24 Beginner HIIT Exercises (Bodyweight Cardio Moves!)

24 beginner HIIT exercises without equipment. Level up your fitness with these bodyweight exercises that you can try at home. Let's work!


24 Beginner HIIT Exercises (3 Full Body Workouts!)

How To Use This Beginner HIIT Exercise List?

As a beginner, the more you experiment with your body - the better. With that in mind, first review your HIIT exercise list (video above). Then pick 3 exercises and try to perform these in your next session.

Do not overcomplicate things, just do 3-4 sets of each move. That's it. Then, in your next session, pick another 3 moves and perform 3-4 sets for each. By doing this, you will explore new moves, angles and small body challenges. These combined will outcome in more adaptive and resilient body. 

Make a personal HIIT exercise list for you with 8-10 moves. Once you have it, you will have the bigger picture of how to structure an exemplary HIIT routines.

So Step 1 - pick your 8-10 bodyweight exercises and make sure to have a balance between lower body, upper body, whole body and core exercises. Pick 2-3 for each.

3 Beginner Routines For You

Beginner HIIT Workouts Without Equipment

For all of the following 3 workouts, you will have to download an interval timer app on your phone. Any free option will work okay. 

These 3 beginner workout routines will be separated in 3 different groups: 

1. Workout 1 - full body HIIT workout. 

2. Workout 2 - cardio focused HIIT session. 

3. Workout 3 - core and crawling HIIT workout that will build your torso, abs, posture, cardio and conditioning. 

Beginner HIIT Workout 1 - The Full Body Crusher (20 Minute)

Beginner HIIT Workout at Home 1

1. Pick 5 exercises from video (top of page). Make sure to choose 2 lower body, 2 upper or full body exercises and as a finisher - plank variation or cardio finisher (a bit more dynamic move such as high knees or mountain climbers).

2. Set the interval timer to 20 seconds work / 20 seconds rest. 

3. Perform 1 set for each of the 5 exercises. Once completed, this is 1 round finished. 

4. Once you finish the round, rest for 90-120 seconds in order to recover and prepare for the upcoming round. 

5. Do 3-5 full rounds. 

Perform this routine 2-4 times weekly if your goal is to build strength endurance, some muscle along the way, lose body weight and get efficient full body sessions in just 20 minutes. 

Beginner HIIT Workout 2 - The Cardio Insanity (15 Minute)

Beginner HIIT Workout at Home 2

1. Exercise 1 (refer to video top of page) - short side to side high knees (7th second of the video).

2. Exercise 2 - low impact speed burpee - 35th second of the video. 

3. Exercise 3 - High knees to mountain climber - 1:35th minute of vide. 

4. Set the timer to 15 seconds work / 15 seconds rest. 

5. Perform each of these 3 moves one after each other. 

6. Once you perform 1 set for each of these three exercises - 1 round is completed. 

7. The whole session is 10 total rounds. This means that you will have to do 10 sets for each exercise. 

8. Big resting periods are not allowed. Since the start until the end of round 10, you will work/rest in 15/15 seconds workout frame. 

Perform this workout 2-4 times weekly if your goal is to seriously tone up yourself, elevate the energy, cardio, conditioning and mental focus. Also great routine for losing lots of calories since it's very dynamic and with high intensity. 

Beginner HIIT Workout 3 - The Crawling Core (20 Minute)

Beginner HIIT Workout at Home 3

As a beginner, one of the things that you want to focus is your core. The stronger your mid-section becomes, the better your posture will be and the stronger limbs (arms and legs) will be. Building stronger core will also help you build your abs muscles and lower the belly fat. 

You might be wondering, why crawling? The crawling is an outstanding strength building and conditioning exercise that will chalenge you big time. In a nutshell, your whole body will be engaged on a muscular level, your heart beat will be elevated which will result in better cardio and more calories burnt. 

Crawling will improve your posture, core, balance, coordination, whole body's mobility and reflexes. And it is a great addition to your core HIIT workouts. 

Now let's see your session: 

1. Exercise 1 - walk outs - 51st second of video (top of page).

2. Exercise 2 - straddles - 1:05 minute.

3. Exercise 3 - jump outs - 1:30 minute. 

4. Exercise 4 - leopard crawl to crab crawl - 1:58 minute 

5. This is not a circuit routine compared to the other 2 workouts above. This time, you will set the working timer to 25 seconds work / 15 seconds rest. 

6. You will perform each exercise for 6-8 sets. 

7. Once you finish 6 sets of exercise 1, rest for 2 minutes and move on to exercise 2 and so on until you complete all of the 4 core movements. 

Perform this core workout 2-4 times if your goal is to build your torso, abs, posture while doing good cardio session. 

Bonus Beginner HIIT Routines

Beginner HIIT Full Body Workouts

Find below 2 more beginner HIIT workout ideas that might get your interest. Both sessions are 100% full follow along videos and are suitable for the beginner.

Enjoy. 🙂

How Should a Beginner Start With HIIT?

How should every beginner start with HIIT

As a beginner with HIIT it is highly important to follow these steps: 

1. Pick the right interval timers in order to endure the working sets while maintaining proper exercise form. Begin with 1:1 protocol. 15/15, 20/20. 25/25 seconds of work/rest for each HIIT exercise. 

2. Choose exercises that you can perform - before trying any beginner HIIT workout, test each of the exercises included by doing 1-2 sets for the unfamiliar ones in order to get the feeling of the moves and be more proficient in the upcoming working sets.

3. Avoid doing HIIT everyday at any cost. 

4. Focus on exercise technique instead of maximal repetitions performed for each of your working sets. Don't worry, going slower with some of your exercises will even help you build more muscle. Focus on technique.

5. Stay consistent in order to improve your fitness over time. Consistency is king of results. 

Are HIIT Workouts Good For Beginners?

Are HIIT workouts good for beginners

Absolutely. HIIT is a great form of working out and it's great option for beginner trainees. Here are 4 reasons why to consider HIIT: 

1. You will equally develop your strength endurance and cardio as well. 

2. Most workouts are full body which will result in more calories burnt and more weight lost. 

3. Time efficient - HIIT workouts vary between 7 and 45 minutes.

4. Convenient - just with your own bodyweight, there are thousands of workouts that you can perform anywhere your life allows you to.

How Often To Do HIIT Workouts?

How often to do HIIT workout as a beginner

Training HIIT everyday or too frequently will not result in faster weight loss nor quicker results. Your body needs a balance between stress and recovery. With that in mind, perform HIIT workouts 3-4 times weekly in order to follow an optimal bodyweight training program and to avoid any unnecessary mistakes that can cause injuries or any health issues.

Final Thoughts

As a fitness beginner, if you consider starting with HIIT workouts, then you have to follow a few things in order to not mess things up. In this article, I have given you a total of 5 workouts and also, a HIIT exercise list of 24 beginner bodyweight moves that you can try. 

HIIT is great for beginners. Just do not overdo it. Perform 3-4 full body routines weekly and results will not late. Stick within this frame and you will notice results still on week 3-4 of your HIIT journey. 

Do you like HIIT working out? 

Comment below. 

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