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Let me summarize my story so you can 

answer yourself the question:

"Is this the right coach and person to trust with my body and fitness goals?". 

  • 12 years of professional​ basketball athlete. Twice gold and twice vice champion of Bulgaria.
  • 1 year of Crossfit training.
  • Tested countless of strength and muscle building lifting programs.
  • Did a ton of Kettlebell workouts, circuits and HIIT routines.
  • Been on boxing, muay thai and wing tsun workouts as well.
  • Specialized in my passion. Conditioning, high intense interval workouts. For the last 8 years, I have experimented with a huge variety of bodyweight exercises.
  • Worked out for many years in a Garage and Outdoor by following some old-school methods such as sledgehammer slams, jumping rope, punching boxing bags, throwing rocks and training with sandbags and bulgarian bags.

What am I Going to 

Teach You Here?

Here on www.fitwithvlad.com I will give you for free, countless of circuit training workouts, interval training workouts (HIITs) and multiple exercise combinations that you can try instantly at the comfort of your home, outdoor or at the tight hotel room. 

Everything here on this website is dedicated to you, the busy, hard-working man with limited time for visiting the gym.

I will show you how to get fit and stay fit despites your busy schedule. Being busy will no more be the excuse for you to be out of shape and unhealthy. 

If you stick for a while, I will absolutely blow your mind with my unconventional workouts and exercise selection. 

What happens next?

If you need any help with my Service, check out below. 

tired of failing with your fitness goals?

Work With Me

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    Get a Custom Bodyweight Training Program - workout anywhere, anytime, on your tight schedule. 
  2. 2
    Individual diet plan
  3. 3
    Supplement list to enhance your results
  4. 4
    Sleep/recovery strategy
  5. 5
    Rapid habit formation mapping (because we are creatures of habits) and to transform you, we will need to change your habits

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