5 Minute Circuit Workout For Beginners (Full Body Cardio)

The following 5 minute circuit workout for beginners includes 7 bodyweight exercises. Full body cardio session. 30/20 seconds of work/rest. Let's Go!


5 Minute Circuit Workout For Beginners (Full Body Cardio)

5 Minute Bodyweight Circuit For Full Body and Cardio Work

This 5 minute beginner circuit workout will challenge your full body with 7 bodyweight movements. 30/20 seconds of work/rest for where you have to perform each exercise one after the other (by following the time frame of 30/20). 

Once finishing with a single set of each move, the session is over. 

This is a 100% follow along circuit workout video. You need to warm up, play the video and replicate everything just as it is presented. 

The circuit exercise list: 

1. Jump squat twist

2. Bear crawl to sit out 

3. Standing jump outs 

4. Crab crawl to crab reach 

5. Three jump lunges to knee kick 

6. Push up isometric hold with jump outs 

7. Plank knee to elbow step 

How To Customize This 5 MInutes Circuit?

There are 2 ways of how to either decrease or increase the intensity of this 5 minute circuit routine. 

1. If the session is too intense for you when finishing with exercise 4, pause the video, rest for 60-120 seconds, by using a separated timer, count this time, then play the video again and move forward to the last 3 movements of your 5 minute circuit. 

2. If 5 minutes is not sufficient to challenge yourself, then once finishing with the 5 minutes of work, rest for 2-3 full minutes, replay the video and start from the beginning. Perform as many times/rounds of these 5 minutes as needed and as your training level requires to get the stimulus. 

7 Minute Total Body Dynamic Warm Up

Warming up before each full body circuit, HIIT or any higher intensity bodyweight workout is necessary because you will increase the core temperature, awake the nervous system, improve the workout performance, exercise technique and the risk of injuries will decrease. 

In case you don't have any warm up routine that works and is an effective one, I do highly encourage you to save the video and use it before future workouts. 

What Is The 5 Minute Circuit Workout? 

5 minute circuit workout is a session where you have to perform 3 to 10 various exercises one after the other for a certain number of repetitions or for timing intervals. Such sessions can be done without any rest periods between, or small rests of 10-30 seconds can be used in order to help your body recover and to be able to endure the upcoming exercise. 

Will You Benefit as a Beginner of Doing 5 Minute Circuits?

If you remain to be consistent with just doing 5 minutes of circuit training 5-6 times weekly, you can increase the strength endurance, stamina, cardio and the energy spike will be significant. Not just that but 5 minutes of working out is a spare amount of time to invest each day in order to relieve the stress and to feel better. Aim for total body sessions, sleep 7-8 hours and try eating in a slight caloric deficit if the goal is to lose weight and body fats. 

Can You Get an Effective Circuit Workout In 5 Minutes? 

In order to get an effective 5 minute circuit workout, you have to push yourself in order to stimulate both muscles and energy systems at the same time. That will lead to adaptation and progress with your overall fitness. Other factors which will determine the effectiveness of the 5 minute circuit is the exercise selection, relevancy of these exercise for your training level and repetition or interval time selection. 

How Often Should You Do 5 Minute Circuits? 

In order to get the best out of the 5 minute circuit workouts we will review 2 cases. 

1. You perform strength calisthenics or lift weights at the gym - in that case, incorporating 5 minute circuits right after each resistance session would help you increase endurance and work capacity. 2-4 similar 5 minute HIIT circuit finishers per week will be enough to increase cardio, endurance and weight loss. 

2. You are going to do only 5 minute circuit workouts per day - in this case, you have to do 5-6 routines per week in order to get the proper muscular and cardio stimulus needed for the body to adapt and respectfully - progress. 

Can You Lose Weight With 5 Minutes of Circuit Training Everyday?

You can lose weight with 5 minute circuits if the exercises included will target your full body and increased calories burnt. Another two, crucial factors to consider while cutting weight with 5 minute circuits is to make sure you are eating in a caloric deficit between 200 and 500 calories daily and to sleep for at least 7 hours each day for the best hormonal balance which enhances the weight loss process even further. You will not progress faster by doing high-intensity training everyday. Your body needs 1-2 off days per week, and it's highly recommended to give it what it needs.  

