Best High Intensity Bodyweight Exercises

44 of the best high intensity bodyweight exercises you will ever need. Discover many beginner exercises that will level up your fitness!


44 Of The Best High Intensity Bodyweight Exercises

What Are The Best High Intensity Bodyweight Exercises?

The best high intensity bodyweight exercises can be considered as the ones that will put your body out of the comfort zone, burn lots of calories and push your body to perform at high intensity level for short intervals of time. 

Another few things that should be consisdered when such claim can be made:

1. Such movements should match your GOAL and vission with your fitness. 

2. Should match your training level - for some people, a set of 5 push ups can be considered as high intensity. For others - 55 reps. As such, picking exercises for your HIIT workouts that are accurate and aligned with your workout level is critical.

3. Should be somehow brain engaging for you - in other words, movement should fire up your interest in order to motivate you being consistent. Consistency = results. No other way. 

Is HIIT Training Good For Losing Weight?

Is HIIT Training Good For Losing Weight

HIIT is a really good workout option for losing weight. Most of such routines are full body routines which will push your body to burn more calories during and post-workout as well. And theoretically, if you eat the same way as now, your weight will drop because of the calories burnt through HIIT. 

However all of this above, to get faster weight loss results, it is highly recommended to look closely and focus on improving your sleep/recovery and diet as well. 

Important thing to be remembered is that if you overdo your HIIT training, your appetite will spike up and will be high (due to the highly stressed and fatigued muscles), and when this occur, you will start eating more food which at the end can result in not satisfactory outcome with how your body looks.

Be responsible and review your sleep + diet for optimal weight loss results with HIIT training.

Is It Better To Do HIIT In The Morning or Evening?

Is It Better To Do HIIT In The Morning or Evening

Whatever your life allows you to be consistent with. It is always better to do your HIIT in the mornings because the afterward effects are incredible: more energy, focus, stamina, positivism etc. If you can - always perform your HIIT workouts in the morning or before lunch time. 

Another downside of training HIIT at night or late afternoon is the nervous system excitement that is caused. This will result in facing with hard times in falling asleep and having deep and quality sleep too. 

But if this is the only option that your life allows you, to workout later in the day, make sure to drink quality magnesium supplement before sleep time to make sure that you'll manage to calm down the nervous system and fall asleep on time + have quality recovery. 

How Long Does It Take To See Results From HIIT?

How Long Does It Take To See Results From HIIT

The period that will take for each person to see results with HIIT can vary from the following factors: your training level, diet, sleep and training program. Let's look up closer each one of these: 

1. Training level - normally, the beginners are experiencing fastest results with HIIT (still from the very first weeks), because their bodies did not face such tension applied right until now, and this is forcing the body to shape itself and adapt as quickly as it can to the high intensity movements.

2. Diet - your body will adapt and get proficient with HIIT in a quality way, only if you know how to help it build itself. In other words, your nutrition will determine your performance, how your body look and generally - how do you feel on a daily basis. Do not neglect your diet. 

3. Sleep / Recovery - when you start training such intense routines, make sure to fall asleep earlier and to sleep for at least 7-8 hours in order to help yourself rebuild and be proficient on the followed day. 

4. Training program - an effective bodyweight training program is crucial for achieving optimal fitness results with HIIT training.

Can You Do HIIT Everyday?

Can You Do HIIT Everyday

It is not recommended to do HIIT everyday because you will be over-fatigued, drained and without energy to perform your daily activities well. To avoid that, make sure to do 3-4 full body routines weekly. This way, you will provide sufficient recovery time to your body which will result in better performance and faster progress with your workouts and fitness.

How To Use These 44 Bodyweight HIIT Exercises?

Best high intensity bodyweight exercises - workout guide

Here is how to build effective HIIT workouts with these 44 bodyweight exercises given to you today: 

1. Download and set an interval workout timer app on your phone - any free option will work great here. 

2. Set the workout frame - here are a couple of option to choose from: 20:10, 20:15, 20:20, 30:10, 30:15, 30:20, 30:30, 40:20, 40:30, 40:40, 45:15, 50:10 seconds of work/rest protocol. 

3. Pick 4-6 exercises from the video (top of the page). 

4. Alternate each one of these while performing these for the already chosen interval timer. 

5. Once you move through each exercise, you have 1 round completed. To get a full session, perform 4-6 total rounds. 

6. Get a bigger rest once you finish the round - 90-120 seconds and once done, proceed to the next one. 

By following all of the 6 steps above, you will be able to execute effective HIIT workouts without any weights required. 

You have 44 exercises to choose from which will provide you with many, many options and combinations to build quality at home workouts. 

Summing It Up

Today, in this article we have 44 of the best high intensity bodyweight exercises that you can try anywhere and anytime you like. 

These HIIT exercises will help you spice up and modify your training because there are lots of complex moves that will challenge your body to the next level. This will result to more calories burnt, better adaptation (due to the high intense demand) and quicker results. 

You can build up your Fitness only by performing these 44 exercises or some of them. Follow the recommendations provided in the chapter above in order to build for yourself quality and effective at home workouts anytime.

Do not lose any more time, just give these a try. You will be surprised how effective workouts you will get. 

Do you like bodyweight HIIT training? 

Comment below what is the best thing about it?

Thanks for reading! 


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