7 Minute HIIT Workout For Beginners (Follow Along Session)

This 7 minute HIIT workout for beginners will target your full body while improving your cardio and endurance. Ready to burn some calories? Let's move!


7 Minute HIIT Workout For Beginners (Follow Along Session)

7 Minute HIIT Workout at Home

This 7 Minute HIIT Workout For Beginners will target your full body and challenge the cardio and conditioning. 6 bodyweight exercises included. 30 seconds of work for each. 2 rounds should be completed. 

There is no rest between exercises, once you hit 1 set for each, rest for 1 minute and repeat once again.

The whole video is 100% follow along, just replicate everything presented and you will get a good and complete workout.

Here is your HIIT exercise list: 

1. Squat rotation to knee tap

2. Push up iso hold to jump out

3. Squat to reverse lunge to kick

4. Bear crawl to crab crawl

5. High knees to mountain climbers

6. Plank ankle taps

What Makes This Routine Efficient?

1. A complete full body HIIT workout in just 7 minutes 

2. 3 lower body, 2 full body and one core exercise included that will target every muscle and help you burn extra calories! 

3. The time under tension applied will be tough for the beginner but it's still calculated with precision in order for you to endure the session and get the benefits. 

4. You will actually work out in these 7 minutes. 

5. The workout video is 100% follow along so the only thing you have to do is to replicate all exercises just as these are presented. 

Exercise Showcase

In order to get a deeper understanding of this 7 minute HIIT workout for beginners, we will review each one of these 6 bodyweight exercises included. You will have the video of each movement and a brief explanation below. 

Exercise 1 - Squat Thoracic Rotation to Knee Tap

This squat exercise sequence consists of 2 phases. The squat to thoracic rotation followed by squats to knee taps. 

The squat to thoracic rotation is a good hybrid upper and lower body exercise. It will build the lower body strength endurance and will build some muscle while improving your upper body's mobility. Also, the side core muscles, the obliques, will have to work in order to maintain good rotations.

Please be careful with the rotations as not all of you might have the proper mobility. Take it slower at the beginning and with smaller rotations.

The second part of the exercise is the squat to knee tap. This movement will focus on the lower body and core strength.

Begin the whole sequence with a single bodyweight squat, when going up, rotate the upper body to the one side at 30-40 degrees. Arms behind the neck. Do 2 repetitions so 2 rotations can be completed, do another squat and you will tap the opposite hand to the raising upwards knee. Do another squat, tap the other knee and begin the whole sequence again. 

Exercise 2 - Push Up Iso Hold to Jump Out

The push up isometric hold to jump out is great upper body strength and lower body agility exercise. The push up isometric hold will help you increase the upper body strength. That, over time will result in improved push up strength and performance. It is also a great upper body muscle builder and will benefit you big time overall, in strengthening the whole upper body.

The small jump outs that should be performed will target the core in order to generate the strength necessary the jumps to occur. The legs will also get engaged in the movement.

Get on a regular push up position, now go down until reaching the half-way of the whole push up range of motion. In other words, when you are half-way to the ground, stop and stay there for 30 seconds. In the meantime, you will perform small jump outs and ins with the legs. 

Exercise 3 - Squat to Reverse Lunge to Kick

This is a lower body combination of 3 separated exercises. A bodyweight squat, reverse lunge and straight kick. 

The flow that should be followed is: 

1. Squat

2. Reverse lunge

3. Straight kick 

Then repeat with the other leg. 

This is a great bodyweight leg exercise combination because it's dynamic, fun and it's cardio demanding. 

Exercise 4 - Bear Crawl to Crab Crawl

The more you crawl as a beginner, the stronger and more mobile you will be. Remember this. Crawling is a phenomenal bodyweight exercise and if being applied to any HIIT workout, it can benefit in a great way. 

Crawling will help you improve the posture, core strength, strength endurance of the whole body, mobility and it is high intensity cardio! How to neglect so many benefits just like that?

There are 2 separated crawling variations included. The bear and crab crawls. You can do this in literally any room, just do 4-6-8 small steps of bear crawls, rotate, and do the same distance while crawling as a crab.

Exercise 5 - High Knees to Mountain Climber

The high knee to mountain climber is a great cardio, conditioning and HIIT bodyweight exercise combination. It includes 8 high knees, followed by 8 mountain climbers.

This exercise will challenge your leg speed, hip mobility, core strength, stamina, agility and overall endurance. 

Begin on a stationary position, you will do a high knee run in place for 8 repetitions, the knees should reach the level of your belly button. Once done, you will crawl to a push up position and perform 8 fast mountain climbers, you will turn back and repeat the whole flow again. 

Exercise 6 - Plank Ankle Tap

As the last exercise included in this 7 minute HIIT workout for beginners, we have a dynamic core exercise. So far, you have done 2 complex lower body exercises, 1 isometric and upper body strength builder and 1 HIIT and high cardio exercise. Your working round should finish with core work and this is exactly what these dynamic ankle tap planks will do for you. 

