5 Minute Low Impact Workout For Beginners (No Equipment)

This 5 minute low-impact workout consists of 5 bodyweight exercises. High intensity, effective, full body workout. Let's work!


5 Minute Low Impact Workout For Beginners (No Equipment)

5 Minute Full Body Workout at Home

This 5 minute low-impact workout will demand you to perform 5 bodyweight exercises without any rest between, 30 seconds for each movement. Once done, you will rest for 30 seconds in order to take your breath back and you will repeat this sequence one more time. 

In other words, in 5 minutes, you will perform 2 total rounds, of 5 exercises one after the other (circuit fashion) without resting in between. 

This is a low-impact bodyweight workout and it is a 100% bodyweight workout video. 

Here is your exercise list:

1. Bear to crab crawl. 

2. Squat to thoracic rotation to knee tap. 

3. Beginner low impact speed burpee. 

4. Plank forward reach. 

5. V sit hold heel taps. 

What Makes This Workout Effective?

1. Exercise variations - the exercises included are without equipment, low impact but still have this dynamic aspect that will transform the whole session to not just low impact beginner routine but to a HIIT low impact workout which is great because this will help you burn additional calories, improve the cardio and conditioning too.

2. Workout structure - in just 5 minutes time, you will move through a full body exercise, a lower body, then full body again, core move and ab exercise as the finisher. The lack of rest for both rounds will push you harder and you might not really enjoy it. However, in order to get a good workout in 5 minutes, then you will have to minimize or completely eliminate the resting periods.

3. Follow along low impact workout video - as a fitness beginner, doing follow along workouts is mandatory in order for you the workout be easier in terms of structure and exercise sequence. The less you think about this, the more productive you will be.

How To Customize This 5 Minute Low Impact Workout?

To answer this question, we will review 2 situations: 

1. This 5 minute low-impact workout is too easy for you - in this case, what you can do is once finishing with this 5 minute video, rest for 2 complete minutes and repeat again. You can do this 4-6 times in order to get a 20-30 minute bodyweight workout.

2. This routine is too intense for you - if you cannot endure the whole 5 minutes, once finishing with round 1, or somewhere around 2:30 minutes of the video, instead of resting 30 seconds, you will rest for 2-3 minutes and repeat the round again. Use a stopwatch and avoid resting for longer than 2-3 minutes.

Use This Warm Up Before Any Low Impact Workout

Warming up before any workout except ab or light core sessions is absolutely mandatory in order to improve your exercise performance, decrease the risks of injuries and actually feel the effectiveness of each move in the right and targeted muscles.

In other words, by warming up properly, you will activate and wake up the nervous system which will reflect in better overall workout performance and you will feel which muscles are working. 

Otherwise, the body is compensating and you will either not get the desired outcome from the session or you are risking getting injured because oftentimes, the low back or knees will take lots of tension and this should be avoided at any cost, especially as a fitness beginner. 

Low Impact Exercise Showcase

As a fitness beginner, you have to be sure which workouts you select to do, and what exercises you are about to perform. For that reason, below we will review each of the 5 moves included in today's 5 minute low impact workout.

This will give you a much better overview of this session, plus, even if you don't like this routine for some reason, you can still get an exercise idea which to use in the future workouts. 

You will find the name of each exercise, a separated video of the move and a description below. 

1. Bear Crawl to Crab Crawl

The bear to crab crawl is a great crawling combination of the bear and crab crawl. This can be performed and in tight rooms or places, to adapt the exercise for this, you will simply perform fewer steps than me (video above). 

Crawling is a phenomenal exercise that will target every single muscle in the body, the cardio demand is a serious one, your core will strengthen and in general, you will get stronger and more endured. 

At the start it might be felt weird and not familiar with the movement, however, if you apply any crawling variation into your training regimen in the future, I can guarantee you that multiple results will be achieved. 

The crawling here will act as the warm-up and waking up move as the first exercise.

2. Squat to Thoracic Rotation to Knee Taps

The squat t thoracic rotation knee tap is a lower body focused exercise with a few extra elements. It's a highly dynamic and complex exercise. It combines squat, thoracic rotation and alternating leg raise. 

