7 Minute Core Workout For Beginners (Complete Ab Routine)

This 7 minute core workout for beginners consists of 8 core exercises! No weights needed. High intensity 7 minute ab workout. Ready to build some ab muscle?


7 Minute Core Workout For Beginners (Complete Ab Routine)

Build Ab Muscle and Core Strength In 7 Minutes

For this 7 minute core workout, there are 8 core exercises included. You will have to perform 2 dynamic and core conditioning exercises, 4 plank variations with a focus on strengthening the core muscles and 2 ab and six-pack exercises. We will discuss the workout structure in a minute. 

To complete this routine, you will perform each of these 8 moves for 30 seconds followed by 20 seconds of rest. The whole session will end once you do 1 set from each of these 8 exercises. 

Here is the core exercise list: 

1. Alternating static monkey. 

2. Plank forward reach. 

3. Straddles. 

4. Plank ankle taps. 

5. Plank short sit out. 

6. One arm plank twist. 

7. V sit to heel tap. 

8. Sprinter sit up. 

What Makes This 7 Minute Core Workout Effective? 

1. Exercise selection - the core exercises included in this session have dynamic nature and besides improving your cardio and conditioning, there are plank variations that will help you build not just ab muscle but you will get stronger overall mid-section of the body that will result in improved exercise performance, better posture and movement abilities.

2. Exercise sequence - here is the sequence used in this session: 

- Cardio and conditioning core exercise. 

- Dynamic plank variation. 

- Cardio and conditioning core exercise. 

- Dynamic plank variation.

- Plank variation with light focus on the oblique muscles. 

- Plank variation with high focus on the oblique muscles. 

- Ab focused exercise. 

- Ab focused exercise. 

This particular workout structure has it all. Through the first 4 moves, you will alternate a core HIIT exercise with a core strength-focused exercise.

Then, exercises 5 and 6 will target the obliques which are the biggest core muscles and are tightly correlated with improved athletic performance. Last you will do 2 ab-focused exercises for aesthetic reasons and building the 6-pack muscles or front side of the core. 

3. Working interval timer - the interval timer used for this core workout is 30 seconds of work, followed by 20 seconds of rest. This is a classic interval timer that fits great for the fitness beginner because it is intense enough to push your body to stay in the zone and while giving you sufficient time to recover between each exercise.  

4. Follow along core workout video - the follow along workout videos are the best choice for the fitness beginner because of the only things that you will think of the exercise technique and tempo of execution. The less you think about the workout structure itself, the better. Think about your performance and exercise technique.

How To Customize This Core Session?

We will review two situations that might be relevant to you: 

1. This 7 minute core workout is too intense for you - this would be a case if you are out of shape and this routine is too intense. Then here is how to proceed: perform the first 4 core exercises of this workout, pause the video, start a separate stopwatch and count for 2 minutes. Once finished, play the workout again and finish the exercises 5,6,7&8. 

2. This core workout is too easy for you - the easiest way to transform this routine from beginner to intermediate or even advanced training level is once finishing with this 7 mintue core workout video, pause, rest for 2-3 minutes and repeat again. The number of repeating this workout will be determined by your training level and how hard you want to hit these ab muscles.

Core Exercise Showcase

In order to understand this 7 mintue core workout in greater detail, we will review each of the 8 core exercises included. You will get the exercise video and a short explanation before each movement. 

The information below might help you get the decision of trying this workout. Also, even if your decision is a negative one, you can still like some of these exercises and include them in your core training. 

1. Alternating Static Monkey

The alternating static monkey is a high dynamic full body HIIT exercise that will seriously challenge the core muscles. As the very first movement, it will be with high intensity, punchy and will fire up your body and nervous system! 

Begin on a tucked push up position, begin to jump on left and right while extending the outer leg and use the inner leg to step in the middle of your body. The arms will remain extended and on the ground to act as support. This will place additional tension on the upper body muscles. 

2. Plank Forward Reach

The plank forward reach is a core strength-building exercise. The focus here is on the whole core but it will highly engage the oblique muscles too. 

