Beginner Full Body Workouts

8 Beginner Full Body Workouts + FREE Training Plan!

8 Beginner Full Body Workouts You Can Try at Home, Outdoor or at The Hotel Room. Get Ready to Sweat and Throw Lots of Reps in 15-25 Minutes Time!


8 Beginner Full Body 

Workouts at Home

In this article, I will share with you 8 beginner full body workouts that you can try at home, outdoor or while being on the road. 

No equipment needed. 15-25 minute workouts. First, I will show you the exercise videos, then I will explain why the beginners should use these workouts and somewhere at the end of the article, I will provide you with my promised FREE Training plan and how to combine these workouts into a training program for yourself. 

Now without wasting more of your valuable time, let's jump straight-forward to your 8 beginner full body workouts. 

4 Beginner Full Body Workouts

(Workouts 1,2,3, 4)

Your Workouts Details

Beginner Full Body Workout - 1

Do 5 rounds of the following bodyweight exercises: 

  • Negative Push Ups – 8 repetitions with 4-5 seconds eccentric movement
  • Jumping Bodyweight Squat with 4 seconds isometric hold
  • Knee to same elbow alternating slow raise – 10 total repetitions (5 per leg)

No Rest Between Exercises. 

Rest Between Rounds: 120 seconds.

Beginner Full Body Workout - 2

Do 5 rounds of the following bodyweight exercises: 

  • The Grounding Lunge – 20 total repetitions, 10 per side (alternate both legs)
  • Negative push ups – 8 repetitions with 3-4 seconds eccentric movement
  • Crab Toe Touches – 14 total repetitins, 7 per side

No Rest Between Exercises. 

Rest Between Rounds: 120 seconds.

Beginner Full Body Workout - 3 

Do 5 rounds of the following bodyweight exercises: 

  • Speed Burpees – 10 repetitions
  • Negative Push Ups – 8 repetitions with 3-4 seconds eccentric movement
  • Half squat iso hold to reverse lunge – 10 total repetitions (5 per leg)
  • Plank to push up – 10 repetitions (5 per arm)

No Rest Between Exercises. 

Rest Between Rounds: 120 seconds.

Beginner Full Body Workout - 4

Do 5 rounds of the following bodyweight exercises: 

  • Negative Push Ups – 8 repetitions with 3-4 seconds eccentric movement
  • Forward to reverse lunge – 20 total repetitions (switch your legs on 10th repetition)
  • Circle Bear Crawl – 4 circles

No Rest Between Exercises.  

Rest Between Rounds: 120 seconds

4 Easy Beginner 

Full Body Workouts

(Workouts 5,6,7,8)

Beginner Full Body Workout - 5

Do 4-6 Rounds of The Following Exercises:  

1. 1,5 Bodyweight Squat - 14 repetitions  

2. Push Ups - 10 repetitions

3. Reverse Lunge - 16 repetitions (8 per leg) 

4. High Knee Run - 50 repetitions 

5. Mountain Climbers - 30 repetitions 

No rest between exercises.

Rest between rounds 120 seconds


Beginner Full Body Workout - 6

Do 4-6 Rounds of The Following Exercise:  

1. Bodyweight 1,5 split squat - 16 repetitions (8 per leg) 

2. Push ups - 10 repetitions 

3. Lunges - 20 repetitions (10 per leg) 

4. Plank to Push Up - 10 repetitions (5 per arm)

No rest between exercises. 

Rest between rounds: 120 seconds


Beginner Full Body Workout - 7

Do 4-6 Rounds of The Following Exercise:  

1. Alternating Push Up with Rotation - 10 repetitions (5 per side) 

2.  Jumping Lunge with a Hope - 20 repetitions (10 per leg) 

3. Plank to Arm Raise - 10 repetitions (5 per arm) 

No rest between exercises.

Rest between rounds: 120 seconds

Beginner Full Body Workout - 8

Do 4-6 Rounds of The Following Exercise:  

1. Speed Burpee - 10 repetitions 

2. Push Up to Shoulder Tap - 10 repetitions 

3. Side Shuffle with Ground Touch - 8 Lengths (3-4 steps per side) 

4. Circle Bear Crawl - 4 circles

No rest between exercises.

