30 Minute HIIT Bodyweight Workout For Beginner (Total Body)

In this 30 minute hiit bodyweight workout for beginners, there are 8 exercises included that will target every muscle in your body. Let's work!


30 Minute HIIT Bodyweight Workout For Beginners (Total Body)

8 Bodyweight Exercises Combined In a 30 Minute HIIT Workout

To complete this 30 minute HIIT bodyweight workout for beginners, you have to perform 8 total exercises while working for 30 seconds and rest for 20. This is a HIIT circuit routine where you will alternate one exercise after the other. 

A total of 4 rounds should be done. A single round completed is considered when you are done with 1 set for each of the exercises included. Once finished, there is a 2 minute rest between rounds in order to recover and be able to endure the upcoming bout of exercises. 

This full body session can be done anywhere and it's without the necessity of using any equipment at all. 

Here is your bodyweight HIIT exercise list: 

1. Broad jump to backward foot work. 

2. Supermans with pull down. 

3. Walk out push up to sit out. 

4. Ankle tap run in place. 

5. Plank to push up to back jump. 

6. Jump outs. 

7. Plank forward reach. 

8. Plank twists. 

What Makes This Beginner Workout Effective?

What makes this 30 minute HIIT bodyweight workout for beginners, effective

Before we deep into the exercises themselves, we have to first review the structure of the session and why it is so effective for the fitness beginner. 

1. Exercise selection - this is one of the mandatory aspects that will determine the efficiency of a HIIT session. Let's look closer into this: 

  • Exercise 1 - we begin with the broad jump with backward foot work, highly cardiovascular and dynamic movements that will fire up your lungs and warm you up for the rest of the routine. 
  • Exercise 2 & 3 - the superman pull downs will target your whole posterior chain which is mandatory to be performed before a pushing exercise such as push ups, which is exactly exercise 3. 
  • Once we move through the small pull and push exercises, we are transferring to the ankle tap run in place, a highly cardio demanding movement that will additionally exhaust your legs. 
  • Exercise 5 to 8 - in these 4 remaining exercises, the focus will be on the core, abs and there will be extra dynamic elements that are highly beneficial for your conditioning improvement. 

2. Timer intervals - in order to endure a whole 30 minute HIIT routine, your timer intervals are crucial. If it's too intense, you will burn out too early and your workout will be ruined. To avoid that, we will use 30/20 seconds of work/rest protocol that is highly effective for fitness beginners as it's not too intense but will still keep you in the right zone.

3. Rest between rounds - another important thing to be considered is the amount of time you have to rest once a full round is completed. In that case, you will rest for 2 full minutes that will allow you to get recovered for the upcoming round. 

4. A follow-along HIIT workout video - as a beginner, it is highly necessary for you to only replicate your exercises without thinking about anything additional in regards of your workout. The only thing you need to be focused on is your exercise technique and tempo (avoid following my tempo as this might be too intense, keep your own phase and do your best to survive the working rounds). 

8 HIIT Bodyweight Exercises Showcase

Since we have already reviewed the structure of your today's 30 minute HIIT bodyweight workout for beginners, now it is time to delve even deeper into the session and discuss the 8 exercises included in detail. 

Exercise 1 - Broad Jump to Backward Foot Work

The broad jump with backward foot work is a move that will target your hamstrings, glutes and whole posterior chain. In addition, the extra foot work will increase agility and stamina.

Begin on a stationary position, band your upper body slightly forward and bend the knees slightly in order to get prepared for the jump. Swing with your hands at the same time so you can create momentum and jump forward.

Once landing, turn back while jumping with small steps inwards and outwards. Avoid aiming to do maximal jumps because you will fatigue too early, instead, focus on enduring the whole 30 seconds of work while maintaining a satisfactory performance for your fitness level. 

Exercise 2 - Superman With Pull Downs

The superman pull downs will highly benefit your whole posterior chain. Starting with the hamstrings, glutes and low back. This is what the superman itself will do for you. And by adding the pull down element, you will manage to contract efficiently your whole upper back and this combination itself makes this move a great alternative for pulling when accessing any equipment or pull up bars is unavailable. 

Begin with lying on the front side of the body. Try to arch back the upper body and lower body at the same time. It is mandatory to squeeze the glutes once the superman is completed in order to keep the contracted form, and once you're there, pull down the arms towards the low back and squeeze hard in order to create the required tension on the upper back muscles. Hold for 1 second and collapse completely. Then repeat the same sequence again. 

