Beginner HIIT Workout

7 minute bodyweight HIIT workout for beginners: Full body routine, no equipment. 11 different exercises. Highly challenging. Let's workout together!


7 Minute Bodyweight HIIT Workout For Beginners (Full Body)

To perform this 7 minute bodyweight HIIT workout for beginners, you have to review your video first, then warm up and you are ready to go. 

In this session, you will perform a total of 11 bodyweight exercises, your interval frame will be 20 seconds of work, followed by 10 seconds of rest. 

Play your video and follow along.

What Is HIIT?

What Is HIIT Training For Beginners

What is interval training? HIIT is considered as a form of cardio and strength endurancce exercises which are performed in short bursts of time while deprivating the muscles from oxygen. 

With the Interval training, there is a period of performing a certain exercise, followed by a period of rest or light activity. 

Interval training can be used without any equipment at all. However, you can use a bit lighter training tools such as dumbbells, kettlebells, bulgarian bags, sandbags, jumping rope, airdyne bike, rower, stationary bike, running etc. 

It doesn't matter what you will choose from the mentioned above, everything which is performed in a high intensity interval manner, then it can be considered as a HIIT workout. Also, you can get a killer routine in less than 10 minues. This is the great thing about this training methodology.

What Are The Benefits Of HIIT? Why Should You Consider Interval Training?

What are the benefits of HIIT workouts for the beginners?

Here are the benefits of interval training?

1. Time efficient - the high intensty interval training can vary between 6-7 and 30 minutes duration. Obviously, it's a great time-saver and solid training option for people pressed on time to train consistently. 

2. Minimal equipment needed - a clear sign of convenience. As stated in the previous chapter, you can start with your interval training without using any equipment at all which makes this training style highly convenient for everyone. 

3. Hormone boost - the high intensity interval training will elevate your anabolic hormones in the body. This will lead to leaner physique, accelerated muscle build opportunities and fat loss as well. However, the interval training cannot be considered as the most efficient way to build muscle. But if being applied to a resistance based work out program (with or without weights), then these routines will be highly efficient for your muscle building fitness goal. HIIT produces increases in free testosterone in male masters.

4. Heart health - High Intense Interval Training improves aerobic fitness.

5. Fun & Brain Engaging - no doubtedly, the interval training is a fun fitness. You have to think all the time for things such as exercise technique, what tempo to maintain so you can survive the working round, how to breath during the short rests, what is the next exercise etc. 

Is HIIT Good For Beginners?

Is HIIT Good for the beginner?

The high intensity interval training can be a great start for a person who didn't move  recently or is out of shape. 

But to be smarter with your high intense training, you may want to follow these time frames:

20 seconds work /40 seconds rest, 30/60 seconds work/rest , 20 seconds work / 20 seconds rest, 30/30 seconds work/rest. 

While the classic tabata timer is 20 seconds work / 20 seconds rest, and you will find all around the net, sessions with 20:10, 30:15, even 30:10 timers which is something I do not recommend, if you are out of shape and just getting started. 

The high intense routines should be very hard and you should feel like you're almost dying. Otherwise said, you want to push hard during the interval, as much as you can, or near that level of effort. 

At the beginning, with the high intensity interval training, you will need a bit more time to recover so you can be efficient for the upcoming round. This is the reason I am recommending protocols such as 1:15 or 1:2 time of work/rest. 

Exception would be sessions such as today's 7 Minute High Intensity Interval Training Routines where we use a bit more intense time frame (tabata timer), because the session is short and as such, we want to use the max out of this tight frame.

How Do You Do HIIT For Beginners?

How Do You Do HIIT For Beginners?

As a beginner with the High Intensity Interval Training , your main mission is to avoid confusion or being too"fancy" with your exercise selecion. Pick the right workouts in order to endure these and progress over time. Follow this advice:

1. Visit small fitness groups where the intensity level of the sessions is tailored to the out of shape guys. This way at least a coach can check your form here and there and help you perform your exercises with the right technique. 

2. If only Online access is your option, then make sure to perform in most cases a 100% follow along videos. This way, you will only have to replicate the exercises, and this will be easier for you compared to building your own workouts. 

