Bodyweight Circuit Workout

14 Minute Circuit Workout At Home Without Weights (Intense!)

14 Minute Bodyweight Circuit Workout At Home Without Weights. High Intense, Full-Body Movements. Ready To Train With Me? Let's GO!


14 Minute Circuit Workout At Home Without Weights (Intense!)

Do 4 rounds of the following exercises:

1. Circle Speed Burpee - 20 repetitions 

2. Explosive Push Up + 3-4 seconds Negative - 6 repetitions 

3. Around The World Plank to Push Up - 6 total repetitions (3 per side). 

4. Jumping Knee Twists - 10 repetitions 

No rest between exercises. 

Rest between rounds: 90 seconds. 

Workout duration: 14 minutes. 

Training Level: Intermediate 

What Makes This Workout So Challenging?

Bodyweight circuit workout

In this bodyweight circuit workout, you will engage every muscle in your body, while working on your cardio, conditioning and endurance. As you can see, the nature of the exercises is a complex one.

You will not target a specific muscle here. Instead, the focus will be mainly on your whole engine development, full body engagement and improving your overall body's movement abilities as well. 

The intense nature of this bodyweight circtuit workout will push your body to burn excessive calories hours after the session is complete. Which as obvious, will help you with body weight loss. 

In addition, this circuit routine is so difficult because of the fact that you will test and work on a few skills at the same time: strength endurance, explosive strength, core strength and overall body's mobility. 

Let's Look Closer Into Your Bodyweight Circuit Workout

Bodyweight circuit workout

1. Speed burpee - the speed burpee is a sweet and smart modification of the full (chest to ground burpee). The only difference here is that the push up is missing. Why is that so? By eliminating the push up from the full burpee, you will minimize the plyo-impact of your shoulders (the moment when you land your whole body on the ground). That way, you will spare your shoulders and minimize the risk of shoulder injuries that you might get from the full burpees. In addition, 20 consecutive repetitions will certainly help with developing your strength endurance. 

2. Explosive Push Up + Negative - we both know, the explosive push ups rocks! You will not just build chest, shoulder, triceps and core muscles BUT you will develop more fast-twitch muscle fibers that are essential for strength and hypertrophy too! In addition, by adding the slower negative, you will increase the TUT (Time Under Tension) of the push up which will make the movement more efficient for muscle growth. 

3. Around The World Plank to Push Up - I have seen this bodyweight exercise by a breaker coach that I'm following on Instagram. This is an extremely difficult and complex core focused exercise. However, the level of mobility that it will require is a serious one. Be prepared to have a hard-times with this one, start slower and increase the speed later in your session. Test it first before you begin with your bodyweight circuit workout. 

4. The Jumping Knee Twist - this one is a fun core exercise. You will engage your whole core and the jumping element in the movement will make it cardio/conditioning demanding too. 

What Are The Benefits Of This Bodyweight Circuit Workout?

Bodyweight circuit workout

Here's what you will gain by testing this no-equipment routine: 

1. Save time - as obvious, 14 minutes is fairly short amount of time to workout. If you're a busy guy with limited time for fitness attending, then this bodyweight circuit workout will fit you perfectly.

2. Strength endurance - there are a total of 46 repetitions per round. Some of these will be easier, other will be harder. However, by doing so much work without any rest between, you will develop a functional strength endurance that will help you in real life. 

3. Explosive strength - the explosive push ups will develop your upper body push explosiveness. That way, you'll be able to punch harder, throw objects further and generally, increase your upper body horizontal push strength.

4. Core strength - all of these 4 bodyweight exercises in your workout will engage your core and work your abs as well in a highly functional manner. 

5. Cardio and conditioning improvement - due to the fact that the whole routine is a circuit training workout, you will have to work through fatigue almost all of the time. This won't be the most pleasant feeling in the world but will certainly skyrocket your cardio and conditioning. 

6. Weight and Fat Loss - your session today is a highly intense one. As such, your body will be activated on a whole another level. That way, your body will not just burn lots of calories through the workout itself, but you'll experience the after-burn effect which means that hours after the session is done, your body will continue to burn calories. Awesome, right!

7. Better overall health - if you manage to include more frequently such intense circuit bodyweight workouts into your trining program, your body will shred the excessive body fats, build muscle and create more anabolic hormones. The more of them, the better your overall health will be. Period. 

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Are You a Beginner? Follow This Advice

Bodyweight circuit workout

If you're a beginner, this routine might be too intense for you. However, you can always decrease the intensity of the workout. Here's how to proceed: 

1. Speed burpee - instead of 20 repetitions, do 10 speed burpees. 

2. Instead explosive push ups with a negative, do a regular push up with negative. If that's too intense, you can try to perform this push up on a bench. 

3. Around the world plank to push up - do not perform the plank to push up, only try to do the around the world kick (with your legs) and make sure to lower the tempo so you can maintain a consistent performance speed. Keep the recommended repetitions from the video. 

4. Jumping knee twist - instead to do 20 repetitions, perform 10 reps. 

Apply the recommendations above accordingly to your bodyweight circuit workout frame and you'll manage to hit the same session but it'll be easier and match your beginner training level. 

Is This Bodyweight Circuit Workout Too Easy For You? 

Bodyweight circuit workout

Before I provide you with a couple of ideas how to increase the intensity of your bodyweight circuit workout, I want to make a clear statement here: this routine is an intense one and will fit an intermediate to advanced training level. So make sure that you try this first and then modify your session. 

Here's how to enhance the intensity of the routine: 

1. Instead to do 4 sets, hit 5 or 6 full rounds. 

2. Increase the repetitions of all exercises with 20-30% 

3. Instead to rest 90 seconds between rounds, decrease the rest by 15 or even 30 seconds. 

Important: make sure to pick only one of the 3 scales above. Never change more than one at a time. Otherwise, the intensity of the workout will increase dramatically and there's a probability for you to be unable to finish it at all. Which is something we both want to avoid. 

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Last Words

full body exercises without weights

14 minutes on the clock isn't much of a time to workout. However, if you're smart, you can always hit a solid, full body, bodyweight circuit workout. 

The only thing you need is to give this session a try and make sure to repeat it at least 2-3 times. You will be amazed how difficult and crazy this workout actually is. 

The best thing is that it'll fit your busy schedule and you can do it anywhere you like. Super convenient workout that will challenge not just every single muscle in your body, but will help you build your mentality and energy systems as well. 

Remember, it's not just about losing the excessive body weight/fats but to build a mobile, endured and highly-efficient, balanced body that will serve you well in life! 

What is your favorite bodyweight circuit workout? 

Comment below! 

Thanks for reading! 

Big Love,

Coach Vlad

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