Rest between rounds: 120 seconds

Why Do You Need to Try These 

Beginner Full Body Workouts?

Beginner full body workouts

Being a beginner puts you in a difficult spot. Let me guess, you're following many athletes and coaches that move so well and show advanced exercises on Instagram and YouTube. But how to get started? How to begin the process so you can become stronger and more effective with the bodyweight exercises?

Don't worry. I've got all the answers here in this article. 

When you start out with the beginner full body workouts, you need to know that you'll have to cover the basics first. Basics work. And if being applied properly into your training program - can deliver outstanding results. 

But what's the catch here? 

Basics are boring. Yeah, I know that. It's far away from what athletes show you on Instagram. Duh. 

Especially with all of that "fancy" training messages that countless of internet athletes and coaches are preaching. With time, I have seen way more athletes preaching the wrong message, instead to teach people properly how to exactly get in a great shape without doing these acrobatic bodyweight movements (these are cool but though to be learned).

But let's face the truth here. Intense is attractive. Performance sells and you'll buy a training program from the top athlete instead of the personal trainer that will show you the basics - that work. Because basics are boring and noone wants to be proficient with "basic bodyweight training". 

However, if you gain the knowledge of how to combine more simple bodyweight exercises into a whole circuit training workout, then you will spice things up a bit, not get bored and actually - get outstanding results. 

This training approach will match your training level while making things more fun, challenging and easy to be consistent with. Because let's face it, consistency is key for results. There's no other way you can be successful. Not just with your workouts - but with everything in life. 

Why The Beginner Trainee Needs To Do More Circuit Training Workouts?
Beginner full body workouts

Simple. A lot of work in a tight time frame. All of these 8 beginner full body workouts are somewhere between 15 and 25 minutes duration. You'll have to perform lots of repetitions by alternating 3-4 exercises one after each other. 

By doing that, you'll work a lot on improving your strength endurance, cardio and conditioning. 

Every muscle in your body will be engaged. The beginner full body workouts will push your body to burn more calories and experience the post-workout "after-burn" effect. That will mean that your body will burn excessive calories hours after your workout is done. Cool, right? 

And not last, you'll equally work on both your aerobic and anaerobic systems. Which is also a win-win approach for you. 

And not last, it's dynamic and fun workout that will challenge your brain to think and not get bored by doing one exercise for multiple sets with long rests between. 

Hey, just in case you want to learn more about the circuit training workouts, check the ultimate circuit training guide here.

Circuit Training Workouts
The Busy Man's Secret Weapon
Beginner full body workouts

If you're pressed on time to visit the gym and want to get ripped, lose body fat and skyrocket your cardio, conditioning and energy levels, then the circuit training workouts are your very best option you can try at home. No doubts about it. 

The secret is the volume of work you'll have to perform in a small amount of time. There are workouts that consist of 300, 400 even 500 bodyweight exercise repetitions. As obvious, even if the exercises are not too intense, the amount of work is sufficient and your body will respond. 

Aditionally, you can literally workout right next to your bed, and in front of the TV (don't watch TV while working out - PLEASE). 

The circuit training workouts usually consist of 3-4-5 exercises combined into a circuit frame. You have to move through all of these movements one after each other until you finish your round. Once the round is done, you have a certain rest recommended to be followed. 

Your muscles will burn, your heart will beat hard and you will sweat - a lot. And let's not forget, you'll never get bored with the circuit training workouts. Taking the fact that you have 3-4-5 exercises to perform, your brain will constantly be engaged to think about the exercise technique of the current exercise that you perform, what comes next, how to control the tempo, how to breath more effectively etc. 

Lots of things happen when you're in the zone and working out while moving from one exercise to another. This is my most prefered training style. It works, especially if you want to shred weight.

If your goal is to gain muscle mass, then I would recommend a different approach. However, if being constructed properly, the circuit trianing workouts could be used as a muscle building routines as well. 

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Why To Include More Bodyweight Workouts at That Stage?

