7 Minute Workout

7 Minute Full Body HIIT Workout (Brutal Cardio Routine)

7 minute full body HIIT workout - the best cardio session that you'll ever try! Are you ready for this quick and intense bodyweight workout? Get details here.


7 Minute Full Body HIIT Workout (Brutal Cardio Routine)

Do 2 big rounds of: 

20 high knee sprint in place 

1 speed burpee to tuck jump 

20 straight explosive punches

This is one set. To complete 1 big round, you have to finish 10 sets. So 10 times of 20 high knees + 1 speed burpee to tuck jump + 20 straight punches. 

Rest 15-20 seconds between each 2 sets. 

Once you're done with your first big round (10 sets done) rest for 60-75 seconds. 

Repeat one more time and the workout is done! 

What Makes This 7 Minute Workout So Effective?

Let's talk about training! 

This 7 minute workout seriously worth the try because: 

1. It's high intense cardio that will help your body activate the "after-burn" effect. As a result, your body will burn more calories, hours after your session is complete. 

2. It's a no equipment workout - you can do it absolutely anywhere. 

3. It's a full body workout - every muscle in your body will work hard and be activated. 

4. It's fun and not just physically, but mentally challenging as well. 

5. It's 420 seconds durtion. That's only 7 minutes! No time for workout? Think again. 

What Are The Benefits of 7 Minute Workouts?

7 minute workout

I will not waste your time here and will jump straight-forward to the benefits that you'll gain with this 7 minute workout: 

1. Fat Loss - due to the dynamic nature of these exercises, your body will burn lots of calories. Additionally, your body will trigger the "after-burn effect" due to the intensity of the movements. Your body will burn additional calories hours after the workout is done. Aditionally, when you push the pedal with such intensity, your body will create more anabolic hormones that are crucial for muscle build and fat loss as well. 

2. Enhance Your Cardio and Conditioning - this is one of my top and favorite full body cardio workouts. The demand on your body is high, you'll have to work through fatigue, and that's where your though mentality is build. 

3. Improve your strength endurance and overall body's explosive strength - the burpee tuck jump is a highly complex and explosive movement. In addition, the high knee sprint + straight explosive punches will also require explosive strength. The more rounds you do, the better your endurance will be.  

4. Build confidence - it's no secret that when you do regularly shadow boxing or throw punches, your confidence will increase because if a sutiation on the street occurs, you'll be able to at least protect yourself. I don't recommend you here to fight with other people on the streets. However, being confident that you can punch fast is a great thing to have right in your sleeve. You don't know when you're going to need it.

Beginner With 7 Minute Workouts?
7 minute workout

Are you a beginner or out of shape? Here's what to do: 

1. Instead of doing 20 high knee sprints and 20 punches, do 10 for both. 

2. Instead to do the speed burpee + tuck jump, do only the speed burpee without the tuck jump. 

3. Keep the workout volume to 10 rounds. Do not change that. 

Too Easy For You? Here's How To Upgrade This Routine

7 minute workout

1. Increase the high knee sprint in place to 30 repetitions. 

2. Increase the straight punches to 30 repetitions. 

3. Keep the training volume the same. If that's still too easy for you, increase accordingly the exercises above with 5 or 10 repetitions for each. 

Keep in mind that such increase might slightly enhance the duration of your workout to 10-12 minutes. However, it will totally worth it. 

Can You Shred Weight With 7 Minute Workouts?

7 minute workout

Yes you can. Absolutely. But to do that, you will have to push the pedal hard. Due to the fact that 7 minutes is a very tight frame to workout optimally, you'll have to include more full-body exercises in order to hit your whole body and work on your energy systems at the same time. 

To see such exercise examples, I have written a detailed article. Check it out here: 27 Full Body Exercises You're Not Doing.

You will not have any significant success by doing your 7 minute workouts two or three times per week. You will have to follow these more frequently. Keep reading, I will explain to you everything in a minute. 

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How Often To Do 7 Minute Workouts?

7 minute workout

Once or twice per week would be enough in order to improve your cardio and conditioning. 

What about if you want to apply a 7 minute workout more frequently in your training plan?

let's be honest here. 

7 minutes is a ridiculously short amount of time to hit an optimal muscle build or strength orientated workout.

However, in 7 minutes, you can work for fat loss, energy improvement and strength endurance increase.

As obvious, a short workout as this should be applied more frequently throughout the week - if you want to achieve fat loss results. 

The system that you need to follow is called High Frequency Training. Otherwise said, if you're not a fan of the long and boring fitness routines, you will have to implement your 7 minute workouts, 5-6 times per week. There's no other way. 

But hey, don't worry, following the same workout, 5-6 times per week will bore you to the bones. Let's avoid that, shall we?

