7 Minutes Abs HIIT Workout at Home (No Equipment)

This 7 minute abs HIIT workout will build your core muscles and improve cardio. A great core routine without equipment. Ready to target your core? Let's work!


7 Minute Abs HIIT Workout At Home (Complete Core Session)

In this abs HIIT workout, there are a total of 6 exercises included. To complete this routine, you have to perform each one of these exercises by moving to one after each other and while following 30/10 seconds of work/rest timing protocol. Here is the ab exercise list: 

1. Bear crawl to sit out. 

2. Crab crawl to crab reach. 

3. Plank to push up jumping outs. 

4. Crab crawl to side push up (if you cannot perform the push up, stick only with the crawling). 

5. Forwar reaching plank (ground tap). 

6. Side crawl to side plank crawl. 

Once all of these 6 ab exercises are done, this is considered as 1 round completed. To finish this session, you have to do 2 total rounds. 

How Many Times Per Week To Do This Core Workout?

3-4 times weekly will be enough to target the core muscles and strengthen the core . However, make sure to increase the intensity of this workout over time in order to progress faster. 

The best you can do here is to double even triple the core workout volume in order to get more work in and challenge yourself even further. 

Once this video is over, hit the reply button and repeat the workout. Of course, this is only in case if this session is too easy for you and you cannot get the right ab muscles stimulus. Test the whole routine first, and then decide if it's enough, or not. 

What Is Abs HIIT Workout?

What Is Abs HIIT Workout

Abs HIIT workout is considered as a routine that will combine ab or core specific exercises stacked in an interval time frame so the intensity can be higher. You have to work and rest for a certain amount of time. Due to this high intensity nature of such sessions, besides targeting your ab muscles, also, your cardio, conditioning and calorie burning process will accelerate and this itself will help you lose more weight, faster. 

In other words, the abs HIIT workouts will equally help you target the core muscles while challenging the cardiovascular system and burning extra calories at the same time. 

Is HIIT Good For Building Abs?

Is HIIT Good For Building Abs

Can you build ab muscle in less than 10 minute core workouts? Yes, you can. In most cases, the ab HIIT workouts will consist of at least 2-3 or more exercises that should be performed one after each other, while working for a certain amount of time, followed by a resting period of time. This workout structure will constantly challenge your core muscles to perform various of exercises, endure different tension and adapt to the new, different demands. These benefits of such intense ab workouts will push your ab muscles to grow, get build and get visible over time, if your sleep/recovery and diet are somewhere on point. 

Is HIIT Good For Losing Belly Fat?

Is HIIT Good For Losing Belly Fat

Can you lose belly fat by performing less than 10 minute ab workouts? Yes, you can. The simple reason is the extra calories burnt and the whole body targeting that the HIIT workouts will offer. Oftentimes, your HIIT routines will be a full body workouts which will push your body to adapt operating in higher intensity nature and this itsef, will lead you to more weight lost, extra calories burnt and generally - faster transformation. 

But can you lose belly fat with HIIT without changing your diet?

Yes, you can. By performing more whole body, dynamic and high intensity exercises, your body will have to get used to this new demand, hence, it will have to get FIT-ter and slimmer in order to start moving more efficiently and with less efforts (over time). 

However, losing belly fat with HIIT is not a guarantee that your abs will show up. Having visible abs is though. And it is linked with well balanced and organized fitness lifestyle. That will include a well built structure of training, nutrition and sleep/recovery. If any of these is neglected, achieving visible abs will be difficult for achievement.

How Many Times Per Week Should You Do HIIT Training?

How Many Times Per Week Should You Do HIIT Training

Between 3 and 4 HIIT routines per week. This workout volume will help you get frequent muscle stimulation and burn extra calories while avoiding over-training and providing your body with sufficient recovery time. Such HIIT workout plan structure will allow you to progress continuesly with your fitness, without suffering with daily activities. If you do too much HIIT, you might feel too fatigued, anxious and with constant muscle pains. Such state is not recommended as it will decrease the quality of your lifestyle and will not help you lose body weight faster. 

HIIT Core Workout You Can Do At Home (No Equipment)

In this intense ab workout, we will use 30/10 seconds of work/rest protocol. A total of 5 exercises should be performed. One you finish 1 set for each, it is considered as 1 round completed. To finish this whole session, you have to do 2 full rounds. 

Here is the ab exercise list: 

1. High knees to mountain climbers. 

2. Cross body plank to ankle tap. 

3. Plank supported jump outs. 

4. High knees to sit out. 

5. Knee to elbow plank step. 

No big resting periods are allowed between the two rounds. 

Some Of The Best 47 Core HIIT Exercises That You Can Try At Home

In the video above, you will find 47 HIIT Abs exercises that you can try anywhere. The more options you have to target the core, the better. And to make this video even more valuable, here is how to build a killer at home core workout

1. Pick 3-4 exercises from the video above. 

2. Set the interval timer based on your training level. Beginners: 20/20 seconds of work/rest. Intermediate: 30/15 seconds of work/rest. 

3.  Perform each core ecercise one after each other. This is a cricuit core workout

4. Once you move through each exercise and complete one set, then this is considered as one round finished. You should complete 4-6 full rounds. 

5. Rest between rounds: 90-120 seconds. 

6. Perform this routine 3-4 times weekly for best results. 

7. Make sure to increase the intensity of your core workouts in the future by changing the timing intervals and core exercise variations. 


Bodyweight workouts 10

Training the core is mandatory for your overall fitness. The core is transfering energy throughout your body in order your limbs to move efficiently and keep the whole body balanced and in the right position.

The core is also responsible for the proper posture alignment, spine functioning, your overall balance, coordination, reactions, athletic performance, breathing and sex drive. 

Improving your core strength will absolutely level up your fitness and overall - you will feel much better. Today we have reviewed a complete 7 minute HIIT abs workout that is combining dynamic and a bit more not-traditional ab exercises.

In this session, you will equally target the ab and core muscles + work on improving your cardio and conditioning as well. In other words, you will get best of both words - build core strength while improving your cardio. 

If this ab routine is not intense enough for you, once the video session is finished, hit the reply button and do it once or twice more times. This way you will increase the volume of your workout and get even better results. 

What is your favorite abs HIIT workout? 

Share in the comments below! 

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