Beginner Bodyweight Workout

4 Bodyweight Beginner Workouts For Fat Loss

Bodyweight Beginner Workout - 4 Intense Routines for Fat Loss. Full Body, 20-25 minute sessions you can try today. At home. Get Your Sessions Here.


Bodyweight Beginner Workout

4 Full Body Routines 

You Can Try At Home

Your Workouts Structure

Bodyweight Beginner Workout 1

Do 5 rounds of the following bodyweight exercises: 

  • Negative Push Ups – 8 repetitions with 4-5 seconds eccentric movement
  • Jumping Bodyweight Squat with 4 seconds isometric hold
  • Knee to same elbow alternating slow raise – 10 total repetitions (5 per leg)

No Rest Between Exercises. 

Rest Between Rounds: 120 seconds.

Bodyweight Beginner Workout 2

Do 5 rounds of the following bodyweight exercises: 

  • The Grounding Lunge – 20 total repetitions, 10 per side (alternate both legs)
  • Negative push ups – 8 repetitions with 3-4 seconds eccentric movement
  • Crab Toe Touches – 14 total repetitins, 7 per side

No Rest Between Exercises. 

Rest Between Rounds: 120 seconds.

Bodyweight Beginner Workout 3

Do 5 rounds of the following bodyweight exercises: 

  • Speed Burpees – 10 repetitions
  • Negative Push Ups – 8 repetitions with 3-4 seconds eccentric movement
  • Half squat iso hold to reverse lunge – 10 total repetitions (5 per leg)
  • Plank to push up – 10 repetitions (5 per arm)

No Rest Between Exercises. 

Rest Between Rounds: 120 seconds.

Bodyweight Beginner Workout 4

Do 5 rounds of the following bodyweight exercises: 

  • Negative Push Ups – 8 repetitions with 3-4 seconds eccentric movement
  • Forward to reverse lunge – 20 total repetitions (switch your legs on 10th repetition)
  • Circle Bear Crawl – 4 circles

No Rest Between Exercises. 

Rest Between Rounds: 120 seconds.

Why The Bodyweight


Are Great Start For 

The Beginner Trainee?

bodyweight beginner workout

Using your own bodyweight when you're a beginner trainee is a smart move. Not that the lifting workouts are not worthy or something. It's simply more convenient way to get in shape fast, while working out wherever and whenever you like. 

The good part of following more bodyweight beginner wrokouts is that the risks of injuries are dramatically less, compared to visiting the gym, picking a weight that's way out of your body's ability or simply using a crappy exercise technique.

Of course, this case will be relevant if you don't jump to try any advanced bodyweight exercises. Then you can injure yourself easily and it's obviously something I would never recommend to you. 

Additionally, when you do more bodyweight wrokouts, you'll increase your strength endurance, stamina and mobility. And what I've learned from many experienced coaches is that you need to earn your weights. Otherwise said, you can start lifting when you can do it with your bodyweight. Especially when you're a beginner. 

Let me give you an example here. 

If you cannot endure at least 50 bodyweight squats, with good form, there's no logic to squat under a heavy barbell. Why? Lack of mobility. If you're tight and not have the required body's mobility & biomechanics, by additionally place a big loads on your muscles and joints, you're risking a lot to injure yourself. 

The tighter/less flexible you are, the more prone you're to injuries. That's the simple reason you have to focus on working on your bodyweight training first, improve your mobility, strength endurance and then progress further into the lifting workouts (if you like these of course). 

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What Makes These

Bodyweight Beginner Workouts

Effective For Weight Loss?

bodyweight beginner workout

All of these workouts are designed in a circuit fashion. That's honestly my favorite training style from all. And if you're wondering why, the answer is straight-forward. 

Saving time while doing lots of work in a tight frame. 

By doing that, you'll work a lot on improving your strength endurance, cardio and conditioning. Additionally, all of these bodyweight beginner workouts are full body routines.

Every muscle in your body will be engaged to work in one way or another. That will push your body to burn more calories and experience the post-workout "after-burn" effect. That will mean that your body will burn excessive calories hours after your workout is done. Cool, right? 

And not last, you'll equally work on both your aerobic and anaerobic systems. Which is also a win-win approach. Why to isolate the cardio or resistance work when you can do these both at the same time? 

It really worths the try. 

And just in case you want to learn more about the circuit training workouts, check the ultimate circuit training guide here.

