5 Minute Core Workout For Beginners at Home (Build The Abs)

A complete 5 minute core workout for beginners at home that will build ab muscle and strength. 7 core exercises included. High-intensity core cardio. Let's Go!


5 Minute Core Workout For Beginners (Build The Abs)

5 Minute Core Circuit That Will Help You Build Ab Muscle

Today we will review a 5 minute core workout for beginners that will build ab muscle and challenge your cardio at the same time.

This 5 minute beginner ab workout video is a follow along so you can simply play it by any device and workout wherever you can. 

7 exercises to be completed one after the other and by completing 1 set for each. 30/20 seconds of work/rest training protocol. 

Basically, the session is over once finishing 1 set from each of the 7 core exercises included. 

Here is the core and abs exercise list: 

1. Plank forward reach. 

2. Cross knee to elbow bottom up. 

3. V sit heel tap. 

4. Plank ankle taps. 

5. Russian twists. 

6. Short sit out to jump outs. 

7. Sprinter sit up. 

How To Customize This 5 Minute Beginner Core Strengthening Routine?

Normally this 5 minute core workout is adapted and built with the beginner trainee in mind, however, if you feel that this is too intense, here is how to decrease the intensity: at the middle of this 5 minute ab workout video, pause and rest for 2 full minutes. Once done, play and continue until the end. 

To clarify, pause the video after finishing exercise 4. Rest 2 minutes and move on to the next 3 moves. 

What about if 5 minutes are not enough for you? 

Simply, repeat the workout as many times as needed. Once finishing with the 5 minutes, rest for 3 minutes, replay the video and do it again. 

Can a 5 Minute Core and Abs Strengthening Workout Be Effective? 

A 5 minute ab workout will be effective if the exercise selected and time intervals are properly chosen and adapted to the training level of the trainee. For best results, a combination between planks or any core strengthening exercises mixed with ab specific moves would be the most efficient way to target the whole mid section and get not just stronger but with better core definition. 

How Often To Workout Your Core and Abs as a Beginner?

A range between 3 and 5 ab and core workouts per week will be enough to provide the proper stimulation on the core muscles and this to cause the abs to not just get stronger, but an ab muscle process to occur and that to make them visible much easier compared to training only abs and neglecting the core and strength aspect.  

Can You Do 5 Minute Abs Everyday? 

Despite the fact that 5 minutes of core and ab workout seems to not be too much, however, if it's built in the right way and with proper intensity, the core muscles will receive sufficient stimulus which will cause adaptation and hence, fatigue. When the core is fatigued, the performance of such sessions will drastically decrease which is not optimal nor will help you to get visible abs or a strong torso faster and more efficiently. Stick within a range of 3-5 core and abs routines per week. 

When To Expect Results With 5 Minute Core Workouts?

If you follow the 5 minute core workouts, then expect any results in 3-4 weeks. However, the best effect and noticeable results will be experienced in 2-3 months in terms of strength, muscle build and body fat decrease around the waist and mid-section. Stay consistent, perform 3-5x 5 minutes of core and abs workouts weekly, and result in just a few months. 

Will You Get Visible Abs With 5 Minutes Of Core and Ab Workouts? 

Developing a strong core is mandatory in order to have the right foundation and basics placed in order to get visible ab muscles. But even if you develop this torso and ab strength, it is not guaranteed that your abs will get ripped and you will be ready for a magazine photoshoot or improve the definition in general. In order to get a visible six-pack, you will definitely need to optimize the diet and be in a caloric deficit for some time depending on your current training level, the ab routines followed and overall ab training recovery. Focus on improving sleep as well due to its impact on the hormones, appetite and overall fat loss process. 

What Are 5 Effective Core and Ab Exercises For Beginners? 

5 effective beginner core and ab exercises are: 

1. Isometric planks.  

2.  Crawling exercises for core strength and weight loss.

3. Ab specific exercises. 

4. Hollow body holds. 

5. Mountain climbers, static monkeys and dynamic core HIIT exercises

1. Isometric Plank Variations

The front and side isometric planks are both staple torso strengthening exercises that will equally develop the mid-section and set the base for ab muscle building.

While these are an excellent choice for beginners, after a few months, it would be highly beneficial to switch from static isometric planks to dynamic ones since these will provide much more engagement and stabilization in more unconventional and challenging positions which are more efficient for developing a real-life strength. 

2. Crawling Exercises For Core Strength and Fat Loss

Crawling is the most basic and natural body movement that can be considered as the absolute best not just core exercise but a full body move for beginners because such animal flow training will develop skills which nothing else will. 

The full body muscular engagement, high-cardio conditioning, core stabilization, excessive calories burnt, improved posture and mobility. 

