45 Minute Cardio Workout at Home (No Equipment)

This 45 minute cardio workout at home (no equipment) consists of 6 exercises. Low-impact, beginner routine that will target your full body. Let's Work!


45 Minute Cardio Workout at Home (No Equipment)

45 Minute Cardio Workout Without Equipment

This 45 minute cardio workout at home will target your full body. 6 bodyweight movements are involved. Low-impact beginner cardio routine. 

You will work for 30 seconds for each exercise followed by 20 seconds of rest. Each move should be performed one after the other and a completed round is considered once you move through 1 set for each of the 6 cardio exercises. 

This is a 100% follow along workout video where you only have to warm up (later in the post), play the video and replicate everything presented inside. 

A total of 7 rounds should be completed. 

2 minutes rest in between each working round. 

Here is the cardio exercise list: 

1. Speed low-impact burpee. 

2. Walk out to push up. 

3. High knees to mountain climbers. 

4. Short bear crawl to sit out. 

5. Russian twists. 

6. V sit hold to heel tap. 

How To Customize This Routine?

In order to customize this session so it can meet your needs, we will look both scenarios: what to do if you are a complete beginner or if you are an intermediate or more advanced trainee. 

1. You are a fitness beginner - normally, the session is adapted for the beginner trainee. However, if you think that 45 minutes is too much for you or that the session, in general, is too intense, then here are 2 ways of how to customize it: 

- Increase the begin-round resting periods - this is the most recommended approach here because you will still manage to perform the full 7 rounds as workout volume, but with slightly more rest between each working round. Once the 2 minute rest between rounds is finished, pause the video and set a separate stopwatch, count for 1-2 minutes, play the workout video again and continue with your session. This way, the rest will increase from 2 minutes to 3-4. 

- Decrease the working rounds - this one is the less recommended approach in terms of decreasing the overall intensity of the routine. However, it's an option if you are completely out of shape. Instead of doing 7 rounds, proceed with 5. This way the workout will be easier and shorter.

IMPORTANT: pick only one of the 2 mentioned methods above and only if you are out of shape completely. 

2. You are an intermediate trainee and this 45 minute cardio workout is too easy - in this case, the easiest way to make the workout harder is to decrease the resting periods between each round. Instead of resting for 2 full minutes, as presented in the video, rest for 60 or even 30 seconds. This way, the intensity will be much higher and the session will be tougher. Rewind the video with 60 or 90 seconds forward once you finish with the working round. 

Is 45 Minutes Of Cardio Enough To Get a Good Workout? 

45 minutes is more than sufficient time to hit a complete and highly effective cardio workout. In fact, you can get a killer cardio routine in 5-10 minutes duration! What will determine such routine as an effective one is the exercise selection, workout structure and performance speed. 

How Often To Do 45 Minutes of Cardio? 

If you are about to do only 45 minute cardio workouts, then 3-4 sessions per week will be enough. If you train with weights or do any resistance workouts as the main focus of your workout plan, then you can do 45 minutes of cardio 2 times per week. 

Can You Do 45 Minutes of Cardio Everyday?

Too much cardio is not a good thing, because your body requires an adequate amount of tension and relaxation. For that reason, perform 2-4, 45 minute cardio workouts per week and you will get good results in a few months' time. Do not expect magical transformation to appear in just 2-3 weeks period. Changing the body is a complex and most often, slow process. 

Can You Lose Weight With 45 Minute Cardio Workouts?

You can lose weight with 45 minute workouts if you are consistent with training, you recover/sleep well and your calorie intake is in a slight deficit. In addition, 2-3 resistance-focused workouts per week would accelerate the fat loss and muscle building process. Such routines can be bodyweight only workouts or lifting weights. 

Use This Warm Up Before The 45 Minute Cardio

Warming up before the 45 minute cardio workout is essential because it will loosen up the tight muscles, joints and ligaments. Also, the dynamic warm up above will increase the core temperature, which will wake up the nervous system and that will reflect positively on the exercise performance and how you feel each exercise, or which muscles are activated and working. Not last, a good warm up pre-cardio session will decrease the risks of injuries. 

Cardio Exercise Showcase

To get a more detailed idea regarding this 45 minute cardio workout at home, we will review each movement in detail and in a separate way. Below you will find the names, videos and descriptions for each exercise included in today's workout. 

