5 Minute Leg Workout at Home For Beginners (No Equipment)

This 5-minute leg workout at home consists of 5 dynamic HIIT leg exercises. High-intensity beginner workout without equipment. Ready to work out? Join me!


5 Minute Leg Workout at Home For Beginners (No Equipment)

5 Minute Leg HIIT Wrokout For Beginners

For this 5 minute leg workout at home, a total of 5 dynamic and bodyweight exercises have been used. 

You will work without any rest for 30 seconds for each of these 5 leg exercises. 

Once you move through the 30 seconds of each exercise, it is considered that 1 round is completed. 

A total of 2 rounds should be completed. 

30 seconds rest in between each working round. 

This is a 100% follow along 5 minute leg workout video so the only thing you have to do is to warm up, play the workout and replicate the exercises included. 

Here is your leg exercise list:

1. Knee to kick combination. 

2. Jump jack squat. 

3. High knees to straddle. 

4. 3 way jump squat. 

5. High knees to mountain climbers. 

What Makes This 5 Minute Leg HIIT Workout Effective?

1. Exercise selection - all of these 5 leg exercises have dynamic and high-intensity nature. This will help you get more work and repetitions completed in less time needed. This will result in additional calories burnt and also, better muscular activation. And last, because of this high cardio demand, the workout will be tough and challenging.

2. Leg Workout structure - this routine consists of 5 leg exercises. The sequence is as it follows: 

- High knee variation1 

- Jump squat variation1

- High knee variation 2 

- Jump squat variation 2

- High knee variation 3 

The main idea of this leg workout structure is to combine 3 high knee exercises with 2 lower-impact plyometric squat variations. When combining these 2, you will get an alternation between a high cardio exercise (the high knees), followed by a squat movement that will result in higher strength endurance and muscle activation. 

3. Follow along beginner leg workout video - as a fitness beginner, the easier your workout is in terms of instructions, the better. The only thing you have to be focused on as a start is the right exercise technique and the tempo of exercise execution.

In order to do so, complete follow along workout videos will help you avoid being confused in regards to the exercise sequence, timers etc. Today's 5 minute leg workout is a great option for the beginner as it is a complete follow along session. 

Here Is How To Modify This Lower Body Workout

5 minutes is a too short time to get a complete workout. However, if such short routines are your only way to go, it is still way better compared to doing nothing at all. So to get an effective 5 minute leg workout, you have to work out all of the time, and without or with minimal rest in order to activate the muscles and cardio system and get a positive outcome from the session. 

But if 5 minutes is not enough to yourself and your training level, follow this: 

Do this leg workout multiple times - after finishing this 5 minute workout video, rest for 1-2-3 minutes and repeat again. You can repeat as many times as necessary in order to match your needs and training level as well. 

How Often Should You Do This 5 Minute HIIT Leg Workout? 

Here are a few ways of how you can use this 5 minute beginner leg HIIT workout: 

1. Use this leg workout as a stand-alone lower body and cardio session only. In this case, 2-3 times per week will be a great addition to your training program. 

2. Use this leg HIIT after resistance or strength-focused lower body workout. This HIIT will act in this situation as a cardio and calorie-burning booster at the end of your leg strength routines. Whether you use weights or do calisthenic leg sessions, in both ways this is applicable and will serve you well. 

Do not forget, you can always do this 5 mintues for a couple of times. This way you will enhance the leg workout volume and intensity! Once finishing with these 5 minutes, rest for 1-2-3 minutes and repeat again.

Use This Dynamic Warm Up Before Leg HIIT

Warming up the body before an intensive and dynamic workout is highly important. A good warm up will increase the core temperature, prepare the muscles, joints and nervous system for the upcoming routine. 

Warming up will "Wake Up" the body and enhance your performance, dramatically. 

In addition, by warming up well, the risks of injuries will be led to low (especially when you are not using heavy weights or weights at all), which is important for long-term and successful training. 

Leg HIIT Exercise Showcase

In order to understand this workout in higher detail, below you will find each of these 5 leg exercises videos, separately. You will get a short description below each video and even if you didn't like the 5 minute leg workout, you can still choose some of these moves and try them not in a HIIT workout but as stand-alone exercise performance. 

1. Knee to Kick Combination

The knee to kick combination is the first of three high knee variations used in this leg workout. The reason for choosing more high knees is because such moves will improve leg speed, agility, cardio, stamina and core strength. These are conditioning moves that will completely shape this routine as an effective HIIT workout, high cardio, intensity and calorie-burning routine.  

Begin from a standing position, first is the right working leg, perform 1 knee kick followed by 1 straight kick. You will repeat this flow 5 times while working only with the right leg, and then you will switch to the left leg. 

2. Jumping Jack Squat

The jumping jack squat is a good light jump squat variation that is highly cardio demanding and will push the body to activate not just the lower body but the upper one as well. The jack squat will help you build some leg muscle and will improve the lower body strength endurance and explosiveness. 

Begin on a standing position, you will perform a regular bodyweight squat with a slightly narrower stance than the regular squat. Then you will move up explosively and fast so momentum can be created and once you are up, you will perform a wide small jump with legs while activating the arms to draw a circle upwards and the hands to meet above the head. The arms going wider and arms going upwards should exist at the very same time and during the moment you go up after the narrow squat. 