How The Perfect 7 Minute Workout Plan Should Look Like?

7 minute workout

You're already aware that to achieve sufficient fat loss results with just 7 minute workouts, you will have to implement the High Frequency Training. Five to Six, 7 minute workouts per week will be a smart approach for you. 

Additionally, you have to pick a few full body exercises and apply into your routines. The question that needs to be answered now is how to structure your workouts in order to meet great results without getting bored of repeating the same workout for multiple times per week. Let's delve deeper into this.  

How To Structure Your 7 Minute Workouts?

7 minute workout

What I would suggest here is to follow a training frame called the EMOM workouts. Emom states for Every Minute On The Minute. Which means that at the beginning on each minute, you have to perform a certain repetitions of a certain exercise.

Let's say you have a 7 minute EMOM workout of 10 push ups. Download an interval timer app on your phone and set it for 1 minute work, 1 minute rest. Instead of resting on the second minute, you will use the beep signal so you can know when to start your next set. 

So at the beginning of each minute, you have to do 10 push ups. Once you're done, you will rest until the end of the same minute. The faster you finish with your repetitions, the more you will rest. In 7 minutes, you will hit 70 push ups. Not bad, huh?

That approach can be applied for every single exercise. Just be carefull with the repetition selection because this looks easy on paper but it's certainly not! 

7 minute workout

What do you need to do in order to create your full weekly 7 minute workout plan?

Pick 5 exercises. One full body and complex exercise will be one workout. 

You already have one workout (the one at the top of the page). 

Now pick 5 exercises from HERE so we can complete the whole workout plan which will consist of 6 workouts weekly. 

Once you're done, make a list/schedule by applying each exercise on a certain day. Monday - speed burpee, Tuesday - crawling etc. (these are examples). 

When you're done, you are set to go!

You're already familiar with the workout frame (EMOM), the only thing you need is to apply your exercises accordingly and start your program. 

Get prepared that there's a possibility for you to fail and not be able to endure the whole 7 minute routines. This is totally normal. If you haven't done EMOM workouts before, you will have to gain a bit of experience until you can correctly pick the right repetitions accordingly to your training level. 

That's the simple reason I do recommend you to test and if you fail, make the necessary adjustments and test again. Don't give up! Test, fail, update and test again. I have failed hundreds of times with my EMOM workouts. So don't give up on your GOALS.

And not last, all of your EMOM workouts should be set for 7 minutes. 

How To Increase The Intensity Of Your 7 Minute Workout Program?

7 minute workout

You have already set your 6 workouts. You have scheduled your exercises and know how to proceed. 

The next question you need to answer is how to increase the intensity of your workout program week by week? Because let's face it, you need to progress, on a weekly basis. Otherwise what's the point of following a training program at all? 

Here are two different ways you can increase your training program's intensity: 

1. Do more repetitions at the beginning on each minute. If you have done 10 reps on week 1, do 11 reps on week 2, 12 on week 3 etc. 

2. Pick more advanced exercises - that's another cool way you can increase the difficulty of your emom workouts and 7 minute workout program as well. 

3. Increase the speed and explosiveness of your exercises. By doing that, you will certainly make your workouts thougher. Way thougher. 

Who Is This For? Be Clear With Your GOAL

7 minute workout

As obvious, the perfect 7 minute workout plan will be great for the busy guys who need to lose body weight, get more energy, increase their strength endurance, stamina and brain productivity/focus. 

Do not expect from such routines to help you build sufficient muscle or get you jacked. It won't happen. It's not how it works. To build muscle, you'll have to follow longer sessions. Period. 

But if your goal is weight loss and you are constantly making excuses to yourself that you don't have time to workout, well, 7 minutes is not much time to complete a full body, engine-boosting workout, isn't it? 

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Last Words

full body exercises without weights

Let's summarize in a couple of words what I have shared with you in this article. 

1. The benefits of the 7 minute workouts. 

2. Why you need to test my 7 minute workout (check the top of this page). 

3. Is there a perfect 7 minute workout program? 

4. How to structure your workouts? 

5. How to build your whole FREE 7 minute workout plan?

In a nutshell, in this article, you have everything you need in order to start training more often without investing much time into the process. These workouts will help with weight loss, energy production, stamina, strength endurance and focus. 

These 7 minute workouts will not help you with muscle building due to the fact that the muscle building in general requires more time to invest with your training. 

I highly encourage you to try at least the 7 minute workout at the top of this article, and if you like it, proceed further by creating your own 7 minute workout program. If you cannot do it by yourself, I will be always here for you to help with my service. 

Did you like this 7 minute workout? Will you try it?

Comment below! 

Thanks for reading! 

Big Love

Coach Vlad

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