Begin on a low plank position, and you will constantly alternate tapping your ankles with the opposite arm. This way, you will frequently have to balance your body on just 2 opposite limbs which will activate the core in a serious way. The flexion of the leg each time will also additionally target the obliques and rectus abdominis (your ab muscles). 

This is a classic core HIIT exercise and is a great finisher of your 7 minute workout. 

Is a 7 Minute HIIT Workout Enough To Get Results?

7 minutes of HIIT is enough to stimulate the whole body, while challenging the cardiovascular system. You can get good results with just 7 minute workouts per day if this is the only available time that you have for working out. Despite the fact that this is a too small time frame, for best results it would be great if you push the pedal and try to keep high intensity throughout the whole session. The less you rest, the better. This way you will take the max out of this time and get a quality job done. 

Can a 7 Minute Workout Be Effective?

7 minute HIIT workouts can be effective if you actually work out during this time. In other words, you will get the HIIT benefits in just 7 minutes if the resting periods are minimal and the exercise selection and structure of the workout are well built and will match your workout level. The best option to use with your 7 minute workouts is to include as much lower body or full body exercises as these will help you activate more muscles at a time and the outcome to be more significant for your body. Also, you will burn extra calories which is always a benefit. 

How Many Calories Do You Burn With The 7 Minute Workout?

In 7 minutes of intense working out, you will not burn over 100 calories. The number will vary based on your training level, body composition, exercise selection, performance intensity and many others. The main calory related benefit that the 7 minute HIIT workouts will give to your body is that while doing HIIT exercises, you will get into the anaerobic phase and that itself will help you burn additional calories not just during the workout but 48 after the session is over! This is called EPOC and if being applied frequently enoug, as a fitness beginner, you will manage to lose weight and get in good overall shape. 

How Often To Do 7 Minute HIIT Workouts?

Here are 3 different ways of how often to do your 7 minute HIIT workouts: 

1. Perform 6-7 days per week 7 minute workouts if this is going to be the only workout that you will perform. 

2. Perform your 7 minute routines as cardio finishers at the end of the resistance focused workouts (whether you train with weights, or not). 

3. Do your 7 minute sessions as stand-alone cardio-replacing sessions 2-3 times per week. If you lift weights or do resistance only workouts as separate days, then include at least twice per week 7 min workouts in order to enhance the weight loss, cardio and conditioning. This will actually result in increased work capacity and your ability to maintain longer and more intense sets for longer periods of time. 

Can You Do 7 Minutes of HIIT Everyday?

Yes, you can do 7 minute workouts everyday without worrying of overtraining or getting too fatigued. 7 minutes is not much time and even if you are sprinting or pushing the pedal at its maximum, you will still not overtrain but the opposite, your cardio, conditioning, strength endurance and weight loss will improve. Doing 7 minute workouts everyday is a good way to start with HIIT as a beginner because it is quick, intense and will work great in order for you to build the workout habit and to manage to remain consistent with your training. 

7 Minute Workouts Will Not Build Muscle Effectively

While the 7 minute HIIT workouts can serve great as HIIT and cardio routines that will help you burn additional calories and get yourself in better shape, the understanding we have towards such sessions should be realistic and avoid thinking that such quick routines will help you get muscular and jacked. 

Being FIT-ter, moving better and feeling in a good shape is different compared to being a jacked, strong and muscular person. 

Because of the fact that you will perform many repetitions in your HIIT workouts, a muscular demand will be created in order for your body to endure such high workout volume. This will lead to muscle build, but it will be insignificant compared to a dedicated strength and hypertrophy routine. 

In a nutshell, the 7 minute workouts will help you get in better overall shape, with higher cardio reserves, more energy, mobility and strength endurance. But these sessions will not help you get jacked and muscular.

7 Minute Dynamic Bodyweight Warm Up

To get a good HIIT workout, a quality dynamic warm up is mandatory in order to prepare your muscles, joints, ligaments and to increase your core temperature which results in waking up the nervous system. These combined will result in enhanced training performance, faster recovery and less risks of injuries.

Summing It Up

While 7 minutes seems like not sufficient time for a good workout, if your session is well structured and with the right exercises chosen, you can target all of the muscles in your body while challenging the cardiovascular systems, strength endurance and stamina as well. 

If your lifestyle allows you to perform only 7 minute HIIT routines, then you can do these highly frequently, 6-7 times per week. You can also use the 7 min workouts as cardio finishers post resistance routines or as stand-alone cardio sessions. 

The 7 minute workouts are perfect for the fitness beginner because such quick HIITs can be performed everyday and that will lead not just to weight loss, more energy, stamina, vitality, and tonus but will also help you build and form the workout habit which is mandatory as starting out with the HIIT workouts as a beginner. 

What's your favorite 7 minute HIIT beginner workout? 

Comment below! 


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