5 Minute HIIT Workout For Beginners (No Weights, Follow Along)

This 5 minute HIIT workout for beginners includes 10 total bodyweight exercises! There are no rests allowed, this is a challenging HIIT workout. Let's work!


5 Minute HIIT Workout For Beginners (No Equipment)

5 Minute Bodyweight Cardio Workout For Beginners

In the following 5 minute HIIT workout for beginners, you will perform 10 bodyweight exercises. Each movement has to be done for 30 seconds without any rest between. 

This is a high intensity routine that will help you improve your cardio, strength endurance and stamina. Also, there are multiple lower body exercises included that will result in additional calories burnt which is always a benefit for losing weight and getting yourself in better shape.

Here is the HIIT exercise list: 

1. Side to side high knees. 

2. Beginner speed burpee. 

3. Feet on fire to 3 drop lunges. 

4. Superman pulldown. 

5. Push up isometric hold with jump outs. 

6. Squat to thoracic rotation. 

7. High to low bird dog plank.

8. 3 way jump squat. 

9. Plank ankle taps.

10. Sprinter sit up. 

Caution, later in the article, you can review each exercise video with a brief explanation as well.  

What Makes This 5 Minute Routine Effective?

In order to understand in higher detail the specifics of this routine, you have to know 2 things: 

1. There are mainly lower body and core HIIT exercises included in this workout. 5 minutes is a too short time to get a good workout, with that in mind, to get the max out of this session, there are 4 legs and 4 core moves selected. All of these are dynamic and will target the legs and core in a highly targeted way. By doing so, the effectiveness of the workout will improve, your will burn more calories and will get the best out of this time frame of 5 mintues. 

2. No rest is allowed during the whole 5 minute duration of the session. Because of the fact that 5 minutes is a too-tight frame for a complete workout, we have to use all of the time efficiently in order to get the right muscular stimulus and if this is applied frequently, to help you get results. 

How Long Should a Beginner Do HIIT?

A good beginner HIIT workout can be considered as a session that will require between 5 and 30 minutes of time (warm up time not included). The meaning of HIIT is that you will perform certain intervals of time under tension while performing different exercises, followed by periods of complete rest or in low-intensity cardio movements such as walking, jogging, or any light cardio activity. Most frequently, you will notice HIIT routines where the resting periods are set as complete rest. 

Can a 5 Minute HIIT Workout Be Effective?

Is 5 Minutes of HIIT Enough to Get Results?

5 minutes of sprinting and a high-intensity, dynamic activity performed can be highly efficient for getting yourself in better shape, to feel better and more energized, focused and productive individual. A keypoint for such short HIIT workouts is to give your best, push the pedal and rest as little as possible. This way, the tension and stress applied on the muscles and energy systems will be high enough to create a good stimulus and will cause an adaptation demand. And this will l lead to progress with your overall fitness.

How Many Calories Does a 5 Minute Workout Burn?

The calorie expenditure should not be the main focus when performing 5 minute HIIT workouts. Instead, what should be the priority here is to aim towards the EPOC or Excessive Post Workout Oxygen Consumption. This always leads to additional calories burnt by your body 48 after the session is done. For that reason, the more intense a HIIT workout is, the better and higher the EPOC will be. With that purpose, in order to burn the maximal amount of calories in just 5 minutes time and 48 hours afterward, you have to avoid any resting periods at all and perform each exercise with high efficiency and intensity. 

Can You Lose Weight With 5 Minutes of Working Out?

The high intensity interval training workouts will help you burn excess calories, enhance your metabolism, activate the nervous system, performance and enhance your strength endurance, cardio and conditioning. If you remain the very same nutrition that you have until that very moment and sleep the way that you sleep, you will definitely lose weight because the HIIT will push your body to burn excessive calories and that itself will push the weight loss process further. 

How Often To Do 5 Minute Workouts?

In order to define how often to do a 5 minute HIIT workout, we will review two different scenarios: 

1. You are lifting weights or perform bodyweight resistance and strength focused exercises. 

2. You want to perform only 5 minute HIIT workouts.

These are two completely different goals and to review this even further, here is a good approach: 

1. If you lift weights or perform resistance bodyweight workouts - perform 5 minute HIIT workouts as workout finishers in order to improve the cardio, conditioning and fat loss. Also, you can do the HIIT as a stand-alone cardio routine 2-3 times weekly. 

2. If the only training done by you will be 5 minute workouts - focus on doing such short HIIT routines every day or at least 5-6 times per week in order to create the movement and workout habit and to create momentum and progress with your fitness. Once there, you can consider doing longer routines in order to adapt. 

Can You Do 5 Minute Routines Everyday?

If you are about to perform 5 minute HIIT workouts only with your training plan, then 6-7 sessions per week will be enough to help you get in better shape and lose weight. In other words, to make your 5 minute HIIT workouts work, you might want to implement these highly frequent. 

If you lift weights or do resistance bodyweight workouts, do the 5 minutes of HIIT 3-4 times per week applied as a workout finisher in order to improve the cardio, calorie-burning and weight loss.

5 Minute Workouts. A Realistic Review. 

Gaining muscle and getting you jacked is not a realistic approach and what to expect by the 5 minute workouts. The results that you might experience, and if you are being consistent are (in case you will count only on the 5 minute workouts for results): 

1. You will enhance the energy levels, feel better overall and in better shape. Also, your stamina, strength endurance and movement abilities will improve and give you application in the daily activities. 

2. You will burn excessive calories due to the EPOC (Excessive Post Workout Oxygen Consumption) due to the high intensity nature of such routines. This will lead to more weight and fat loss.

