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69 Best Bodyweight Exercises For Fat Loss

69 of the best bodyweight exercises you can use to shred body fat, condition yourself and skyrocket your cardio reserves! Learn More HERE.


Best Bodyweight Exercises

69 No Equipment Movements

How to Use These Best Bodyweight Exercises For Your Advantage?

Best bodyweight exercises

Being able to perform your bodyweight workouts anywhere is cool. At home, outdoor or while you travel. 

What you should know about these best bodyweight exercses that I've collected in my video?

These are not the top of the best bodyweight exercises. These movements work. If my focus was to provide you with as maximum options as possible, I could probable make a compilation video with over 300 best bodyweight exercises. But that's not the point. I wanted to provide you with a practical value that you can use right away. 

So how to use these best bodyweight exercises in your workouts? 

I believe the right way is to combine multiple bodyweight exercises into circuit training workouts. That way, you'll be able to hit a big number of repetitions in a short amount of time. Win-win solution for you. 

And if you're wondering now, how to structure your circuit workouts - I have written a very detailed article about how to build your own circuit training workouts. 

Check out the ultimate circuit training guide for 2019 here.

What Is The Main Focus of These Best Bodyweight Exercises?

Best bodyweight exercises

Cardio, conditioning, building your strength endurance and improving your fat loss process. 

Most of the exercises will hit your whole body - instead of working on a specific muscle group. 

With that spoken, refer to the circuit training guide above when you finish reading this article to understand how to build effective circuit training routines for yourself. 

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Why You Need More 

Strength Endurance?

Best bodyweight exercises

If you are a regular person who wants to feel great, be sharp, be in a good condition with less body fats/weight - then you need to work more on building your strength endurance. 


Think for a second, what most people lack is endurance. And here I'm not mentioning the marathon or triathlon type of endurance. I talk about being able to endure your most stressful/working days with ease. You know, feeling your body light, being full of energy, being positive and feel optimal in your skin. 

That's exactly what the strength endurance will do for you. Help your life become easier. And the easier it becomes, the more productive you will be. The simple reason is the number of things you can endure every day. That will determine your productivity (there are other factors of course like sleeping well and eating smart). 

In my personal opinion, these best bodyweight exercises that I've prepared for you will help you increase your strength endurance and as a result - help improving the quality of your life. 

Use These 69 Best Bodyweight Exercises To Lose Body Weight

Best bodyweight exercises

We have already talked that the circuit training workouts are an excellent way to combine a few of these best bodyweight exercises. 

However, if that's not from an interest to you, I have a few more "jokers" in my sleeve. 

Let's jump right into it: 

1. Use These Best Bodyweight Exercises as 

A Stand Alone Exercises

Best bodyweight exercises

Pick one exercise, do 8-20 repetitions (depending on the difficulty of the exercise and your training level). Make sure to rest as short as possible. So pick one movement, do 4-5 sets of 8-20 repetitions and rest 30-45 seconds between. That way, you'll do lots of reps in a short time frame and help you increase your strength endurance and enhance the fat loss. 

2. Use Ladders and Reverse Ladders

Best bodyweight exercises

The ladder workouts are an astonishing way to throw lots of reps in minimum time. Let me give you an example of a reverse ladder workout - pick 2 exercises. Push up and jump squats (for example). Alternate both exercises by doing them one after another. We will decrease each round with 2 repetitions. 

So first you start with 20-20 reps for both exercises. Next round is 18-18, then 16-16 etc. until you hit 0 reps for both. You can decrease by one repetition per round if you want to build your session even more intense. This is a reverse ladder. To structure a regular ladder workout, it's the opposite. Instead of dropping down from high repetition sets, you'll start from 1 or 2 repetitions and increase gradually until you hit the end number of high reps. 1-1, 3-3, 5-5, 7-7 etc. or 1-1, 2-2, 3-3 etc. 

3. Do AMRAP (as many rounds as possible) Workouts
Best bodyweight exercises

Do AMRAP (as many rounds as possible) workouts - this is another cool way to use some of these 69 best bodyweight exercises. The AMRAP is a sprint workout. You set the time cap (5-6-8-10-12 minutes and above), pick 2-3-4-5 exercises and go for rounds.

Alternate the exercises.

The difference with the regular circuit training workouts is that here you have less to none rest between exercises and rounds. This is an intense sprint! Once you're done with the timer (time cap), your end result is the number of rounds performed plus the number of additional reps done. Next week, try to beat your score. 

4. Use EMOM Workouts
Best bodyweight exercises

Do EMOM (every minute on the minute) - the EMOM workouts are also great for doing lots of reps in a tight time frame.

Set the interval app timer on your phone for 60/60 seconds work/rest. Instead to rest, you'll know when to start your next round (on each timer beep). Basically, this type of workout works great with one exercise.

For example, pick any kind of push up variation you can do. At the beginning of each minute, do a certain number of repetitions that you like. Rest until the end of the same minute. So the faster you perform your exercises, the more you'll rest. The slower you are, the less you'll rest.

Let's say you have a 7 minute EMOM protocol of 10 push ups per minute. Do 10 push ups at the beginning of each minute and rest until the end of the same minute. That way, you'll hit 70 push ups in 7 minutes. Cool, right?

5. Do More SupersetWorkouts

Best bodyweight exercises

Do more supersets - This is my favorite way to workout. Pick 2 exercises and go back to back. Some coaches will say that this is a super sets, I will say this is a small circuit. It's the same. 

A highly effective and simple way to workout intensively without getting confused. Here you can work for repetitions or implement time intervals. 

Now you have multiple options how to use some of these 69 best bodyweight exercises to structure your own workouts and help your fat loss - without losing much of your time!

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Circuit Workout Last Words

Mastering your own body by performing more bodyweight exercises is in my opinion - the ultimate way to be fit and stay fit - for a whole year round. 

In this article, I have shown you 69 of the best bodyweight exercises that you can do anywhere you like. 

In addition, I have provided you with 5 different ways to use these best bodyweight xercises so you can use them right away and structure a time-efficient workouts that work. 

Here's a small recap: 

1. Use these best bodyweight exercises as a standalone movements.

2. Use AMRAP (as many rounds as possible) sprint workouts.

3. Do reverse and regular ladder workouts. 

4. Do EMOM (every minute on the minute) workouts. 

5. Do more supersets.

6. and not last - learn in a deep detail how to structure your own circuit workouts by referring to this article of mine. 

What are your best bodyweight exercises you love to do?

Comment below! :))

Thanks for reading! 

Big Love

Coach Vlad

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