5 Day Workout Plan For Men HIIT Full Body Challenge

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Join This  HIIT 5 Day Workout Plan For Men. 3 Full-Body Workouts, 2 Abs Routines, 2 Mobility Sessions and 2 Dynamic Warm-Ups. Join Today. It's FREE and Intense.

What Is a Good 5 Day Workout Plan?

5 Day Workout Plan

If visiting the GYM or following a long-time consuming workouts are both challenging for you, then you have to focus on your bodyweight training more so you can be in shape while saving time and working out at a place of your choice. 

So what is a good 5 day workout plan (HIIT)? 

If your goal is to shred weight, while saving time and following a "convenient training approach", then you might want to follow this workout frame: 

Workout A - Full body HIIT workout 

Workout B - Core/Abs HIIT Cardio 

Workout C - Full body HIIT workout 

Workout D - Core/Abs HIIT Cardio 

Workout E - Full body HIIT workout 

This is just an example of how you can build your HIIT 5 day workout plan. 

Can You Workout 5 Days a Week?

5 Day Workout Plan

Yes, you can.

Training 5 days a week is great when it comes to Habit Formation and being consistent with your workouts.

The high frequency training will allow you to perform shorter workouts, more frequently and still get outstanding results without investing hours into the training process. 

Additionally, your body will receive stimulation more often. Which will enhance the anabolic hormone response, muscle building and weight loss as well. 

So don't be surprised if you get results here!

5 day workout plan

Hi, I'm VLAD and Today I Will Be Your Interval Training Coach.

5 day workout plan

Full Body HIIT Routines: Best Choice For People Pressed On Time

5 Day Workout Plan

The full body routines will not just activate every muscle in the body but will allow you to perform shorter workouts.

In addition, by doing more full body workouts, your body will burn extra calories not just during the session but hours afterward. This is also known as the "after-burn" effect. 

Eventually, if you remain with the same diet that you currently follow, these full body workouts will help your body burn extra calories and help you lose weight (without even changing your diet). 

However, eating more clean and natural food is a must. Not only to achieve your fitness goals but to improve your overall health.

Can You Do a 

Full Body Workout 


5 Day Workout Plan

It's not recommended to do full body workouts everyday. You will over-train, that's for sure. 

Stimulating your body frequently is great for muscle building and weight loss purposes but doing too much is not good either. 

Stick with 3-4 full body workouts per week. This way, you will get frequent muscle and energy systems stimulation, recover optimally and progress fast. 

What Else Do You Need In Order To Get a Complete 5 Day Workout Plan?

5 Day Workout Plan

I would recommend to split this 5 day workout plan into Full Body Routines and Core/Abs Cardio HIIT workouts.

Let me explain. 

If you want to follow a 5 day HIIT workout plan, then 3 full body workouts per week + 2 core/abs cardio sessions will be a good balanced frame that will allow you to push the pedal, get variety and allow your body to recover. 

In addition, the "direct abs work" is essential in order to develop your core strength and abs.

When you design your abs/core workouts, I would highly recommend to pick 4-5 abs exercises and combine these into a circuit or interval training workout.

This way, you will not just work on your core strength and abs but your workout will be a serious cardio challenge as well!

And if you have liked everything so far, I have build something really exciting for you!

The Ultimate 5 Day

HIIT Workout Challenge For Men

5 Day Workout Plan

Here's What You Get:

5 Day HIIT 
Workout Challenge
5 day workout plan

5 consecutive days of working out. Starting tomorrow morning, or afternoon. This is your choice, but if you're reading this, then you have to start this challenge tomorrow. 

5 Workout Videos
With Timers 
5 day workout plan

5 videos x 15-20 minutes duration each. Follow along video workouts. You don't have to remember anything, simply do your warm up, play the workout video, play your favorite music and let's workout! 

3 Full Body HIIT Workouts
5 day workout plan

No equipment, 3 full body, intense workouts that will seriously challenge your body. I will not lie, it's not going to be easy but I believe you will manage to survive and be the champ. 

2 Abs HIIT Cardio Workouts
5 day workout plan

It's not fun if we don't smash the abs. Yeah, but when we stack these core exercises into a HIIT frame, you will be surprised by the cardio demand of these sessions! 

2 Dynamic Warm ups
5 day workout plan

The proper wram up is a must. This is the reason I have build 2 warm ups to use before your full body workouts. 

Fun Workouts!
5 day workout plan

The main thing is to get fun, be challenged and finish the sessions. You will never get bored with these 5 workouts. Guaranteed. 

I Have Almost Forgot

Here's What 

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You Get Awesome, Friendly 

Coaching Support

With Your Challenge!

Training Plan

Challenge Email Support

Training Plan

I will answer all questions while you follow this 5 day workout plan. You will simply have to reply to any of my emails and I will answer you in 24 hours.

Let's Connect! 
Training Plan

I would love to connect with you and hear how this challenge is going on for you. Keep me updated and let's chat. I'm here for you and will love to comment together this process. Reply to any of my emails anytime you need me. 

Who Is This 

5 Day HIIT Workout Plan For?

5 Day Workout Plan
  • Men between 20 and 45 years old. 
  • Training level - advanced beginner.
  • People in a relatively good shape and health. 
  • Men with limited time to visit the gym but need to get Fitter and overall - feel Better. 
  • Men who want skyrocket their energy and brain power.  
  • People who want to try something different, out of the box, creative and highly challenging.  

What Is The Required 

Training Level Of

This 5 Day Workout Plan?

5 Day Workout Plan

The level of this training program is beginner (advanced).

What does this means? 

You have to be able to do at least 10-12 push ups and 15-20 bodyweight squats to endure these workouts.

Otherwise said, you have to be at least familiar with your body and have some strength endurance to handle the bodyweight exercises that I've prepared for you.


This is not a complete beginner HIIT workout plan. If you cannot cover the above-mentioned physical requirements, please, do not participate into this challenge.

What Benefits To Expect

In 5 Days Time?

More Energy
Training Plan

Due to the high intense cardio and dynamic bodyweight exercises, your brain will gets oxidized. As result, you will feel refreshed and more brain productive post-workout. Energized? Yes, Indeed.

More Stamina
5 Day Workout Plan

When you complete this 5 day workout plan, at the end of this week, you will feel more vital and able to endure more daily tasks. Not just physical but mentally as well. Which is a win-win benefit for you.

Toned Muscles

5 day workout plan

I have stacked multiple not-traditional bodyweight exercises that will seriously challenge your core and full body. The intensity is high and you will feel this. As result, your body will be more toned and energized at the end of the week. 

Get Your

5 Days Bodyweight

HIIT Workout Plan

For $ FREE $

Not Sure Yet? 

Let's Summarize

What You Will Get 


  • 5 day hiit bodyweight workout plan for men
  • 5 full follow along video workouts
  • 15-20 minute duration video workouts
  • Try these workouts at home, outdoor or while you travel
  • 3 full body routines 
  • 2 abs and core cardio sessions
  •  2 warm up videos included
  •  Interval timers included
  • You don't have to think about anything! Simply replicate the exercises and do what I show you in these videos. Simple as that!
  •  No Equipment Required
Training Plan
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Training Plan For Men24

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