Learn how to crawl if your goal is to move well, without pains and to develop a strong and versatile body. 

3. Ab Exercises

Once we have reviewed 2 core exercises and groups, we can come to the topic which is the ab exercises.

The abs or six-pack is the front layer of the core. It's called rectus abdominis and this is what we see as the visible muscles in the torso. 

Truth be told, it will be a tough job to develop visible abs if you are neglecting the direct ab work and stimulation. While the planks, crawling and most of the strength-focused exercises will stress and build the abs, it is nothing like doing a straight-forward ab session nor the results achieved in terms of ab definition, strength and how you basically feel, contract and use these muscles on a daily basis and in training. 

4. Hollow Body Holds

Hollow body hold is a gymnast isometric bodyweight exercise that will not impress from a visual standpoint. 

But because gymnasts are swearing in this core and ab exercise, there should be a reason for that and it will not be wise if we just neglect this serious factor. 

Check the video for the right hollow body exercise technique execution. Once done, pick a progression that suits you best and go for 8 rounds of 30/30 seconds of work/rest protocol.

If you cannot endure this, you have lots of work to do. But for the protocol, if you cannot endure 30 seconds of hollow hold, imagine that the gymnast universal test is to hold it for 3 full minutes!

5. Mountain Climber Variations

Since we have reviewed a few core and ab-building exercise groups, as a good core exercise number 5, I have picked the mountain climbers group because we had not such intense and high-cardio demanding core movements involved in the previous 4. 

The climbers and some good relevant variations will provide not just tension on the torso muscle, hips and abs but the nature of these moves is to challenge you big time in terms of cardio, strength endurance and stamina. All these combined are resulting in a killer exercise that simply cannot be skipped from this beginner core exercise list. 

3 Core & Abs Strengthening HIIT Workouts For Beginners

In order to perform highly efficient workouts that make sense and will fit the fitness beginner, below you can find 3 complete core and ab strengthening workout videos that are 100% follow along and you will only have to replicate the session just as it's presented.

You will find the title and specific routine, a video and a short description below. In addition, for each relevant workout, there will be an attached link that will redirect you to a post written specifically for this ab routine.

 If you are about to perform any of the following sessions, make sure to hit the link and get additional and more thorough information on the topic. 

7 Minute Core Workout For Beginners

This 7 minute core workout for beginners will challenge the torso with 8 exercises. 30/20 seconds of work/rest protocol. 

The 7 minute core and ab session will be over once you perform 1 set for each of the following core moves: 

The core and ab exercise list: 

1. Alternating static monkey. 

2. Plank forward reach. 

3. Straddles. 

4. Plank ankle taps. 

5. Plank short sit out. 

6. One arm plank twist. 

7. V sit to heel tap. 

8. Sprinter sit up.

15 Minute HIIT Core Workout For Beginners

The following 15 minute HIIT core workout for beginners is built by combining 9 core movements. 30/20 seconds of work/rest. 

Rounds to finish: 2

Rest between rounds: 2 minutes 

Here is your HIIT core exercise list:

1. High to low bird dog plank. 

2. Plank ankle taps. 

3. Jump outs. 

4. Straddles. 

5. Short crab crawl to bottom ups (ankle taps). 

6. Alternating static monkey walk. 

7. Cross knee to elbow to bottom up. 

8. Mountain climber to plank twists (8 to 4 repetitions). 

9. Sprinter sit up. 

30 Minute Core Workout For Beginners

This 30 minute core workout for beginners includes 7 core and ab exercises. 30/20 seconds of work/rest protocol. 

Rounds to finish: 6 

The session is an intense one since there will be no higher rests than the 20 seconds between each move for the full duration of 30 minutes! 

This is your core exercise list: 

1. Short sit out to jump out. 

2. Tucked shoulder tap to ankle tap combo. 

3. Low bird dog plank. 

4. Plank push up to sit out. 

5. V sit hold to ankle tap. 

6. Hollow body hold to crab reach. 

7. Plank twists.  

Workout Summary

Bodyweight workouts 10

5 minute core workout for beginners is a great, short and intense way to stimulate the torso and work on the ab muscle build and strength.

Today we have reviewed a complete 5 minute core workout video. There is a template provided on how to decrease the intensity, in case you are out of shape and the sessions seem too intense for you currently at this moment.

In addition, you will find 3 complete beginner core workout videos that are follow along and will challenge you even further to get a stronger core.

To clarify, building ab muscle does not mean getting ripped and with superstar six-pack definition. To do so, a strict diet, regimen and discipline will be mandatory in order to achieve similar results. 

What is your favorite 5 minute core workout for beginners?

Comment below! 

To your Fitter self, 


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