5 Minute HIIt Workout Warm Up (Follow Along)

Through this 7 minute bodyweight dynamic warm up, you will prepare the body for the upcoming session. A good warm up can be considered as a wake-up short routine applied before each main workout. By doing so, you will prepare not just the muscles, you will wake up the nervous system, joints and ligaments for the upcoming bouts of exercises. 

5 MInute HIIT Workout Exercise Showcase

In order to get a better understanding of this routine, it would be good if you can review each exercise separately. Also, this will allow you to see the structure of this 5 minute HIIT workout and to understand it further. 

Exercise 1 - Side to Side High Knees

Side to side high knees is a good lower body cardio and conditioning exercise. It is similar to the high knee sprint in place but instead, there is a lateral movement pattern, and you should quickly switch directions which is great for improvement of leg work, speed, coordination, stamina and agility.

Exercise 2 - Beginner Speed Burpee

The beginner speed burpee is a low-impact, full body burpee variation that will spare your shoulders and allow you to perform many repetitions as a beginner without the upper body strength to be the limiting factor that is often-seen with the regular and full burpees. However, the upper body will still work as a stabilizer in order the lower body to perform the necessary movement. 

Begin on a stationary position, you will bend slightly until reaching the ground with the two hands. Arms remain straight. You will make a small jump with both legs backward until reaching a push up position. Once there, you will return the jump again and stand up. 

This is a great whole body cardio exercise with a focus on endurance, lower body and core strength. If this move is performed for higher repetitions, the upper body as well will be fatigued afterward. 

Exercise 3 - Feet on Fire to 3 Drop Lunges

The feet on fire to 3 drop lunge combination is lower-body agility and light plyometric exercise that will develop your stamina, strength endurance and cardio. Begin on a static position, do 10-12 small and quick steps in place and then drop to 3 jumping lunges. Repeat this again. Each time, begin the lunges with the different leg, this way you will alternate and have an equal number of repetitions done for each leg. 

Exercise 4 - Superman Pulldown

The superman pulldown is a great posterior chain bodyweight exercise that requires no additional equipment or pull up bars. It is great for strengthening the lower and upper back, it will improve the posture and will also target the glutes and hamstrings too! 

Lye with face down on the ground and arms placing overhead. LIft at the same time the chest and legs upwards (or backward) until your body creates an arch. Do not over-extend, the lower back should feel tension but not cramps or too severe pressure. Keep that in mind. Once the arch is completed, you will pull the arms back towards the ribs and you will squeeze the whole upper back in order to create muscular tension. Once there, you will hold for 2 seconds, turn the arms back and collapse the whole arch. 

Exercise 5 - Push Up Isometric Hold to Jump Outs

The push up isometric hold jump out is the only push up variation applied to this 5 minute HIIT workout for beginners. The simple reason is that usually the push up is hard for the fitness beginner and it's not making sense to include more than one option in this routine.

This exercise will activate and put under tension your whole upper body with the push up isometric hold. This will also help you further improve your pushing strength and number of push ups! Jumping out will additionally strengthen and activates the core and leg muscles. The dynamic aspect itself will maintain your cardio work.  

Exercise 6 - Squat to Thoracic Rotation

The squat to thoracic rotation is a hybrid bodyweight exercise that will combine lower body with upper body movement. Perform a regular squat and once standing up, you will rotate the whole upper body to at least 30 degrees. 45 would be great but not anyone has the necessary upper body mobility in order to do so. 

This is a great exercise for your legs and the rotation element will improve the upper body mobility and obliques core muscles strength. 

IMPORTANT: be careful with the upper body rotation. Do not make it explosive or too fast. Perform a few repetitions before doing this exercise in order to find how much you can rotate the upper body and to eventually avoid over-rotation and risking injuring yourself. Please approach this with higher attention.

Exercise 7 - High to Low Bird Dog Plank (Beginner Version)

Normally the bird dog plank is a plank variation where you will lift equally and at the very same time the opposite arm and leg. But in this variation, I have included only lifting 1 limb at a time because this is a bit easier and will still allow you to maintain a good amount of work. 

Begin on a push up position and you will start lifting forward the first arm, then the other one, then you will lift both legs, one at a time and once done, you will drop down to a low plank position. You will repeat this limb lifting sequence, you will turn back up to a push up position and repeat all over again. 

This is a good core stabilizing and strength building plank variation. 

Exercise 8 - 3 Way Jump Squat

The last leg exercise included in this 5 minute HIIT workout is this 3 way jump squat that will drain your legs and act as a finisher. The 3 way jump squat has more cardio aspect but at the same time, due to the high intensity and lots of repetitions performed, you will feel the burning sensation in the leg muscles. 

Exercise 9 - Plank Ankle Taps

The plank ankle tap is a dynamic plank variation that is more intense and will help you build core muscle and strength. Begin on a low plank position, and you will alternate tapping the opposite arm and ankle on each repetition. Simple and highly effective core strengthening exercise that will also benefit the posture and hip flexor mobility.

Exercise 10 - Sprinter Sit Up

This 5 minute workout finishes with a classical and dynamic ab exercise which the sprinter sit up is. This ab exercise is great for the rectus abdominis (or the front part of the core, your 6-pack) and due to the slight rotation of the upper body, the obliques will be targeted too. The dynamic nature will maintain good cardio work. 

Summing It Up

Even 5 minutes of HIIT performed frequently enough will result in better weight-loss, cardio, conditioning and overall fitness shape. If you lift weights or do resistance bodyweight strength workouts, apply such 5 minute cardio sessions as post-workout routines in order to enhance the weight loss process and make you feel in better overall shape. If you are about to perform 5 minute workouts only, then make sure to apply such routines at least 5-6 times per day in order to get quick and sufficient results. 

What is your favorite 5 minute workout? 

Comment below! 


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