Exercise 3 - Walk Out Push Up to Sit Out Combo

The walk out push up to sit out combo is a fantastic beginner upper body and core bodyweight exercise. There are 3 movement elements included. 

  • Bodyweight crawling walk out - great move that will mimic crawling but without the necessity of space to complete. Begin in a squat/tucked position and start walking forward with your hands until reaching a push up position. 
  • Once there, you will do 1 push up and crawl back again to the squat/tucked position. 
  • Now you will do 2 alternating sit outs and repeat the whole sequence all over. 

The highest benefit of this combination is that it will allow you to do push ups but without being too intense. In other words, the push up is only an addition to the flow here, but not a separated exercise.

Also, the short crawling part will target the shoulders, core stabilization and whole upper back. The sit out itself will stretch and put your hip flexors on tension, plus, your obliques, deep core muscles and whole upper back will also be engaged.

Important Notice: if you are out of shape and you cannot perform push ups, then avoid doing so. Simply, remove the push up from this sequence and perform only a bodyweight walk out to sit out combination.

Exercise 4 - Ankle Tap Run In Place

The ankle tap run in place exercise is way tougher than it looks. I have performed many, many high knee variations and sprinting as well, but this move will leave you out of breath and will fere up the lungs. The exercise technique is straightforward, begin in a stationary position, and perform a high knee run in place but instead to move the knees toward your chest, you will touch your ankles with the opposite arm of the raising leg. 

Here are the benefits of this exercise: 

1. Improved cardio, conditioning and lung capacity. 

2. Enhanced hip flexor mobility due to the unconventional leg bending.

3. Better stamina, agility and foot work. 

4. Core targeting. 

Exercise 5 - Plank to Push Up to Back Jump

Plank to push up is a widely used core, triceps and shoulder stability exercise. You can easily spot it throughout multiple HIIT and bodyweight workouts around the internet. However, to modify a bit this move, you will do a small jump back and forth. This additional jump will engage the core even more and will transform the plank push up into a more dynamic core exercise. 

Begin in a tucked push up position, embrace the core and keep the glutes tight in order to isolate your low back. Get down on a regular tucked plank (by landing carefully on the elbows) and get up. Once you are up again, jump back and forth until reaching the starting tucked push up position and repeat the sequence until the end of the 30 seconds mark.

Exercise 6 - Jump Outs

Jumping out and it is a great upper body, core and cardio exercise. The main focus here will be on the core. The upper body will play the supportive role of the whole body and your shoulders, arms and upper back will be highly engaged (you will feel a burning sensation). In addition, your legs will have to be somehow strengthened in order to perform the required movement. 

Begin in a push up position (place your hands in a stance that you feel convenient). Squeeze the glutes and ads, and start making small jumps with your legs outwards and inwards while the arms will remain stationary on a push up stance. 

Exercise 7 - Plank Forward Reach

This 30 minute HIIT bodyweight workout for beginners will end with 2 plank variations that will challenge your core in different ways. The first one is the plank forward reach. 

To perform this plank variation, begin on a regular low plank position (staying on the elbows) and in an alternating way, begin to tap the ground in front of you by focusing your ams to be fully extended. 

This plank will differentiate compared to the regular one with the fact that when you constantly switch the whole weight on one arm, the intensity will be higher and your core will have to stabilize the body not just in an isometric way but in a dynamic and unconventional one as well. This will result in a stronger and more balanced core which will serve you well in training and life as well.

Exercise 8 - Plank Twists

The last exercise from this 30 minute HIIT workout is the plank twist. It is a great core and specifically oblique focused exercise. Begin on a regular plank position. Your upper body will remain static and in an isometric contraction while you will start rotating your hips in both directions. The lower you go when rotating, the harder the exercise will be for your obliques. However, you can begin with shorter twists and once progressing, you can enhance the range of motion. 

How To Customize This 30 Minutes HIIT Bodyweight Workout?

How To Customize This 30 Minutes HIIT Bodyweight Workout

We have already discussed the structure of this workout, why it is efficient and each exercise was presented in a separate way in order for you to understand more deeply your workout. 

However, as a beginner, a full 30 minute HIIT bodyweight workout might be too intense for you. Still, I would like to review 2 options of how to decrease the intensity of this routine, in order to make it available for every beginner, even for the ones who are completely out of shape. 

1. Decrease the workout in half - instead to perform the full 30 minutes duration of the session, try to do only half of it. This way, your session will be 15 minutes long and it is more likely for you to endure it. 

