Client Success Story
Meet Alexander Oleynikov
a Master Chef

Read  How Alex Transformed His Life by 
Using The Practical Coaching System

The Goal for Alex
Was to Build Muscle and Get More Energy 
So He Can Handle 14 Hours Work Days and Have Energy Left Over to Relax and Socizlize with Friends.

Day 1 (64kg)


Day 45 - (70kg)


DAY 90 - (66kg)


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The Start of Alex's Journey

The Sprint Muscle Build Stage
Day 1 to Day 45 of
the Practical Coaching System

Here's where we started. 

The main goal here was for Alex to build a workout habit, one that he would stick to, and then to build muscle and agility along the way.

When we first connected, Alex shared his biggest problem -  he is exhausted at the end of his working day and has no energy left over to go out and meet friends.

He is usually snoring 10 minutes after he flops down at home.

He has tried many gym workouts, even hired an expensive personal trainer. He had participated in multiple cross-fit and group-based workouts, all with no success.

Because he just couldn't keep up the pace. 

Alex was fatigued before he started these workouts and exhausted by the end of them.

His work and social life suffered as a result, he was dragging himself to work and toiling through the day. At the end of his work day he would go home like a zombie and collapse on the sofa, sometimes even to tired to eat.

Alex told me that his visits to the gym took 2 valuable hours out of his free time.

Time he rather have to relax,  read a book or go meet with friends and catch up on gossip.
It was obvious to me what Alex needed specific and short workout routines.

Routines which would deliver results tailored to his work demands and lifestyle. 

The First step. Finding Time.

We used Alex's home as the main place to do the workouts.

Losing the GYM workouts was a game changer. It immediately freed up 2 hours of Alex’s valuable time. His workout durations were now 20 to 40 minutes each day.

So this gave him back at least 1 hour 20 minutes each workout day, plus an energy building, instead of an energy sucking workout.

Simple Equipment 

Alex used only 2 rounded resistance bands (one lightweight 15-25kg resistance and one heavier band 25-55kg resistance) and a pair of adjustable dumbbells.

The program he followed was of, 4 strength and 2 conditioning days, leaving one day free.
As mentioned before, Workouts were now down to only, between 20 and 40 minutes each day.

Food and Sleep Advice for a Chef

Diet here was simple - more carbs (rice, potatoes and oats), meat, veggies, eggs, protein powder (Whey Isolate), nuts, seeds, nut butters and fruits.
Meal preparation - twice a week.
And some pre-bed routines that enhanced his recovery and boosted energy production.

Have a look at the photos! 

On day 45 we had a visible increase in the muscle mass. And a bit of fat as well.  
Note: there's no such thing as a lean bulk. 
Stage 1 was completed and we had results. 
On our regular weekly call, we were both satisfied that the Step number 1 (muscle gain) had been achieved.

Now for Step 2

Alex still got tired from his demanding, 14-hour job. 

The GOAL here was clear - to lose as much body fat in the next 45 days while enhancing Alex's energy levels and overall conditioning.

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The Shredding and Energy Improvement Stage 
Day 45 to Day 90 of
The Practical Coaching System

Here the training program changed. 

Instead of focusing that much on the strength and muscle build training

Our goal was to boost the stamina and toughness of Alex's body.

We were now focusing on the conditioning aspect.

The engine.

We needed to lose a bit of fat, so we needed to work more on the Alex's cardio and strength endurance.

Here's what we did:

2 strength workouts and 4 conditioning sessions per week. 

All of the workouts was 15-20 minutes’ duration, quick, intense, sweaty, whole body sessions.

Sessions were;

1. Circuit bodyweight

2. Shadow boxing 

3. Resistance bands and 

4. Dumbbell workouts 

We've leaned down the diet now, less carbs, more protein and fats.

Being a Chef Requires 
Precision and Focus

I understand that after I talked with Alex. 

So I knew what he needed. Hand endurance, hand-eye coordination coupled with explosive arm strength

That's what we worked on.

The main idea here was to pick movements that will improve the endurance of Alex’s arms and increase the strength and precision of his hands.

This would allow him to work faster, more accurately and with less effort.

To help Alex cope with his 14 hours shifts we worked on improving Alex's core strength. His exercises also focused on improving his leg stamina, endurance and agility

 The lesson I wanted to show Alex, was that building muscle comes second to having a strong core engine that helps you power through life.

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Here's What Alexander Oleynikov
Achieved in 90 Days with
"The Practical Coaching System"

Day 1 (64kg)


DAY 90 - (66kg)


Alex achieved great results, doing less in 90 days at home, after trying 2 years of wasted gym visits. Maybe the weirdest thing that might notice is that Alex gained only 3 kilograms (7lbs).

The secret is that it's not what the scale shows, It’s not muscle mass that counts.

It's more of the body balance and performance in your life.

You’ll know when you’ve got it right when you look in the mirror and feel good about what you see. 

You can gain or lose only 5kg (10-12lbs) and look totally different. It depends on what gets changed.

Here's What Alex Thinks About
His Journey with Vlad
and “The Practical Coaching System“

" I spent a lot of time in Fitness Gyms until I tried Vladimir's approach. Now I train less, I perform shorter workouts at home and get better results. I am fitter, stronger, and now have lots of energy after work to meet friends and socialize. Highly recommended."

The Only Thing That's Stopping You Now 
From Getting Your Dreamed Fitness Goals 
is Lack of Action

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