Beginner full body workouts

The bodyweight workouts are really solid way to get and stay in a great shape for a whole year round. What are the benefits? Less to none risks of injuries, hundreds even thousands of exercise and workout varieties, you can do these anywhere you like (a place of your convenience), you can use cardio or strength focused bodyweight exercises/programs which provide you with literally anything needed to either build muscle or shred body weight. 

Additionally, every single bodyweight exercise that you can do can be upgraded or downgraded by progression or regression. You will only have to change the angle or position of your body and boom - you have a completely new exercise with a totally different demand for your body. 

You will not waste time by visiting the GYM, wait for the equipment or be stuck in the traffic while travelling to your GYM. Ah, yeah, it's FREE and you can do this anywhere, anytime. 


The Beginner Full Body FREE Training Program

Step 1 - Choose Your Workouts

Beginner full body workouts

Let's jump straight to your goodies here. Probably the FREE training program is exactly why you came here. So let's not waste anymore time and jump straight into it. 

The training program that I will provide to you is for a 4 week period. 

I will outline two different scenarios that you can refer to: 

Training Program Option 1 - We will use the 4 beginner full body workout videos from VIDEO 1. 

Training Program Option 2 - We will use the 4 workout videos from VIDEO 2. (If you haven't seen these yet, please, refer to the top of the page. 

You can always mix workouts from both videos. However, let's not complicate the process here. I want this program to be convenient for you, so you can actually try it. And if you use the workouts only from one of the videos above, it'll be way easier to not get confused. 

Step 1 - choose which beginner full body workouts you like to follow (pick Video 1 or Video 2 from the top of the page). 

Step 2 

Your Weekly Training Schedule

Beginner Full Body Workouts4

You have liked which workouts to follow. Now let's discuss how your weekly training schedule will looks like. 

What do I recommend is 4 workouts per week. An adequate template will looks like this: 

1. Monday - On 

2. Tuesday - On 

3. Wednesday - Off

4. Thursday - On 

5. Friday - Off 

6. Saturday - On 

7. Sunday - Off  

Otherwise said - you'll have to workout Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. Rest days are Wednesday, Friday and Sunday. 

Step 3 

Let's Mix Things Up and Apply Your Workouts Into The Weekly Training Schedule

You're already familiar with which workouts you'll follow. You know your weekly training schedule as well. 

Now let's apply your workouts into the weekly frame. Use this system for both of the videos. Whether you'll use the workouts from video 1 or video 2. It doesn't matter. 

1. Monday - Workout 1

2. Tuesday - Workout 2 

3. Wednesday - Off

4. Thursday - Workout 3

5. Friday - Off 

6. Saturday - Workout 4 

7. Sunday - Off  

The easiest way to not get confused is to watch your video and apply accordingly. The very first workout from your videos is Workout 1, the second is Workout 2 and so on. This applies for both videos as well. 

Step 4 - Week 1 & 2 Are Covered
What About Week 3 & 4?
Beginner full body workouts

The advice above is related to Week 1 and Week 2. That means your workouts for week 1 and week 2 of your free bodyweight training program will remain the same as the recommendations provided to you from the videos. 

Why week 1 and week 2 are the same? Why we don't scale the intensity or volume of the workouts for week 2? 

Simple. Due to adaptation process, your body will need time to get used with the new stress. Especially, if you're a beginner, you need to take your time and be patient until you adapt. It is what it is. You cannot over-rush this process. Otherwise, your body will suffer and you'll inhibit your overall performance in life because you'll be crashed all the time due to over-training. 

Week 3 & 4 Recommendation

Now, you have already moved through week 1 and week 2. It's time to scale and spice things up. My advice to you is to decrease the rest periods. This is just one scale/aspect of your circuit training workouts (the ones from the videos). 

By decreasing the rest periods between working rounds, you'll enhance the overall intensity of your workouts. It's nothing fancy, it doesn't look interesting or such. However, resting less between rounds will push your body to do more work in less time. That's more intensity and respectively, more progress. 

So let's look separately both videos and see how this goes. 

