7 Minute Low Impact Workout For Beginners (No Jumping)

This 7 minute low-impact workout for beginners will challenge your full body with 6 high-intensity exercises. Warm up included, follow along workout. Let's GO!


7 Minute Low Impact Workout For Beginners (No Jumping)

7 Minute Low Impact Beginner Workout

The following 7 minute low impact workout for beginners includes 6 bodyweight exercises. This is a high-intensity cardio routine that will challenge the full body without exposing it to any jumping. 

Each exercise should be performed for 30 seconds followed by 20 seconds of rest. A completed round is considered once you move through 1 set for each exercise by performing them one after the other, in a circuit manner. 

This is a complete follow along workout. Simply warm up, play the video and replicate everything presented inside. 

2 total rounds should be performed. 

Rest between each working round: 90 seconds 

The low impact exercise list:

1. Squat to knee-elbow tap. 

2. Walk out. 

3. Cross step lunge. 

4. Rotation foot tap.

5. Shoulder tap to knee and ankle taps. 

6. Cross body ankle tap plank. 

Use This Full Body Warm Up Before The Low Impact Workout

Everyone is aware of the importance to warm up before working out. But the question is, do you know what exactly to do in order to get the maximal outcome in the smallest amount of time? No worries, I have prepared for you a quick full body warm up that will increase the body temperature, lubricate the joints and increase the range of motion for all limbs. This routine can be done as well early in the morning, right after waking up to relieve tension and stiffness in the body. 

How To Customize This Routine?

In order to increase or decrease the intensity of this workout, we will review 2 scenarios. 

1. You are a beginner and this workout is too intense for you - in this case, you will double the amount of between-round resting period from 90 seconds to 3 full minutes. So once finishing with round 1, rest until the 90 second rest mark is over, then play additional 90 seconds on a separate stopwatch and once done, play the workout video again and move on to the second and final round.

2. You are an intermediate trainee and 7 minute low-impact workout is simply not sufficient - the easiest way to increase the intensity of this session is to perform it multiple times. Once finishing with the 7 minutes, rest for 2-3 minutes and repeat all over again. Proceed as many times as needed until reaching the desired outcome and muscle stimulation.

What Makes This Beginner Routine Effective? 

Workout structure - to get a better idea and the big picture of this routines, before delving into each exercise, we will look at the structure and how it's built: 

- Lower body move. 

- Upper body move. 

- Lower body move. 

- Full body cardio and mobility drill. 

- Dynamic core HIIT exercise. 

- Core strength move. 

The main focus here is to alternate the upper and lower body for the first 3 exercises. Then exercise 4 is more of a dynamic mobility drill. Once done exercises 5 and 6 will close the sequence with a focus on the core and abs strength. 

The reason for such structure is to keep your body engaged throughout the full duration without burning yourself out too early in the session. While 7 minutes is a short period of time to work out, still, if it's built with the purpose to literally crush yourself, then it might not be effective for the beginner since it would be too hard and even impossible to survive until the very end. 

Low Impact Exercise Showcase

Below, we will review each one of the 6 bodyweight exercises included in today's low impact beginner workout. You will find the name of the movement, video of the exercise and its explanation below. 

This will allow you to get a much better overview of the session itself, the movements and your decision will be easier in terms of should you perform this workout, or not. 

1. Squat to Knee Elbow Tap

The squat to cross knee to elbow tap is a fantastic squat variation that will not just target the lower body but the cross knee to elbow tap will engage your core, oblique muscles (the most powerful of the core section) and upper body mobility because to reach the knee with the elbow, you will have to do an upper body rotation while slightlyslighly lowering yourself down. 

Begin in a standing position, perform a single squat, then while going upwards you will lift the one knee towards your chin while at the same time, the opposite elbow will start going downwards in order to meet the knee at the most convenient and short distance. Once completed, perform another squat, and then repeat but with the other 2 opposite limbs. Switch the working knee elbow on each repetition. 

2. Walk Out

The walk out is a great low impact upper body exercise that will have it all. While walking for small steps with the hands, the arms, shoulders and whole upper back will be highly engaged in order to maintain the necessary motion. In addition, the core muscles will have to stabilize the body in order to not fall on the side and lose balance. 

Begin in a tucked squat position, hands placed on the ground, embrace the core and start doing small steps with each hand in forwarding direction. Normally after 5 or 6 steps, you will reach the end position which is basically a push up, high position, or high plank as it might be called. Once there, walk backward and repeat this process all over. 

