30 Minute Outdoor HIIT Workout For Beginners (Circuit Routine)

This 30 minute outdoor HIIT workout for beginners will challenge you with 7 bodyweight exercises. Total body HIIT routine for the fitness beginner. Let's work!


30 Minute Outdoor HIIT Workout For Beginners (Circuit Routine)

Today's 30 minute outdoor HIIT workout for beginners will challenge your ful body with 7 bodyweight exercises.

Each should be performed for 30 seconds followed by a 20 seconds of rest.

The session is a 30 minute outdoor circuit routine which will benefit to your body with focused resistance and cardio work at the very same time. 

Rounds to finish: 4 

Rest between rounds: 2 minutes (120 seconds) 

This is a 30 minute outdoor HIIT follow along workout video. 

You will warm up, prepare for the video session on screen of choice, play the video and replicate everything that is presented in the routine. 

Here is the outdoor HIIT exercise list: 

1. Jumping jack squat 

2. Push up iso hold to jump out 

3. Jump lunge to side lunge 

4. Walk outs

5. 8 high knees to 8 mountain climbers 

6. Sit out to straddle 

7. Sprinter sit up 

How To Modify This Outdoor HIIT Routine? 

Today's workout can be modified in 2 ways - to become easier or to be tougher. In both cases, you will have to implement the tips that follow below: 

1. Make this session easier - the easiest way of decreasing the intensity of this routine is to drop down the working rounds from 4 to 2-3. This way, you will perform fewer working rounds and repetitions that will make the session easier.

Another option is to increase the 2 minute between-round resting period from 2 minutes to 3-4. For that purpose, use a separated stopwatch.

Pick only 1 of the 2 methods presented above.

2. Make this routine tougher - in case the presented 30 minutes of HIIT is not sufficient for your training level, you can decrease the resting periods between each round from 2 minutes to 1 minute - simply wait for 1 minute to pass by, rewind the video forward until reaching the upcoming round and continue. 

Use This Complete Warm Up

A complete full body warm up and mobility routine is essential to be used not just before each high-intensity workout but after a long travel, a day with too much sitting, standing, or in general - if you are being too stationary for prolonged hours. The video above will introduce you to a 10 minute complete and follow-along warm up video and mobility session that can be done by any beginner fitness level person and also - it can be used and implemented anytime. 

Is 30 Minutes Of Outdoor HIIT Effective For The Fitness Beginner? 

30 minutes is a great starting point for the HIIT beginner. HIIT workouts are extremely effective and time-efficient to add to your fitness routine. HIITs can be done for any amount of time, from 5 minutes to around 45 minutes at max. In most cases, such routines will target the full body and will equally develop strength endurance while burning many additional calories. 

Why Should You Do a HIIT Workout Outside?

Training outdoors is beneficial because in most cases you will work out around plants, so the air you breathe will be with higher oxygen. That itself will lead to a more quality workout in terms of endurance and stamina. Not just that, but exposure for 30-60 minutes under sunlight while working out outdoors will increase the vitamin D3 levels in the body, which will improve your overall health and fitness too. 

You can do HIIT workouts outside because the fresh air and sunlight will be motivating and will make you feel healthier and happier.

What Is a Good 30 Minute Outdoor HIIT Routine? 

A good 30 minute outdoor HIIT workout is a session where the exercises involved will target all the muscles in your body, while also improving the cardiovascular system too. The movements should be tailored to the fitness trainee level and because 30 minutes is a slightly longer HIIT routine, it is recommended to incorporate slightly longer resting periods between each working round. 

Is It Okay To Do 30 Minutes of HIIT as a Beginner? 

30 minutes of HIIT can be highly effective for the fitness beginner to quickly tone up the body and to get in better shape. Such sessions should be in most cases full body routines that will increase the calories burnt and overall intensity of the workout as well. If being performed 3-4 times per week, the 30 minute HIITs can be highly beneficial for beginners. 

Can You Do Bodyweight HIIT For 30 Minutes? 