3. High Knees to Straddle

The high knee to straddle is the second high knee variation for this session. You will perform 8 high knees followed by 4 straddles. The straddle will provide additional tension on the legs but will challenge also the upper body and core strength too. It is a complex full body, dynamic combination. 

Perform 8 high knees in place as fast as you can, drop down on your hands (make sure this to not be too intense in order to spare the wrists) and do 4 straddles. The straddle should be performed in the following way: begin on a tucked push up position (this is the moment when you go down after the high knees), hands placed on the ground and will remain static during the whole movement. Elbows are extended and locked. The dynamic portion here is executed mainly by the legs and core. You will do triangle jumps with both legs and while hands remain on the ground and static. 

4. 3 Way Jump Squat

The 3 way jump squat will serve as the second jump squat variation for this 5 minute leg workout at home. It is simple yet highly effective for building leg muscle and endurance too. Begin on a standing position, you will perform a small jump squat for 3 different positions. Do a single bodyweight squat but with hands pointing the ground (elbows extended and locked).

Once you are down, touch the ground with both hands, perform the jump squat and rotate to 45 degrees on the one side, repeat the jump squat, turn back to the starting position, perform one more jump squat and rotate to the other side. Perform this sequence until the end of the working set. 

5. High Knees to Mountain Climber

The high knee to mountain climber acts as the workout finisher for this session. It is a pure cardio and conditioning combination where you will alternate 8 high knees with 8 mountain climbers. This dynamic combination will help with leg speed, agility, stamina and cardio. The climbers will also help with core strength improvement. 

Can You Build Leg Muscle Without Weights?

The high knee to mountain climber acts as the workout finisher for this session. It is a pure cardio and conditioning combination where you will alternate 8 high knees with 8 mountain climbers. This dynamic combination will help with leg speed, agility, stamina and cardio. The climbers will also help with core strength improvement. You can build leg muscle without weights if the exercise selection, exercise execution (repetitions, tempo, pauses etc.), workout frequency and workout volume are all matching your training level.  

Can You Lose Weight With Leg HIIT Workouts?

The leg HIIT workouts are a good and effective way to burn body weight, fat, build muscle and change the body composition. Because of the fact that the lower body exercises require more effort to be performed, you will build additional calories with your leg HIITs which if being combined with a good diet, being in a caloric deficit and proper sleep hygiene, will lead to a good weight loss results.

What Is a Good 5 Minute Leg Workout?

To consider for a 5 minute leg workout that's good, you will have to actually work out and seriously push yourself during this time period. Also, the less you rest, the better. The goal for these 5 minutes of time is to if possible, perform exercises during the whole time, without resting at all. This way, you will enhance the intensity of your leg workout, more repetitions will be completed, it will be much more challenging and the outcome of the workout will be a positive for your body.

Otherwise, if you are resting too much or not performing the leg exercises with the right intensity, do not expect much results. To put this simply, the 5 minute workout must be a sprint, otherwise, there is no point in doing it at all. 

How Often Should You Do Leg HIITs?

2-4 times per week is a sufficient volume of lower body HIITs applied to a HIIT workout plan or to any weight resistance or strength calisthenics workouts. You can use the leg HIIT routines as stand-alone lower body and cardio workouts or you can use these as burners and finishers after the resistance leg workouts with weights or calisthenics.

Can You Do Leg Intervals Everyday?

Avoid doing leg intervals everyday because you will get too fatigued and might overtrain. This will not lead to faster leg muscle build nor overall weight loss results. Focus instead on the long-term and consistency in order to achieve significant results that will matter and last ahead. Aim for 2-4 leg HIIT workouts in order to give your body some time to recover between such sessions. This way your performance will enhance and you will actually get good results with your leg training. 

31 Beginner Bodyweight Exercises You Can Do at Home

These 31 best beginner bodyweight leg exercises will help you build leg muscle, burn additional calories and lose weight. You will get more strength endured, with higher stamina, agility and explosive lower body strength. This article will give you not just exercise variations but 4 bodweight workouts for beginners too! Don't miss out, these will be a great addition to this 5 minute leg workout. The more options you have, the better, right? 

Summing It Up

This 5 minute leg HIIT workout combines a total of 5 bodyweight leg exercises. 3 high knee exercise variations and 2 squat variations. You will alternate these 5 movements for 2 total rounds. Each round is to perform each exercise one after the other for 30 seconds each. Once done with the first round, you will rest for 30 seconds and repeat again. 

This 5 minute leg workout is built for the beginner in mind, however, it can be highly applicable for the intermediate or even the advanced training level! 

In order to increase the intensity and workout volume of this session, once finishing the full 5 minute video, rest for 1,2,3 minutes (your choice here) and repeat again. You can repeat that multiple times until full exhaustion and satisfaction (if you can name it this way). 

You have been introduced to each of these 5 leg exercises. You can find the exercise videos as a separate one and a short description below each. This will give you a better understanding of this workout. 

What is your favorite leg HIIT workout? 

Comment below! 

To your Fitter self, 


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