5 Minute Circuit Training Expectations

By doing 5 minute circuit bodyweight workouts, you can get in better shape with minimum risks of being injured, overtraining, or left with the inner feeling of investing too much into the training process itself. Do not expect to get a highly muscular, jacked, or too strong physique by exercising 5 minutes per day. However, if you manage to remain consistent, the cardio, conditioning and overall energy levels will improve and this will lead to a better quality of your life since you will get more strength endured and that will impact every single physical daily activity performed. 

Four 5 Minute Circuit Workouts For Beginners (HIIT Routines) 

Below you will find 4 additional 5 minute beginner workouts with no equipment and that can be done at home, outdoor or while being on the road. All sessions are follow along workout videos so you will only warm up and proceed towards the video you have chosen. Play, replicate the movements and enjoy. 

5 Minute HIIT Workout For Beginners (No Equipment)

The following 5 minute HIIT workout for beginners will challenge your body with 10 bodyweight exercises. Each to be completed for 30 seconds, one after the other and without rest between. Make sure to warm up properly beforehand because this is seriously intense and having increased body and core temperature will give you a better overall performance. 

Here is the HIIT exercise list: 

1. Side to side high knees. 

2. Beginner speed burpee. 

3. Feet on fire to 3 drop lunges. 

4. Superman pulldown. 

5. Push up isometric hold with jump outs. 

6. Squat to thoracic rotation. 

7. High to low bird dog plank.

8. 3 way jump squat. 

9. Plank ankle taps.

10. Sprinter sit up. 

5 Minute Low Impact Workout For Beginners (No Equipment)

This 5 minute low impact workout for beginners includes 5 bodyweight exercises. The whole session consists of 2 rounds that should be performed. You will move through 1 set of 30 seconds of work for each of the 5 movements, without any rest between. Once done, there is a 30 seconds between-round rest and then you will attack the second and final round. 

The low impact exercise list: 

1. Bear to crab crawl. 

2. Squat to thoracic rotation to knee tap. 

3. Beginner low impact speed burpee. 

4. Plank forward reach. 

5. V sit hold heel taps. 

5 Minute Core Workout For Beginners (Build The Abs)

This 5 minute core workout for beginners at home is built up by combining 7 core and abs exercises. The session structure is straightforward. You will perform each of the 7 moves for 1 single set. 30 seconds of work, followed by 20 seconds of rest. Once done with the 7 exercises, the routine is over. 

The core and abs exercise list: 

1. Plank forward reach. 

2. Cross knee to elbow bottom up. 

3. V sit heel tap. 

4. Plank ankle taps. 

5. Russian twists. 

6. Short sit out to jump outs. 

7. Sprinter sit up. 

5 Minute Leg Workout at Home For Beginners (No Equipment)

The following 5 minute leg workout at home for beginners will challenge your lower body by combining 5 exercises. 

Perform each move for 30 seconds one after the other without any rest between. 

Once done with the single round, rest for 30 seconds. 

Perform the second and final round. 

Here is your leg exercise list:

1. Knee to kick combination. 

2. Jump jack squat. 

3. High knees to straddle. 

4. 3 way jump squat. 

5. High knees to mountain climbers. 

Workout Summary

You can get in a better overall shape by doing only 5 minute circuit workouts. The vital things to consider when following such routines are the exercise selection, how to structure the workout and in general, how often should you perform 5 minute circuits per week in order to get results despite such short training time. 

Aim for five to six times per week of doing 5 minute circuit workouts in order to get a more frequent muscular and cardio stimulus. Combine this training approach with sleeping 7-8 hours per night and try to eat in at least a slight caloric deficit. Somewhere between 200 and 400 calories below the maintenance number needed for your body is a good starting point that will not stress you too much. 

Slightly above you will find 4 bonus and follow along 5 minute circuit workouts that will target full body, lower body or core. Not last, you have a 7 minute warm up follow along video that will prepare your body for the upcoming high-intensity work. 

Warm up, pick the right session and take action! 

What is your favorite 5 minute circuit workout? 

Comment below! 

To your Fitter self, 

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