That will help you get a conscious decision in regards to should you follow this routine or not. Either way, you can still get a few exercise ideas to include in your training plan. 

1. Speed Low-Impact Burpee

The beginner low-impact beginner speed burpee is a great full body cardio exercise that will be the opener of this 45 minute cardio workout. The focus on this move is on the lower body and core but because the arms will act as the support and stabilizers of the rest of the body, the upper body will be activated as well. 

Begin in a standing position, place both arms on the ground, shoulder width or narrower, jump with both legs backward until reaching a push up position, jump back forward and stand up. Repeat all over. 

2. Walk Out Push Up

The walk-out push up exercise is an upper body focused cardio move. Begin in a squat position, place both arms on the ground and you will walk ahead until reaching to a regular push up position, perform 1 repetition and walk backward. If you are a beginner and you cannot do a single push up, then exclude it out of the movement and perform only walk-outs. 

3. High Knees to Mountain Climbers

The high knee to mountain climbers is a killer dynamic, athletic and HIIT cardio exercise that will improve your leg speed, agility, stamina, cardio and overall conditioning. Not just that but the climbers will work on the core and hip-flexor muscles and the upper body will be under tension since the arms will support the rest of the body. Perform 8-10 high knees, then squat down, walk out until reaching a push up position, perform 8-10 repetitions, walk backward, stand up and repeat again. 

4. Short Bear Crawl to Sit Out

The short bear crawl to sit out is a full body exercise that will equally develop strength endurance, stamina, core strength, balance, coordination and mobility. 

Crawling is one of the most powerful bodyweight exercises that you can ever do. You will not just get stronger, but it will help your posture, core strength, reflective strength and endurance. 

The sit out will engage the hip and shoulder mobility while the core muscles will be on fire. 

It is not necessary to have much space in your room or outdoor in order to do the bear crawl. 4-6 steps per direction will be enough to perform the crawling. 

5. Russian Twists

This 45 minute cardio workout round will end up with 2 abs and core exercises. The first one is the Russian twist which is an awesome oblique and ab exercise. Begin in a sitting position, raise both legs, hold there and you will start rotating the upper body and the goal is to touch the ground with both hands on each rotation/repetition. 

6. V Sit Hold to Heel Tap

The V sit hold to heel tap is the final exercise from this cardio workout. Begin again in a sitting position, raise both legs until combined with the upper body, both will position themselves in the V position. Hold there, and you will touch each heel with the opposite arm. The moving leg should slide under the other extended leg and will flex until you can reach your heel or ankle with the opposite hand. Alternate the leg and working arm on each repetition. 

Bonus Cardio Workouts

In order for you to have more workout ideas and variations, below you will find 2 cardio, full body workouts without equipment. Both sessions are beginner focused and are 100% follow along cardio workout videos. 

7 Minute Cardio Workout For Beginners

This 7 minute cardio workout for beginners includes 6 exercises. Each of these should be performed for 30 seconds one after the other without any rest between. Once done, you will rest for 90 seconds and repeat for the second time. 

Here is the cardio exercise list:

1. Side to side high knees. 

2. Low impact speed burpee. 

3. Ankle tap run in place. 

4. Skater ground tap jumps. 

5. High knees to mountain climbers. 

6. Plank ankle taps. 

10 Minute Cardio Workout For Beginners

The following 10 minute cardio workout for beginners will challenge your body with 7 exercises. Each should be performed for 30 seconds followed by 15 seconds of rest. 2 total rounds should be completed. 60 seconds rest between. 

Here is the bodyweight cardio exercise list: 

1. High knee ankle tap. 

2. Speed burpee. 

3. Ground tap skaters. 

4. Straddles. 

5. High knees to mountain climbers (alternate 8 repetitions for each).

6. Alternating static monkey. 

7. Plank ankle taps. 

Workout Summary

This 45 minute cardio workout at home is combining 6 total bodyweight exercises. No equipment is needed. There are a few options provided to you of how to customize this session based on your training level (if it's necessary at all). In addition, this cardio workout video is a 100% follow along so you can warm up, play the video and replicate all exercises presented inside. 

You can also review each of the cardio exercises presented in a separate way. You will find the title, video and description of each one. In addition, you can review 2 complete beginners follow along cardio workout videos. And last, a complete follow along dynamic warm up video is provided to you. 

What is your favorite 45 minute cardio workout? 

Comment below! 

To your Fitter self, 


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