Negative Push Ups - The Fastest Way To Skyrocket Your Push Up Strength

bodyweight beginner workout

As you can notice from the video (at the top of the page), I have included in all of these 4 bodyweight beginner workouts a negative push up variation. What I've learned by working with all of my beginner training clients was their lack of horizontal push strength (push ups). Honestly, it's frustrating to not be able to do 1 or a couple of push ups in a row. But don't worry, if you're facing with that, the negative push ups will certainly do miracles to your upper body push strength. 

The negative push ups are simply push ups where you'll not push yourself up from the ground (which is the concentric portion of the movement), but instead, focus on the lowering part and then help yourself to turn back up with pushing your body back up with the support of your knees. 

What's the deal with the negatives? 

The negatives are great when you have to learn a new and challenging movement. This ideology can be replicated/used with every single exercise that you can imagine.

By focusing more on the negatives, you'll basically increase the time under tansion, that additional tension will create more inflammation in your muscles and respectivelly, create more pump, help your muscle grow so you can increase your strength, stability and be able to transition into the regular push ups fast. 

And not last, following a slow negatives will help your nervous system to "remember" the movement which will help you imrpove your mind-muscle connection, create a better contraction of the muscles and as a result, more muscle and strength gains. 

Not beginner with the push ups? 

Not a problem. Include the slow negatives combined with concentric movement. In translation, do any kind of push up you find challenging to yourself, but instead to drop down to the ground fast, control the tempo and lower your body for 3-4 even 5 seconds. You will see how brutal the pump will be. You will be amazed. It looks easy but trust me - it's far away from easy. 

Why Full Body 
Bodyweight Beginner Workouts?
bodyweight beginner workout

It's simple. When you perform full body workouts, you'll engage your whole body. That will lead to more calories burnt and respectivelly, if your diet and sleep are on check, your weight loss will increase. 

The best part of doing full body bodyweight beginner workouts is that you will not have to workout every day. 3-4 more high efort workouts per week will be sufficient to progress fast and achieve satisfactory results. 

Are These Bodyweight Beginner Workouts Too Intense For You?
bodyweight beginner workout

If you think that these bodyweight routines are too intense for you at that point of your journey, don't worry. I got your back and I've thought about this scenario. 

The first thing you need to do is to decrease the repetitions for each exercise of your circuit training workouts with 25-30%. 

Besides that, decrease the end volume of your workouts with 2 rounds would be a smart approach too. Instead to follow 5 full rounds, do 3 full rounds for a start. After 2-3 weeks, increase to 4 rounds and try to maintain the recommended repetitions from the video. 

Are These Bodyweight Beginner Workouts Too Easy For You?

bodyweight beginner workout

If you're an intermediate trainee, but "accidentally" you are reading this article, then let me explain how to increase the intensity of these 4 bodyweight beginner workouts. 

Here I will mention 3 different scales that will help you enhance the intensity of your sessions. 

1. Increase the repetitions by 30% 

2. Increase the workout volume with 1-2 rounds. So instead doing 5 full rounds, complete 6 or 7. You'll notice the difference, I can guarantee you that. 

3. Decrease the rest periods between your rounds. Instead 120 seconds rest, begin with 90 seconds rest. IF that's again, too easy for you, try 75 seconds rest or even 60 seconds rest. That way, you'll do more work in less time. And boom, you have a solid routine. 

ATTENTION: Never scale 2 factors from the mentioned above. Otherwise you will overestimate yourself and not be able to finish your bodyweight workout. Proceed with 1 scale increase and then enhance gradually based on your training level.  

A Few More 

FREE Workouts For You! 

bodyweight beginner workout

Hey, I value your participation here. I truly do. 

So I would love to provide you with a few more FREE bodyweight workouts. All of these sessions are between 15 and 25 minutes duration. I believe that if you cannot find 15-25 minutes to care for your body, you'll never achieve your desired goals. 

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Simply click on each one of the workouts above to visit the different posts, check your workout videos and choose which one to give a try. 


bodyweight beginner workout

In this article, I have provided you with 4 bodyweight beginner workouts that you can try at a place of your convenience. All of the routines are between 20 and 25 minutes duration. 

The training level is a complete beginner with just a small training experience. If you're totally out of shape and wondering how to begin with your trianing process, then I have explained you briefly how to decrease the intensity of these bodyweight beginner workouts so you can start from somewhere. 

Additionally, I have given you an outline of how to increase the intensity of your bodyweight workouts so they can match your intermediate training level (if that's you). 

If you still haven't seen the video of this workout, refer to the top of the page! 

Did you know that almost all of the beginners trainees have hard times with their push ups? If you're one of them...

Comment below! 

Thanks for reading! 

Big Love

Coach Vlad

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