Begin on a standing position, and you will follow this flow: 

1. Perform 1 squat. 

2. Do 1 thoracic rotation on the left. 

3. 1 squat. 

4. Thoracic rotation on the right. 

5. 1 squat. 

6. Raise the left knee towards the chest and tap with the opposite right arm. 

7. 1 squat. 

8. Tap the knee of the right knee. 

This is the whole flow, once finished repeat all over again. 

3. Beginner Low Impact Speed Burpee

The beginner low impact speed burpee is a staple beginner full body, bodyweight HIIT exercise. The major difference between the low impact speed burpee and the regular burpee is the missing push up and high jump at the end of the movement. By excluding these 2 things out of the exercise, you will basically eliminate the blockers or limiting factors in order for you to endure the high intensity of the move and to do more quality full body repetitions. 

This is a full body, conditioning exercise that focus is mainly on the lower body and core muscles. However, because the arms will work as stabilizers, the upper body as well will be triggered and you might feel the burning sensation in arms, shoulders and upper back. 

Begin in a standing position. Squat down, place your hands on the ground, shoulder width, jump backward until reaching a push up position, then jump with both legs backward and stand up to the initial position. 

4. Plank Forward Reach

The plank forward reach is a great plank variation that will not just do its job to act as a regular plank, but the constant switch from one supporting arm to the other will trigger and engage the obliques which are the biggest and most athletic-activity correlated muscles in the core section. 

Begin on a regular plank position and you will reach forward with each arm by constantly alternate on each repetition. Squeeze the glutes and core in order to isolate the lower back from getting unnecessary tension. 

5. V Sit Heel Taps

The last exercise from this 5 minute low impact workout is a classic abs and six pack movement which the V sit heel tap is. 

Begin on a sitting position, lift both legs in the air to around 45 degrees, at the same time, slightly lay back the upper body until combined with the legs, a V shape is achieved. Once there, you will hold this position and start tapping each opposite heel with your arm. The tapped heel leg should move below the other one so you can remain in the position and not lose balance. Move slow, this is not a dynamic ab exercise, take your time and focus on the proper exercise technique. 

10 Minute Low Impact Home Cardio Workout

As a beginner, the more low-impact workouts you have to perform, the better for your fitness progress because you will experiment and try different and new exercises. That itself will stress your muscles in various ways and also, you will educate the nervous system to adapt to new and more challenging conditions. 

Below you can find a 10 minute low impact cardio workout which as well as a follow along workout video for your convenience as a beginner. 

In this 10 minute low impact home cardio workout there are a total of 13 bodyweight exercises included. If you need additional and more thorough details regarding this session, it is recommended to check the link above. The whole session will require you to work for 30 seconds for each exercise followed by 20 seconds of rest. No big rests are allowed and basically, in 10 minutes, you will not rest for more than 20 seconds. 

While this is low impact workout, it still will be felt like a HIIT routine. 

1. Push up with a twist. 

2. Squat to knee elbow raise. 

3. Plank push up with jump out. 

4. Side short skaters/lunges with ground tap. 

5. Scorpion plank (reverse step). 

6. Squat to curtsy lunge. 

7. Push up isometric hold to jump out. 

8. Jump out to jump in. 

9. Leg backward raise to spiderman push up. 

10. Cross step plank. 

11. Side to side plank.

12. Side cross tep to forward lunge. 

13. Hollow body hold to crab reach.

What Are The Best Low Impact Exercises? 

Just in case you are interested, here you can find a detailed article on what are the best low impact exercises

It's always a good thing to try new exercises and never stop experimenting and learning awesome training stuff. 

Summing It Up

The low-impact workouts are a great variation for the fitness beginner and such will spare the joints while still help you burn additional calories and target the muscles. 

Today we have discussed a complete 5 minute low-impact workout that can be done by any fitness level and each beginner in particular. No equipment needed which makes this session highly convenient for performing it anywhere your lifestyle allows you to. 

What is your favorite low-impact workout? 

Comment below! 

To your Fitter self, 


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