Hi, I'm Vlad and I love working out.

  • 12 years of professional basketball athlete. Twice gold and twice vice champion of Bulgaria.
  • 1 year of Crossfit training.
  • Tested countless of strength and muscle building lifting programs.
  • Did a ton of Kettlebell workouts, circuits and HIIT routines.
  • Been on boxing, muay thai and wing tsun workouts as well.
  • Specialized in my passion. Conditioning, high intense interval workouts. For the last 10 years, I have experimented with a huge variety of bodyweight exercises. 
  • Worked out for many years in a Garage and Outdoor by following some old-school methods such as sledgehammer slams, jumping rope, punching boxing bags, throwing rocks and training with sandbags and bulgarian bags.

What am I Going to Teach You Here?

Here you will find lots of circuit training workouts, interval training workouts (HIITs) and multiple exercise combinations that you can try instantly at the comfort of your home, outdoor or at the hotel room. 

Most workout videos are 100% follow along so you can implement everything presented right away. 

Most workouts are tailored to the fitness beginner, however, if you are an intermediate or even advaned trainee, you will still get ideas on my blog of how to enhance the intensity of these sessions in order to satisfy your requirements. 

All workouts are bodyweight and you will not need any equipment to try. 

Ready to take action? Go to my Blog and try a workout from there.

Then reach back to me at fitwithvlad@gmail.com and let me know how it was! 

Let's chat! 

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