2. Increase the rest between rounds fo 3-5 minutes - in the workout video, you will notice that there is a 2 minute rest between rounds recommendation. However, sometimes this might be too low (if you are out of shape) and with that in mind, once finishing the round, rewind the video 2 minutes ahead so the next round can be prepared to be started. Pause the video. Start the stopwatch on your phone or watch and rest for 3-5 full minutes.

This way, you will manage to recover well and to endure the upcoming bout of exercises. Bear in mind that if you apply this approach, your workout will be slightly longer, but if this will work for you, I encourage you to proceed this way. 

How Often to Do This Beginner HIIT Workout?

How often to do this 30 minutes HIIT bodyweight workout

By performing 2-3 full body HIIT workouts as a beginner, you will get in shape in a few months, without overtraining and without constantly leaving you with pains, anxiety and bad moods. 

Try to do this workout 1-2 times weekly. To make things even more valuable for you, I will share 2 additional full body HIIT beginner workouts at the end of this article in order to help you with your fitness. 

Is 30 Minutes Of HIIT Enough To Lose Weight?

Can you lose weight with 30 minute HIIT bodyweight workouts

30 minutes is sufficient time to build and perform a quality HIIT workout that will target your full body. Such routines will help you burn additional calories due to their high intensity nature. But the weight loss will occur if you sleep/recover well and your diet is somewhere on point. In other words, the 30 minutes bodyweight HIIT workouts will help you lose weight if you recover optimally and your diet is in a slight or higher caloric deficit. 

Can You Do 30 Minutes of HIIT Everyday? 

Can you do 30 minutes of HIIT everyday

How many times per week should you do HIIT to lose fat? As a beginner, start with 2-3 full body HIIT workouts per week. Later on, once you progress, increase that number to 3-4 sessions in order to continuously get results without facing with plateau. It is not necessary to use weights, only by doing bodyweight workouts will be enough to get fitter and overall feel better in your body.

Avoid doing HIIT workouts everyday at any coast. This will lead to overtraining and multiple health issues such as hormonal disbalances, lack of sleep, constant hunger, mood swings and other. In addition, such training approach will put your body at risk of injuries which is something that you might avoid. 

2 Complete 30 MInute HIIT Bodyweight Workouts For Beginners

In order to provide you with additional value, I have prepared 2 beginner total body routines without equipment for you. Both workouts are 100% follow along and as the main workout video (top of page), you only have to replicate all of the movements. 

30 Minute Circuit Workout For Beginners

In this circuit workout for beginners, there are 11 exercises included. The interval timer used is 30/20 seconds of work/rest protocol. 

Rest between rounds: 2 minutes 

3 rounds should be done. 

100% follow along video workout, only replicate the moves. 

Here is the exercise list for this session: 

1. Walk out to push up. 

2. Jumping lunge to knee kick. 

3. Push up to straddle. 

4. Rotational drop lunge. 

5. Push up row to side step. 

6. Standing jump out. 

7. High knee to sit out (8 knees to 4 sit outs). 

8. Jump out to jump in combo. 

9. Plank ankle taps (alternating). 

10. Alternating V sit up to V hold. 

11. Hollow body hold to crab reach. 

Learn more about this beginner workout

30 Minute Core Workout For Beginners

Above you can find 2 full body HIIT workouts that can be used anytime you need to challenge yourself. But your core needs its attention too. This is the reason why this 30 minute core workout will help complete this article. 

This is a core HIIT routine that includes 7 exercises. 

Here is the core exercise list: 

1. Short sit out to jump out. 

2. Tucked shoulder tap to ankle tap combo. 

3. Low bird dog plank. 

4. Plank push up to sit out. 

5. V sit hold to ankle tap. 

6. Hollow body hold to crab reach. 

7. Plank twists.

 Learn more about this 30 minute core workout for beginners

Summing It Up

As a fitness beginner, you can drastically improve your overall shape by doing more beginner full body HIIT routines. You don't need weights nor equipment to begin with the process of getting fitter and feeling better. 

When starting, either hire a coach, join HIIT groups or follow a 100% follow along workout videos in order to get the max out of your training. In other words, seek for help and avoid building the workouts by yourself. The reason is that HIIT workouts can be easily messed up and if your training knowledge is yet, not proficient, it would be smarter to follow the recommendations above. 

Today we have reviewd in depth a 30 minute HIIT bodyweight workout for beginners. Also, each of the 8 no equipment exercises was reviewed in detail so you can get the idea of the session more clearly and hopefully, to give it a try. 

What is your favorite beginner HIIT workout? 

Comment below! 

Thanks for being here. 

To your FIT-ter self, 


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