performed for 30 seconds followed by 20 seconds of rest. 

All exercises have to be performed one after the other, or in a circuit manner. A completed round is considered once you move through 1 set for each exercise. 

6 total rounds should be performed. 

60 seconds rest between rounds. 

This is a 100% follow along 30 minute HIIT abs workout for beginners. The only thing you need to do is to play the workout video and replicate all exercises just as presented inside. 

Here is the HIIT abs exercise list: 

1. Mountain climber to plank twist. 

2. Plank forward reach. 

3. Jump out to jump in. 

4. Plank ankle taps. 

5. Sit out to straddle. 

6. Sprinter sit up. 

How To Customize This Routine?

In order to customize this HIIT abs routine, we will review 2 possible scenarios: 

1. You are out of shape and this workout is too intense for you - in this case, instead to perform 6 total rounds, try to endure 4 full rounds. This way the workout will be shorter and easier for you. 

Another way to make this session easier is to increase the between-round resting periods. So once the 60 seconds rest is over, pause the workout video, count 1-2 additional minutes on a separated stopwatch, once done, resume the video and attach the upcoming bout of exercises. 

Make sure to pick only 1 of the 2 options above! Otherwise, the session will be too easy and there will be no outcome nor effect. 

2. You are an intermediate trainee and this session is too easy - In this case, you can add bonus rounds. So instead to perform 6, you can do 8 even 10 rounds of this workout. That way, the volume will be much higher hence the intensity will increase as well.

What Is HIIT Abs Workout?

The HIIT abs workout is a session that will combine core and ab exercises with higher dynamic nature and athletic demand. When choosing such exercises and combining such into a HIIT workout timer frame, you get a killer high-intensity cardio, core strength and ab muscle building workout that will equally enhance the above-mentioned qualities and will also, help you burn lots of calories in a short amount of time! 

Benefits Of Abs HIIT Workout

The benefits of doing more HIIT abs workout is that you will get a stronger core, build the ab muscles and improve your cardio and conditioning, all at the same time! So instead of focusing simply on doing cardio, or performing boring ab workouts as separate sessions, you can proceed with the ab HIITs. In addition, such routines will outcome in improved energy levels and you will feel great afterward because of the athletic nature of these routines. 

Can You Get Abs With HIIT?

You can get abs with HIIT if your HIIT workout plan is built with the right exercises and in the right way. In addition, to lose weight with HIIT, you have to focus on sleep/recovery and diet. Without being in a caloric deficit, you will meet with hard times to lose body fat and to get fitter. While you can still lose weight with HIIT without dieting, it is not a sufficient nor sustainable approach towards good and balanced health. 

How Often Should You Do HIIT Abs Workout?

In order to answer this question in a detailed way, we will review 2 scenarios: 

- Implement HIIT ab workouts after resistance training - in order to improve the cardio and core strength, perform the HIIT ab routines at the end of lifting weights or any strength calisthenics. In such cases, 2-3 times per week will be sufficient. Also, it is not necessary to complete a full 30 minutes duration. Instead, 10-15 minute HIIT ab routines will be more than enough.

- Perform HIIT ab workouts as stand alone routines - in this case, again, 2-3 sessions per week will work well. Focus here on slightly longer sessions such as 20 or 30 minutes of HIIT ab workouts.

Can You Do HIIT Abs Everyday?

Like any other muscle in the human body, the core and ab muscles require stimulation and a necessary rest afterward. By overtraining and stimulating these muscles too often, you will not lose weight, nor your core will get stronger faster. Doing HIIT everyday will not lead to good training and health outcome, hence, it is not recommended. Avoid this and stick to 2-3 HIIT ab workouts per week. 

2 Abs HIIT Workouts For Beginners

While being a beginner, it is important for you to experiment and test new routines in order to stimulate the muscles and nervous system in various ways. That itself will help you progress faster with your overall fitness. 

Below you will find 2 complete follow along HIIT ab workouts for beginners. Simply pick one of the sessions, play the video and replicate everything presented inside. In addition, there is a link for each article attached below. By accessing these, you will get more detailed and thorough information regarding the workout. 

7 Minute Core Workout For Beginners

This 7 minute core workout for beginners combines 8 bodyweight exercises. For this core HIIT session, you will have to perform each of these 8 core exercises for 30 seconds followed by 20 seconds of rest. 

Basically, you will complete 1 set for each movement and the core workout will be over. For more details, access the link above. 

Here is the core exercise list: 

1. Alternating static monkey. 

2. Plank forward reach. 

3. Straddles. 

4. Plank ankle taps. 

5. Plank short sit out. 

6. One arm plank twist. 

7. V sit to heel tap. 

8. Sprinter sit up. 

15 Minute HIIT Core Workout For Beginners

This 15 minute HIIT core workout for beginners will challenge your core muscles with 9 bodyweight exercises! Each should be performed for 30 seconds followed by a 20 seconds rest. 

2 total rounds should be completed. 

2 minute rest between rounds. 

Here is the HIIT core exercise list:

1. High to low bird dog plank. 

2. Plank ankle taps. 

3. Jump outs. 

4. Straddles. 

5. Short crab crawl to bottom ups (ankle taps). 

6. Alternating static monkey walk. 

7. Cross knee to elbow to bottom up. 

8. Mountain climber to plank twists (8 to 4 repetitions). 

9. Sprinter sit up.  

Workout Summary

Doing more HIIT ab workouts is a great way to combine core strength, ab muscle build and cardio in a single session.

It's challenging, dynamic, fun and will never get you bored. In addition, such movements will outcome in better overall athletic performance which will translate positively in your regular daily activities or while playing sports with friends. 

Today we have reviewed a 30 minute HIIT abs workout for beginners. You will find a brief explanation of the session, how to customize it for the absolute beginner and for the intermediate trainee as well. 

Above you can find 2 complete HIIT ab routine videos which are follow along and tailored to the fitness beginner. 

What is your favorite 30 minute HIIT abs workout for beginners?

Comment below! 

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