You can do a bodyweight cardio HIIT routine for 30 minutes if the exercises, workout timers and rounds that should be done are perfectly adapted to the fitness trainee. In addition, for such time frame, include a between-round resting period of 2-3 minutes, stick with 5-7 exercises which should be performed for about 30 seconds one after the other, followed by a 15 or 20 second rest in between. 

How Often Should You Do 30 Minute HIITs? 

An optimal range of performing 30 min bodyweight HIIT routines is around 2 and 5 times per week. 2 times would be a more appropriate addition to a resistance-focused training program, while 3 or more HIIT sessions weekly would be best to be performed by anyone who is willing to perform only bodyweight HIIT workouts. To sum up, 2 HIIT routines per week if you lift weights or work for strength and 3-5 times weekly if you are going to do only bodyweight HIITss. 

Is 30 Mins of HIIT Enough To Lose Weight?

You can lose weight with 30 minute HIIT workouts if the following are being met: 

1. You are eating less food than you need - you have to be in at least a slight caloric deficit in order for your body to shed weight. 

2. You sleep at least 7-8 hours each night (minimum). 

3. The bodyweight HIIT training program is adapted to your goals, lifestyle and needs. 

How Long Before You See Results With HIIT?

The results gained by HIIT training can vary with anyone. Factors such as your HIIT workout plan, sleep, supplementation, nutrition and stress levels will determine the speed of progressing with your fitness. If most of the mentioned are being met, visible results will be experienced after 30 days, but for best and noticeable change, aim for at least 90 days of HIIT working out since the body needs time to adapt and progress afterward. 

3 x 30 Minute HIIT Workouts For Beginners (Full Body) 

Below you will find three 30 minute outdoor HIIT workouts that are built for the beginner in mind and will both stimulate the muscular and cardio work at the same time. Each HIIT workout video is a follow-along routine which makes it a no-brainer for anyone who needs to hit a good all-around bodyweight HIIT routines. Warm up, prepare yourself, hit the play button and replicate. 

30 Minute HIIT Bodyweight Workout For Beginners

The following 30 minute HIIT bodyweight workout for beginners will engage the full body with 8 bodyweight movements. 30/20 seconds of work/rest for each. 

Rounds to finish: 4 

Rest between rounds: 2 minutes

The bodyweight HIIT exercise list: 

1. Broad jump to backward foot work. 

2. Supermans with pull down. 

3. Walk out push up to sit out. 

4. Ankle tap run in place. 

5. Plank to push up to back jump. 

6. Jump outs. 

7. Plank forward reach. 

8. Plank twists. 

30 Minute Bodyweight Workout For Beginners

In the video above, you will find a 30 minute bodyweight workout for beginners. 6 bodyweight exercises included, 30/20 seconds of work/rest for each. 

Rounds to complete: 5 

Rest between rounds: 2 minutes (120 seconds)

The HIIT exercise list: 

1. Squat jump twist. 

2. Walk out push up. 

3. Foot work to drop lunge. 

4. Static monkey. 

5. Plank twist to plank push up. 

6. Sprinter sit up. 

30 Minute Cardio Workout For Beginners at Home

This 30 minute cardio workout for beginners at home is built up with 6 bodyweight exercises. 30/20 seconds for each exercise. 

Rounds to finish: 6 

Rest between rounds: 1 minute (60 seconds)

The cardio low-impact exercise list: 

1. Burpee around the world. 

2. Rotational bounce lunge. 

3. Walk out. 

4. Cross step lunge. 

5. Jump outs. 

6. Narrow stance static monkey walks. 

Workout Summary

HIIT workouts outside are good for you because they allow you to benefit from the fresh air and sunlight exposure. As benefits, your body will produce more vitamin D3, the training performance and fitness progress will improve and not last, your mindset will expand, refresh and reload for the upcoming part of the day. 

Today we have reviewed a complete and full body 30 minute outdoor HIIT workout for beginners. We have also reviewed multiple relevant questions on the topic. Hopefully this article will help you with ideas and point of view in terms of the outdoor HIIT routines. 

What is your favorite 30 minute HIIT workout for beginners? 

Comment below! 

To your FITter self, 


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