3. Build your own sessions - when you get better with your exercises, it's not a bad option, from time to time to build your own  HIIT workouts. If you follow this, make sure to do this: pick 2 or 3 exercises, no more, and circuit through them for 4-6 rounds. This is called a mini-circuit. Include 2-3 mini circuits in your routines to get full body sessions that work. 

Is HIIT Good For Losing Weight?

Is HIIT Good For Losing Weight?

The HIIT cardio workouts can help you lose weight over time. If you challenge yourself enough, avoid overtraining and be smart with your routines. 

Keep in mind that to lose weight with just high intensity interval training, you will have to focus on the right program design for you, how you eat and sleep/recover as well to get optimal results. 

However, if you only include such routines, without being on a diet or sleep well, you will still get results. Just make sure to not do HIIT workouts everyday because the outcome might be worse than good in that case. 

Also, to lose weight with this training, make sure to pick more full body exercises which will push your body to burn more calories and push your body to do more work as a whole unit. 

Beginner HIIT Workout Mistakes (Avoid These)

Beginner HIIT Workout Mistakes

The mistakes that are made by the new guys in the working out, can be many, so I will do my best to give you the best solution. The mistakes are: 

1. Working for too high-intense timing protocol. 

2. Doing too much work and seconds under tension with crappy technique. 

3. Picking too intense exercises that will not match your training level.

Now we have a clearance of which are the most frequent mistakes to avoid as a start.

Let's look up to the solutions of these: 

a. Follow at least 1:1 work/rest protocol, unless your session is 7-10 minutes duration. Here are a few examples: 20:20 seconds of work/rest, 30/30, 15/15 etc. If that intensity is too high, then you can go even further with 1:2 ratio of work/rest. That would be 20/30, 30/45 seconds of work/rest. 

b. Do not jump over 30 seconds of work per exercise. At the start, your main focus should be your technique and proper exercise execution. Not endurance and how much you can do (ego). This is the wrong mentality and if you proceed this way, you might meet hard times with low-back pain, knee pain or others that will be caused by too much repetitions with wrong technique. 

c. Pick exercises that will match your training level. If you jump too "fancy" or too intense, well, again, your form will not be good and this can lead to a bad outcome.

How Often To Do Beginner HIIT Workouts?

How often to do HIIT workouts as a beginner?

Everything between 3 and 5 high intensity interval routines per week will deliver great results. The frequency of your routines will be determined by multiple factors such as are you totally out of condition, or you have already some exercise coulture. The intensity, exercise selection, volume (end number of repetitions) etc. 

As you can see, setting a perfect number here is impossible. However, most of the starter routines are full body sessions. As such, somewhere between 3-5x week as a start would be great. 

Is It Good To Do HIIT Workouts Everyday?

Is it good to do HIIT everyday as a beginner?

Avoid doing HIIT every day at any cost. Your body needs rest. And over time, if you overtrain, you can do more harm to your body than good. And if you constantly overtrain, this will be a clear sign for injury risks and developing poor health. 

When the fatigue kicks in the body, your performance will drop. And this might stop you from losing weight and progress with your physique. 

To avoid that, you need rest. To do so, stick with 3-5 sessions weekly, if high intense style wil be only way to train.

If you're already in the resistance training, then 2-4 HIIT routines weekly will work great to increase your cardio, fat loss and stamina.

What Are Some Good Beginner HIIT Workouts?

What are some good HIIT workouts for beginners?

Below you will find a few more articles with circuit and full body cardio routines. Click to one of the links below: 

Research On HIIT Workouts


Today I have shown you a 7 minute high intensity routine. Your session includes a total of 11 bodyweight exercises. In addition, these exercises will challenge your whole body to work as a whole unit and burn extra calories. The intensity is high and you will activate your body on a whole another level. The session is completely free, full, follow along video (find this at the top of this page). 

I hope that this article helped you a bit and that you will give this session a try. 

What comes next?

Give this session a try. Once you are done, reach back and tell me how it was! 

I will LOVE to Connect! 

Which exercise from your 7 minute workout video did you like most?

Please try again later and then: Comment Below. It is less than 10 minutes. What do you have to lose? 

To Your FIT.ter Self.

Coach Vlad

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