Begin on a regular low plank and you will begin reaching forward until your working arm elbow is extended. You will reach forward, tap the ground, return to plank position and repeat with the other hand. 

3. Straddles

Straddles is a good dynamic core exercise that will not just engage the core muscles but will spike up the heart rhythm and make you breathe hard. This is a classic core HIIT exercise and will not just help you build core conditioning but will engage the upper body to act as a stabilizer and due to the highly tucked positions, your lower body will become more mobile. 

Begin on a push up position and you will jump consistently in a triangle way with both legs at the same time. You will alternate both directions while stepping everytime to a regular push up position which acts as the starting position in this exercise. 

4. Plank Ankle Taps

The plank ankle tap is the second strength core building exercise included in this 7 minute core workout. This move will not just build the core muscle but will engage the oblique muscles which are essential for the upper body rotation movement and for multiple athletic activities as well. 

Begin on a low plank position and you will start tapping the opposite arm with the ankle in an alternating way. The tap will appear in the mid-range of the body. The leg will go upward towards chest where the knee will slightly rotate from the hip and point outwards. 

5. Plank Short Sit Outs

The following 2 moves are more focused on the oblique core muscles because the obliques are the bigger core muscles that act in multiple performance activities. 

The plank sit out is the lighter oblique plank variation. 

Begin on a low plank position and you will constantly alternate a small leg step pointing outwards from the body. The working or moving leg will have to move below the supporting one. The slight upper body twist will also stretch the spine with its rotational movement. 

6. One Arm Plank Twist

The one arm plank twist is the main oblique movement of this core workout. It is dynamic and intense. Begin on a low plank position, you will constantly start rotating on both sides while slightly raising one elbow from the ground. This transition of the support weight from one arm to the other will enhance the intensity on the oblique muscles which is great for muscle building purposes. 

7. V Sit To Heel Tap

Once we are done with core exercise number 6, we can move on to the final 2 exercises included in this core routine. It is time for the v sit heel tap. This is a good ab and six pack exercise. 

Begin in a sitting position, lift the legs from the ground, knees are extended, hold in this elevated position where your whole body is shaping the form of V. When you can hold it there, you will alternate tapping the opposite heel with your both arms. The moving leg will go below the extended one. 

8. Sprinter Sit Up

The sprinter sit up is the final ab exercises included in this 7 minute core workout for beginners. 

Begin on a lying position, perform a regular sit up and at the same time, raise one of both leg knees toward the chest. When you are on the way of going up, rotate the upper body and tap the upward going knee with the opposite elbow. Once completed, go back down, collapse on the ground to a lying position and repeat the whole sequence again but this time with the opposite working knee and elbow. 

Why Core Training Is Mandatory For The Beginner?

Focusing on improving the core strength as a fitness beginner will result in instant overall strength improvement, better posture, spine health, breathing and movement abilities of your body. By developing a stronger core, your overall workout performance will improve and this will lead to faster results. Your limb strength (legs and arms) is tightly correlated with the levels of core strength. In other words, the stronger your core will be, the stronger your legs and arms and the better the training performance. 

Does The 7 Minute Core Workout Actually Work?

Аre 7 minute core workouts effective? Yes, you can hit an effective core workout in just 7 minutes time. What will shape such a routine as an effective one is the resting periods, exercise selection and overall exercise performance. To claim for a 7 minute core workout that it's effective, you have to minimize the resting periods and set them accordingly to your training level.
Bear in mind that if you are not working out hard during this tight time frame, you will not get results with the 7 min workouts as it will be not sufficient to create the necessary muscular and energy system stimulation in order for an adaptation to occur respectfully, results.

What Is a Good 7 Minute Core Workout?

A good 7 minute core workout is a session that will combine the following: 

1. Core strengthening exercises. 

2. Dynamic core exercises. 

3. Athletic, cardio and conditioning-focused core exercises.

By combining these into a single routine, it will result in strengthening the core muscles, building ab muscle, improving full body mobility, developing cardio and conditioning and not last, burning additional calories due to the highly dynamic nature of these exercises. 

Can You Lose Weight With Core Training? 

