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  • 5 burpee workouts
  • 5 beginner burpee exercises
  • 5 minute workouts 
  • Follow along workout videos
  • Offer to join 30 day burpee challenge at the end

Structure Of The Challenge

The main focus on the challenge is to improve your energy, stamina, conditioning, cardio and in general, to make you feel better after the end of these 5 days. 

Each session is around 5 minutes duration, and for each of the 5 burpee workouts, you will perform 1 beginner burpee exercise. 

Here is the burpee exercises included in the challenge: 

Day 1 - Low impact speed burpee
Day 2 - Side shuffle to speed burpee
Day 3 - Circle speed burpee
Day 4 - Skater jump to speed burpee
Day 5 -  Broad jump to run back to speed burpee

The interval timer applied for the workouts 1,2 and 5 of the challenge is 30 seconds of work followed by 20 seconds of rest. 

Day 3 is circle speed burpee where you will work and rest equally for 20 seconds between each set. 

Day 4 is the skater speed burpee where due to the higher demand on the skater itself, the resting period between each 30 sec. working set is 30 seconds of rest. 

But Why Speed Burpee Instead Of Full Push Up Burpee Variation? 

The most limiting factor of the push up or full burpee exercise is the push up. It's very rare that a fitness beginner will manage to perform regular push ups for certain amount of time (in an interval frame). That leads to crappy form and high risk of injuries in low back and also, because of the intense landing and impact with the ground, if you are not experienced, your wrists, elbows and shoulders will struggle and you might meet difficult times with the recovery after such sessions. 

For the reasons mentioned above, the speed burpee is way more beginner friendly exercise variation where the joint impact is lower and the push up is not there at all, which makes it highly convenient for each beginner to maintain such move for higher repetitions and with better form. 

Not last, the speed burpee is highly-cardio demanding where the lower body and core will be the dominants and the upper body will play the supporting role.

What Comes After The 5 Day Challenge? 

If you finish these 5 days of working out, I will offer you to join my 30 day beginner burpee challenge where you will manage to improve even further your conditioning, cardio, stamina and because of the high intensity of the workouts, you might lose weight and get fitter, without changing your diet. But finish the challenge first, and then you will receive the offer via your mail. 

 Let's Work Out! 

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