3. Cross Step Lunge

The cross step lunge is a dynamic and low impact lower body-focused exercise but at the same time, the upper body and core will get engaged since you have to switch directions and keep the necessary balance and coordination. While performing this lunge variation, the feeling will be nice because it is a somehow rhythmic and dynamic move which will constantly engage the brain to think about what should be done next. 

Begin on a push up position, with the one leg step on the opposite side of the body, while with the other leg, you will step over in diagonal/forward direction (imagine that you want to do a hip-flexor stretch or a spiderman lunge stretch). When you step in the lunge position, get backward while moving through the same steps as you came forward. Then switch sides and maintain this on each repetition. 

4. Rotation Foot Tap

Once we have moved through 2 lower and 1 upper body exercise, it is time to target the full body with this rotation foot tap exercise. Spread your arms on the sides and you will start reaching to each leg with the opposite arm. Elbows can bend a little but don't overdo this since the effect will decrease. 

This might be felt a bit weird at the beginning but is great upper body mobility and more of a posterior chain leg activator. Not just the hamstrings will be working but quads and glutes as well. 

5. Shoulder Tap to Knee and Ankle Tap

Exercise 5 of this 7 minute low impact workout for beginners is the shoulder tap to knee and ankle tap combo. This is a killer dynamic HIIT core sequence that will equally develop the core and abs strength, obliques and cardio reserves at the same time. Not just that, but the main focus here will be keeping the proper balance because constantly there is at least 1 limb lifted above the ground. That itself will create the need of the core to work in an unconventional environment in order to remaining the required position of the body. 

Begin in a tucked push up position, and here is the flow that should be followed: 

1. 2 shoulder taps (1 for each hand). 

2. 2 hand knee opposite taps (1 rep for each). 

3. 2 hand to ankle taps (1 per side). 

Once finished, repeat from the start. 

6. Ankle Tap Cross Step Plank

The last exercise included in today's low impact routine is a classic dynamic core move that will focus on developing torso strength and targeting the obliques in a highly intense manner. 

Get on a low plank position, elbows placed on the ground, glutes and core embraced. Step with one foot inwards while reaching the opposite side of the torso. Once there, with the other leg, you will move over the first one and will tap with the hand on the same side. This means that for a moment, the whole body will remain on just two limbs but don't worry, it's just a second and then will collapse by returning the above-moving leg to starting plank position. 

While performing this dynamic plank, the butt can be lifted slightly more upwards compared to a static and isometric plank. The reason for that is because such a position will allow you to be more stable and to avoid collapsing the torso and placing big pressure on the low back. 

2 Low Impact Full Body Workouts For Beginners at Home

Since we have reviewed in-depth today's 7 minute low impact beginner workout, now it's about time for your bonuses for participating in this article and being here! 

Below you will find 2 complete low body workout videos that are follow along and created especially for the fitness beginner. 

Below each workout video, you can find a description of the session and a link that will lead you to a dedicated page for this low impact routine. 

5 Minute Low Impact Workout For Beginners

The following 5 minute low impact workout for beginners will challenge your full body with 5 bodyweight and low impact movements. Perform each move for 30 seconds one after the other without any rest between. Once done, rest for 30 seconds and repat for a second and final round.

The low impact exercise list:

1. Bear to crab crawl. 

2. Squat to thoracic rotation to knee tap. 

3. Beginner low impact speed burpee. 

4. Plank forward reach. 

5. V sit hold heel taps.  

10 Minute Low Impact Home Cardio Workout

This 10 minute low impact home cardio workout is built out of 13 exercises! Each should be performed for 30 seconds followed by 20 seconds of rest. No bigger rest are allowed during the full 10 minute period. Since the exercise list is a bit longer, you can find it right inside your workout video. Make sure to review the session before trying it since there are lots of movement varieties here involved and it would be better to at least have the visual perception for each one of these before the performance kicks in. 

Workout Summary

Today's article includes a 7 minute low impact workout for beginners (no jumping). 6 bodyweight exercises included and each is reviewed in a separate way by providing you with a video and a brief description below. In addition, we have discussed how to customize the routine if it's too intense or too easy for you. Also, you can use a great short full body dynamic warm up. 

Not last, because of your highly-valued participation here, you can find 2 additional, follow along low impact beginner workout videos. 

Are you a fan of the low impact cardio workouts? 

Comment below! 

Thanks for being here, 

To your Fitter self, 


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