You can lose weight with core training because it is tough, challenging and will push your body to burn many calories and not just during sessions but hours afterward. This is called the EPOC (Excess, Post-Workout Oxygen Consumption) and such will occur if your core workout has the HIIT and high-intensity cardio aspect in it. In other words, the best way to lose weight with core training is to do core HIIT workouts. But it will be difficult to lose weight effectively only by focusing on the training. You will have to be in a caloric deficit and sleep well in order to balance these three and to lose weight. 

How Often Should You Work Out The Core?

Since the core participates in multiple exercises, targeting it in a focused way is not necessary to be done too frequently. Somewhere around 2-4 core workouts per week will help you get a stronger core, build ab muscle and decrease the waist size. Even if the core workouts that will be followed are only 7 minutes duration, it will still help you get results. 

Can You Do 7 Minute Core Workouts Everyday?

Doing core workouts everyday will not result in faster nor more efficient results with your fitness. You will not lose weight faster either if you train the core everyday. The core muscles are like any other in the human body. To develop these, you will have to implement frequent enough stimulation but also, to provide the required resting periods in order for progress to be experienced without making you feel beaten up, with constant pain, or with too high levels of muscular and nervous system fatigue. Focus on consistency, give your body the necessary rest as this will give you better and more sustainable results over time. 

2 Effective Beginner Core Workouts You Can Do at Home

Having a couple of core workouts as options to include in your workout program will always be a benefit to your fitness journey. The more core workout variations you can perform, the better. This way, you will educate the body to adapt and progress faster. 

All of these 3 additional core workouts are 100% follow along so it can be easy for you to replicate without any confusion or misunderstandings. 

15 Minute Core Workout For Beginners

For this 15 minute core workout for beginners, you will move through 6 different bodyweight core exercises. 

You will work for 30 seconds and rest for 20 for each exercise. 

3 total rounds should be completed. 

No between round rest is allowed. This means that once you move through the 6 exercises, you will rest only 20 seconds after the last one (exercise 6) and continue straight away again to exercise 1 for round 2 and then 3. This approach will enhance the intensity of this 15 minute core workout and will make it as challenging as possible. 

Here is the core exercise list: 

1. Alternating stationary monkey walk. 

2. Cross body knee tap to jump out combo. 

3. Cross body step to knee tap. 

4. Plank ankle taps. 

5. Plank twist to knee elbow tap. 

6. Sprinter sit up. 

30 Minute Core Workout For Beginners

For this 30 minute core workout for beginners, there are 7 bodyweight core exercises included. 

The interval timer used is 30/20 seconds of work rest. 6 total rounds should be completed and without any big rests in between rounds. 

This means that you will work out for 30 consecutive minutes, while working for 30 seconds and resting for 20. As you can see, this is a high-intensity core workout that will seriously challenge you to endure. If you perform it a couple of times weekly, you will definitely get a stronger core and will build ab muscle. 

This is your core exercise list: 

1. Short sit out to jump out. 

2. Tucked shoulder tap to ankle tap combo. 

3. Low bird dog plank. 

4. Plank push up to sit out. 

5. V sit hold to ankle tap. 

6. Hollow body hold to crab reach. 

7. Plank twists. 

Summing It Up

7 minutes is sufficient time to complete a good core strengthening workout. To do so, you have to minimize the resting periods to a minimum and to pick core exercises that will be with strength focus, also with athletic and dynamic nature and to tackle the abs themselves at the end of the session for aesthetic purposes. Mixing these 3 types of core strengthening exercises will result in a complete workout which is highly important to be implemented because 7 minutes is a too tight frame to work out. 

If you are an intermediate or even advanced fitness trainee, you can perform the whole 7 minute core workout, after the end of the video, rest for 3-5 minutes and repeat again. You can do this as many times as your training level allows you to. 

Today we have reviewed a good and complete core workout for beginners. We have discussed a few additional questions on the beginner core training topic. You have been introduced to 2 additional beginner core workouts that can be done at home or anywhere you prefer. 

What is your favorite 7 minute core workout? 

Comment below! 

To your Fitter self, 


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