7 Minute HIIT Workout

7 Minute Full Body HIIT Workout at Home (14 Exercises!)

7 minute full body hiit workout at home. No equipment, killer bodyweight session. 14 exercises. Full body movements that will get you sweat. Follow along workout video. Let's workout!


7 Minute Full Body HIIT Workout at Home (14 Exercises!)

Today I have prepared for you a special, full body 7 minute workout which you can try as a stand-alone session or as your lifting/resistance work finisher. 

Simply play the video, set it to full mode screen and replicate all of the 14 hiit exercises that I have picked for you.

Does The 7 Minute Workout Actually Work?

7 Minute HIIT Workout

7 mins can be a long time to workout. Especially if you sprint and give it all out! Yes, these short sessions actually work. If you perform more full body exercises, to burn extra calories and challenge yourself, then why not! 

However, include 2-3 times per week longer duration workouts. 

Aditionally, make sure to include as much full body movements as possible due to the fact that these moves will activate more muscles + improve your cardio and burn extra calories. And this is exactly what you want to achieve. Burn max calories for minimal time invested. Otherwise, to activate the afterburn effect.

Should I Do 7 Minute Workouts Everyday?

7 Minute HIIT Workout

Somewhere between 3 and 6 times per week will be enough for you to improve your cardio, conditioning, endurance and actually get results. Seven mins is not much of a time to workout, however, it is something and something will always outperform nothing. 

Is The 7 Minute Workout Good For Weight Loss?

7 Minute HIIT Workout

7 minutes of high intensity workouts can definitely help you with the weight loss. Again, to get optimal results, and your goal is to only follow such routines, then at least 5-6 times per week, include as much full body exercises and push the pedal as hard as possible. 

In addition, to lose weight with that quick workouts, your sleep and nutrition will have to be at least optimized to some level. Otherwise, it will be like hitting yourself in that wall every time. 

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What Is a Good 7 Minute Workout?

7 Minute HIIT Workout

A good 7 minute workout can be considered as the one which will stimulate/activate your whole body muscles and make you breath very, very hard. This way, you will burn extra calories.

Include as much full body, dynamic and explosive exercises - that's the key. 

Here is another 7 minute HIIT workout from me.  

7 Minute Workouts For Beginners. Considerations.

7 Minute HIIT Workout

If you are a beginner and looking for an effective quick session, then this one might be too intense for you. However, keep reading, here I will provide you with a couple of tips which you can use instantly:

1. Use the following time intervals: 20/20, 25/25 or 30/30 seconds of work/rest protocol. This means that you will follow 1:1 work/rest interval frame for each exercise. 

2. Pick 5 bodyweight exercises. 2 for upper body, 2 for lower body and 1 for your abs/core. 

3. Once you are done, begin in the following manner: upper body movement, lower body, upper body, lower body and abs at the end. Structure the session like this, and you will get a whole-round, balanced routine. 

Do 2-3 rounds and you are done. Rest between rounds: 90-120 seconds. 

Summary of Today's 7 Minute Workout at Home

In this article, I have shown you an excellent, full body and quick workout which you can follow at home, outdoor or at the gym. I have included 14 bodyweight exercises in order to build this routine in a highly brain engaging and body challenging manner. 

In my opinion, 7 minutes are more than enough to get a full body, high intensity workout. But this will only be effective, if you know what are you doing and if you definitely push the pedal as hard as possible. 

My advice is to include 2-3x similar (body weight) sessions per week, and make sure to follow at least 2-3 longer duration routines.

What comes next for you? 

Give this session a try. Once you are done, reach back and tell me how it was! 

I will LOVE to Connect! 

Did you like this routine? Which exercise did you like most?

Comment Below.

To Your FIT.ter Self.

Coach Vlad

Thanks For Reading. 


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