Week 3 & 4

As you can see from both videos, all of the 8 beginner full body workouts are with recommendations of Rest between rounds: 120 seconds. This applies for all of the workouts. 

What you should do for Week 3 is to decrease your Rests with 15 seconds between your working rounds. 

That will make 105 seconds of rest. This applies for both videos again. 

Once you move through week 3, you'll decrease again your Rest Priods with 15 seconds more. So you'll have to rest 90 seconds between rounds on Week 4. 

Let me outline for you the rest protocols, so we can avoid any confusion. 

1. Week 1 - Rest between rounds: 120 seconds 

2. Week 2 - Rest between rounds: 120 seconds 

3. Week 3 - Rest between rounds: 105 seconds 

4. Week 4 - Rest between rounds: 90 seconds 

ATTENTION: Make sure that you're using a stopwatch so you can be 100% sure that you follow strictly the resting protocols. Otherwise, there's no point of this program at all. This is a rule of thumb. Once you finish your round, play start on the stopwatch and leave it like that. Once it's time to do your next round, leave it like that. Once you finish, stop the stopwatch, reset and start again. This is the easiest way how to monitor properly your rest protocols without bothering your training performance. 

Attention 2: If you have any questions regarding this program, do not hesitate to write me at 

Are These Beginner Full Body Workouts Too Intense For You?
Beginner full body workouts

Okay, let's look up into that scenario. You cannot handle the workouts that I recommend in my videos. Then what should you do? 

Simple. Decrease all of the exercise repetitions with 30%. That way, you'll manage to endure the circuits and complete your circuit training workouts. 

What about if the recommended rounds in these beginner full body workouts are simply too much for you? 

Decrease with 1 round each one of your workouts. If that's still too intense, decrease with two rounds. That way, you'll do less training volume (end number of repetitions done) and respectively, the intensity of the whole workout will be lower. 

Begin only with decreasing your repetitions first, with 30%. Give it a test-drive. Only then if that's still too intense, decrease the working rounds as well. Hope that makes sense. 

What Comes Next After You Finish With The 4 Week FREE Bodyweight Training Program?

Beginner full body workouts

You can try the workouts from the other video. Let's say you've moved through the whole 4 week FREE bodyweight workout program. You have used the workouts from Video 1. For the next 4 weeks, you can simply test the workouts from Video 2. And here it is...

You have 2 months of free training program from me. 

Okay, but what comes next? 

As your next step, you can write to me and discuss what exactly do you need according to your training plan. I will ask you lots of questions until I understand what exactly do you need. Then I will build a completely individual training plan that will FIT your lifestyle 100%. That way, you'll be consistent and get results, month by month. But let me stop talking.

Keep reading and you will understand more. 

Before You Go, Check These FREE Workouts as Well!

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3. 18 Minute Bodyweight Routine at Home

Click on one of the titles above and you'll be redirected to your workouts. 


Beginner full body workouts

In this detailed article, I have provided you with 8 beginner full body workouts that you can try at home. Additionally, I have explained to you why these home workouts will work for you, the benefits of the circuit training workouts, bodyweight exercises and bodyweight workouts as well. 

And the biggest bonus for you from this post was the 4 week FREE Bodyweight Training program that I've outlined for you in detail. 

If you're smart about this whole article, you can literally create 2 different 4 week FREE Bodyweight training programs that you can test drive at home, right next to your bed, sofa or in front of the TV. 

2 months of FREE training, awesome, right? 

You cannot prove me anymore that you're lacking time to workout. All of the beginner full body workouts provided in this article are 15-25 minutes time (depending on how fast you'll move through each exercise). In a nutshell, if you cannot find 20 minutes per day for your body, then you'll never get in a great shape, get fit, lose the excessive body weight or build funcional muscle. 

Consistency is key and honestly, I've done my best to make this whole process convenient and practical for you. 

The only thing you have to do is trust my knowledge, coaching advice and put it into a test. Once you do that, I will looking forward to a future collaboration between us and an eventual work together. 

What is the biggest challenge that you face as a beginner trainee?

Comment below! 

Thanks for reading! 

Big Love

Coach Vlad

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